An entire day devoid of anything sexual.  That is a rare occurrence.  Nonetheless, that is what yesterday was.  NW and I had some stuff going on and just never recovered our want/mood.  That isn’t a bad thing, necessarily.  It definitely felt out-of-place, though.  It isn’t helping that this week’s work seems to be wearing me down more than normal.  Hell, I wake up tired.  I am not sure what is going on with that, but it can stop any time now.

In any case, no sex…not much to report.  It has now been thirty-four days, which is sufficient enough.

What NW Thinks About All of This

When NW and I are playing with OC and OD, I tend to post a fair amount.  After all, it is a male chastity blog, for the most part.  If there is no chastity, there isn’t much to post about.

As you know, I do the posting.  It is not that NW can’t post, or even won’t.  She just doesn’t seem to know what to write.  I guess she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to just blather on, as I do.  In any case, I have been trying to encourage her to post.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t like hearing from the one who is actively in control and “enforcing” the denial.  I am sure that the men who visit the site would like to hear from mean ol’ NW.  Also, I think that it might soften the blog a bit and make it more accommodating to those who are interested, have question, but aren’t comfortable speaking up in what seems a men’s only club.  Although, I am pretty sure there are several female readers.

That being said, NW suggested that, rather than just randomly writing a post, she write a post that is in response to readers/commentors.  So…fire away!

Feel free to ask anything you like.  We are not shy here…nor should you be.  After all, it is anonymous.

Discussing NW’s Question

NW and I spent part of the morning IMing and discussing my take on her question.  She had no idea that her asking that had such an impact, until she read my post.  From this discussion, some things came out.  Some are pertinent to right now.  Some are repeats of old themes.

This entire session, run was completely fortuitous.  I started it on my own, over the holidays, told NW about it and kind of let it slide over to her.  She has been in control of it ever since.  In her mind, though, she is not really in control.  She has seen it as me using her as a tool to deny myself, as she knows I am flirting with the idea of surpassing a month.  This concerned me, since she really likes the control, but she assured me that even feeling that way, she is really enjoying this.

I think the issue is that control and denial do not necessarily run hand in hand.  In order to have control, she needs to be able to deny me, or give me orgasms, at her discretion.  If the point is denial, especially with a goal in mind, however, then she loses control to a degree, because the denial needs to stay intact, even if she wants me to orgasm.  NW doesn’t really care about numbers and durations.  She is in it for the fun.  The numbers game really is all on my side.

To rectify this, I have told her that it is completely up to her.  We can hit a month now.  We can hit a month later.  But I do want her to have the control, while knowing that, yes, I am in want of a lengthier number of days.

As it turns out, that doesn’t seem to be a problem.  She has told me that she has no intention of letting me orgasm in the foreseeable future.  “This is too much fun.”  Fun, indeed…  I am frustrated and wanting, but I am loving it.  My cock is more sensitive.  I am getting lots of attention.  And I am experiencing pleasure and heightened senses that can only be had while in denial.  She is enjoying the sense of denying me.  The, now renewed, sense of control.  As much as anything, though, she is enjoying my heightened and prolonged libido.  I want sex more often.  I am more enthusiastic.  I am more extreme.  I am more domineering.  The great paradox…by controlling my orgasms/denying them, she causes me to be more outwardly dominant, which lets her play a more submissive role.

We have talked about reaching a numerical month, an actual month (January), the Lent idea, the time between the two and what comes after.  I think this is where we are, for the moment.  Given her current take on the denial, I don’t think we are going to have an issue with her wanting to run it through January.  That is completely up to her, but I think it is a safe bet.  Beyond that, we have agreed that there is no goal or limit.  We are going to carry on with this until either a) I hit a limit or b) she wants me to have an orgasm.  She will want me to orgasm, it is just a matter of when.

Given the decision to be open-ended, I asked if she had a timeframe in mind.  Her response was simply that we should do it until we have to stop or it is no longer fun for one of us, be that this weekend, next week or next October.  Yes, that last one made my cock twinge and put a wet spot in the front of my undies.

There are a couple of challenges in this.  The first is the most obvious.  What happens when I get to a point that I am insistent that I “need” an orgasm.  It is going to be on her to try to calm me down and remind me that I want this.  Eventually, or under certain conditions, it won’t be possible.

The other issue will be her wants, for me.  Her want to bring me pleasure (orgasm).  Her want to have prolonged intercourse.  Her want to not have to worry whether she is pushing it too far and just relax and have fun.  This will really be the determining factor as to when I have my next orgasm and, unless the orgasm screws up my mojo, determines how long this session carries on.

In any case, it will be fun, until it isn’t.  I sure hope I make it past this weekend.

NW’s Interesting Question

At least the question seemed interesting to me.  Right after I finished last night’s post, NW and I readied for bed and climbed in.  I was as physically exhausted as I have been in a long while.  Per plan, however, we fooled around just a bit.  No intercourse, just fingers stimulating her nether regions.  It seemed to be taking NW longer than normal to buildup pleasure and she wasn’t anywhere near reaching orgasm.  Then, “duh”, it hit me.  There was nothing intense about what I was doing.  No pain, no tweak, no significant pressure and speed to my movements.  So, I had her switch around and get in the 69 position.

I told her not to pleasure me just yet.  I wanted to focus on her.  Several licks, sucks and light bites to her clit and labia and she was going over the edge.  I continued to make her orgasm until I felt sure that she had crossed the line and the edge had been taken off of her.  She then teased me up and edged me six or seven times.  As I expected, this relaxed me even more.  I had a really good night’s sleep.

The interesting question popped out during her teasing me.  It was in response to something I had said, off the cuff, and something I had said in response to a statement by her.  She had said that she wanted to give me a ruined orgasm, at some point.  We have had accidental ruined orgasms in the past (see posts from last year), but she wants to intentionally give me one.  I said that, if all things are aligned, we could try my Lent idea.  It would be forty-eight days without a real orgasm…only ruined, on the weekends.

For my statement, I mentioned to her that I didn’t know what her plan was (even though I am not sure there is one) concerning me being denied.  But, if she was aiming for a month, which arrives on January 22nd, and assuming that everything is still going well, there really isn’t any reason not to push it through the end of the month.  That would make 40 days (a very daunting, scary thought).  But, it would mean that the denial had not only gone for a numerical month, but a calendar month as well.  And it would still give us three weeks of downtime between this run and the beginning of Lent.

Then she asked it.  I am paraphrasing here, as I was too exhausted to remember the exact words.  She asked me, after acknowledging the possibility of pursuing the full January denial and the Lent denial, “What if things are still going well at the end of January?  Do you want a break?”.  My cock leapt.  I got that twinge of arousal and excitement in my stomach.  I feared.  She was suggesting, and therefore entertaining the idea, that I remain in denial, at least, through April 8th.  That could potentially mean being denied for one hundred and eight days, at least…with ruined orgasms, on the weekends, during the last forty-eight.  Three and a half months of denial, from full orgasm, when I have never made it even a full month (twenty-eight days, twice).

Sitting here typing, the thought of that is heady, exciting, arousing and yet so very, very terrifying.  If it is more than I can take, I can end it.  But as is my nature, I want to stick with the plan.  Is this the plan?  If so, it becomes a challenge.  I do not yield easily to challenges.  Not to mention I want to do it for NW, if that is what she wants.

Of course, she may have just been teasing me.  There are a lot of days between here and there.  She loves to have proper intercourse, which would likely set me off.  She loves to give me pleasure and make me reach orgasm.  Hell, I don’t know that I am mentally up to the task.  I already want to cum, and we are only on day thirteen.  Only ninety-five more to go??  I don’t know.

Rest assured, though, if this is what NW wants, I will give it my all.  I love her.  I love the control and denial.  I just fear that going from a 5k to a marathon might be a bit of a jump.  Of course, you never know until you try.

Any of you had the experience of going several months?  Does the want subside?  Does it become habitual, or normal, and, hence, more manageable?

I think I hope she goes for it.

The Plan

Well…we don’t really have one.  Okay, maybe we have a rough idea.  True to ourselves, the plan is dynamic, like our wants and yearnings.  I will crave the OD/OC for a while and NW will love it.  There will be caning, cropping, flogging, clothespins, heavy paperclips, spanking and more, for NW.  There will also be lots of orgasms for NW.  For me, there will be denial, teasing, lots of pre-cum leaked everywhere and, eventually, CBT.

Speaking of NW’s orgasms, I found something wonderful!  Just before we left for vacation, we were playing around a bit.  During the course of it, I inserted a sound in her urethra and sank it as far as it would comfortably go.  Normally, once inside, I can bring her to orgasm just by twisting the sound around and moving it in and out, every so slightly.  This time, however, just before she reached orgasm, I stopped and placed a clothespin directly on her clit, so that her clit was in the groove.  She immediately went over the edge.  What was so wonderful about it was that she couldn’t stop cumming.

The added stimuli, from the clothespin, was enough to send her careening over the edge.  As she came, her contractions caused the sound to be pushed outward.  I simply held it steady and let her, uncontrollably, thrust against it and cause it to move about inside of her.  The orgasm must have lasted nearly a full minute, until she passed out.  Just like normal, she came back around about 5 seconds later and immediately went back into orgasm.  She couldn’t stop!

I had mercy, however, and removed the sound.  She stopped, briefly, until I started tugging on the clothespin.

As for me, and the current denial, I had mentioned to her wanting to get past twenty-eight days.  I have gotten to twenty-eight days twice.  A month would be a nice achievement.  Will we get there?  Maybe…  It really depends on two things.  First, can NW go that long without intercourse.  For me to do her properly, she is going to have to let me reach orgasm, unless I somehow become less sensitive.  That, of course, is possible.  Second, that my mood holds.  If I started getting frustrated, in a negative way, we both will end it, because it just isn’t worth it.  Here’s hoping that we get through it.

Oh, and I  had a wonderful idea for the religious minded.  Yes, I am one of those.  Being that I am not Catholic, I never new that Lent was forty weekdays and that weekends were free days.  With that in mind, I thought it would be interesting to give up orgasms, with a slight catch.  No orgasms during the 40 weekdays of Lent.  On the weekends, while orgasms would be allowed, they could only be ruined orgasms.  How many ruined per weekend?  Well, that is up to the couple.  And I am sure that others have thought of this, but I hadn’t observed it before.  So, from February 22nd until April 8th, no full orgasms and only ruined ones relegated to the weekends.

If I survive this run, maybe we will consider it.

To Cage or Not To Cage

As I mentioned in the previous post, NW and I are back at the orgasm denial…at least for a bit.  It has been seven days since my last orgasm, after months of having six to fifteen a week.  So, in the spirit of that, we decided to cage me this morning.  We still have the too small ring, but it seems manageable when I am not sitting all day and can wear sweat pants or shorts.  By early evening, we removed the cage.

One reason was discomfort.  The bottom side of my scrotum had been irritated all day.  Upon removing it, NW confirmed that I was red and raw.  The ring is just too damned tight.  Keep in mind, I was heavily lubed the entire time.  That caused NW and me to have a discussion.  Is the cage really necessary?  Does it serve a valid purpose?  This is what we came up with…

Pros for the cage –

  1. Takes the burden off of me for having to be good and control myself.
  2. Is a constant physical reminder of the orgasm control/denial that I have yielded to NW.
  3. Lets NW know, without any doubt, that I have been a good boy and remained denied.
  4. Is visually appealing, naughty feeling and erotic.
  5. It makes her control about as real as it can get.

Cons for the cage-

  1. It limits NW’s access to my cock.  She loves my cock.  It gets annoying and defeats the purpose to constantly remove it.
  2. It limits the attention that NW can give me.  This works for us only when there is a healthy amount of physical play.  Without it, we crash hard.
  3. It lessens the need for me to submit to the orgasm control and denial.  I submit once (to the caging) and have my choice removed.
  4. With number three, it lessens my willful compliance.  Uncaged, I have to continually agree to behave.
  5. It is cumbersome, physically.
  6. It is difficult to hide.
  7. Most importantly, NW likes me out of it, for immediate access.

The verdict?  We don’t need it and, more times than not, prefer me out of it.  Will we ever use it again?  No doubt.  But I don’t think it will ever be the norm.

Popping My Head Out

I guess it has been far too long without any sort of update.  Not a lot has been going on.  Chastity, denial, pain, pleasure and the like have been conspicuously absent.  Of course, that happens with us.  We tend to go through these things in phases, or waves.  Keeping that in mind, just a few items of note.

After our last foray, when things normalized, I did return to masturbating.  I did not, however, go back to three, or more, times a day.  It was diminished down to one time a day…occassionally two.  This was an intentional move on my part, as I wanted to keep myself able to meet NW’s needs.

Starting Thanksgiving day, I stopped masturbating.  This, too, was a decision that I made, without input from NW.  Since then, I have only masturbated once.  That was just before Christmas, the day we were setting out for Christmas vacation.  Why that day?  Because NW and I were not going to have any time to fool around (long trip).  I was extremely stressed.  NW wasn’t going to have the chance to “just get me there”.  That was on last Thursday.

Since then (a week now), I have not masturbated or been given an orgasm by NW.  On Saturday I informed her that I had abstained for the previous two days.  We talked and I expressed interest in orgasm control and denial again.  She was onboard and, as of Saturday, it has been her choice to keep me denied.  Given the nature of our trip, and the accompanying stress, we agreed that the denial would only remain in practice as long as I wasn’t in dire need of a stress dump.  Barring that, we decided that I should remain denied, at least, until the day after we arrived home.  Well, we are home.  I am still being denied.

That it is still going on is all on NW.  My desire to have an orgasm far outweighed my want of denial…tonight.  She told me that she didn’t want me to cum and I complied.  I did get teased three different times, though.  I have been edged at least ten times today.

How long will it last?  I have no clue.  We are, as always, playing it by ear.  If my want of an orgasm gets to the point that I am becoming irritable and miserable, it will end.  Honestly, it has to.  If it doesn’t, then I will end up abandoning it for another 3 years.

Seven days down…some unknown number to go.