All I Want For Christmas…

And so we reach day fifty-five.  When this started, back on October 22nd, I had no idea how long it would or wouldn’t last.  As it stands right now, I still don’t know.  All decisions as to whether or not I get to orgasm are now, and have been for about two weeks, firmly in NW’s hands.

The decision has always been NW’s.  It is just that we agreed that I would remain denied until three goals, that I had come up with, were met.  Once those goals were met, it was completely up to her.  As fate would have it, one of those goals has been abandoned because I am better served by doing so and pursuing a different path.  I will eventually get to it.  Other things have taken precedence, however.

A second goal will be achieved due to the publishing of this post.  This goal was rather pointless…to reach 50,000 hits on the blog.  It was just one more condition to put on my ability to have an orgasm.  When I wake up tomorrow morning, marking the completion of week eight of being denied, that goal will have been met.

This leaves one final goal.  Not a goal that the completion of which guarantees an immediate orgasm.  A goal that means NW is clear to give me an orgasm, if she so chooses.  It simply means that the goals have been met and the agreement to keep me denied at least until will have been met.

Things are becoming more difficult, however.  For the first six and a half weeks, I really had no problem with being denied.  Much to my surprise, I had been very much able to keep my want and frustration well in check.  The past week and a half, however, things have not been so easy.  I have been mindlessly horny.  Pretty much if it is humanoid, has a pulse and produces more estrogen than testosterone, it is a potential target for my lust.

Compounding this, it is far too easy for NW to get me edged and far too difficult for me to fall back from it.  Once I am edged, she can barely doing anything to/with my cock or I will go careening over the edge.  I am very much fully loaded and my body is primed to erupt.  There have been a couple of nights that just curling up behind NW has caused a…uh…vibration, for lack of a better word, to rise in my cock and nearly take me over the edge…with no actual external stimulation.

In any case, I am more than ready to have NW take me over the edge.  She seems in no way interested, though.  In fact, despite my telling her that the last goal might not be tenable (and it may not be), she says that she isn’t going to let me give up on it.  So, for the time being, at least, this is going to continue.

As a way to combat the growing want of orgasm, we have turned back to CBT.  It is not the same, obviously, but prolonged CBT does provide stimulation and has the effect, eventually, of exhausting me.  That exhaustion gives a sense of satiation…again, not the same.  So far, though, it has been enough to keep me going.

All that being said, I know what I won’t be getting for Christmas…

The Week In Review…

Okay, it is more like 10 days, but “a week” sounded better.  In either case, it shouldn’t have taken this long for me to post again.  I have just been swamped with…well…life.

So, to catch up.  Last weekend was a CBT extravaganza.  Yes, my previous post was about CBT.  That was two weekends ago, however.  This is in reference to last weekend.  In the thirty-five hour period from 11:00 Friday night, until 10:00 Sunday morning, we spent no less than six hours actively engaging in CBT.

What was done is the same list I give every time.  My testicles were squeezed (together and separately), rolled against each other, sucked to pain, pulled, slapped, flicked, punched and we even added kicking this time around.  Once my balls started to wear their soreness, on Friday night, the soreness/ache did not disappear until sometime late Tuesday.  I was pretty much ever aware of its presence.

There were really only two things of note, other than carrying it to a point that the soreness lasted two days beyond the last impact.  The first was the introduction of kicking.  We tried this with me sitting on the floor and NW stepping up and impacting with the top of her foot.  Then we tried it with me on my knees and her kicking from the front.  Lastly, we tried it with me on all fours and her standing to the rear of me.  By far, the best was the last.  The angle was wrong when I was just on my knees.  When I was sitting, my pubic bone kept catching the brunt of the impact.

From behind, with me on all fours, NW was able to target easily, transfer the energy into my cock and balls, instead of the bone, and play with the dangling mass.  It hurt like hell, but was definitely worth it.

The second thing of note was NW’s loss of inhibition.  Friday night, she had expressed concern that we were going too far.  That she might actually be doing damage.  By the latter half of Saturday night and into Sunday morning, all such talk had disappeared and she was hurting me without much thought.

Now, I realize that she was still being mindful of not ripping my testicles off (thank you, NW).  She had pretty much decided that if I didn’t erupt in protest pain, that she was good to go and hurt me according.  All in all, it was rather agonizing and insanely blissful at the same time.  I cannot begin to tell you how many times I was edged from the pain.

Well, that was last weekend.  This weekend has been much more tame…and that is good as well.  She has had lots of orgasms.  I have had no orgasms.  I did finally receive stroking to my shaft.  That was ecstatic on so many levels.  I had done a little breath play with her.  She comes so hard from having her air removed.  It is almost a guaranteed eruption of female ejaculation.  And it makes me leak like no one’s business.  So, I guess that it works for both of us.

Anyway…40 days down…who knows how many more.

Poll Closed

I went ahead and closed the polls.  I don’t think I saw any real surprises in the numbers.  The one thing that made me think, though, was that 55% of women have experienced a ruined orgasm.  I wouldn’t have thought that.  It does make me wonder, though, were they intentionally ruined orgasms or accidental.  Also, women tend to respond with increased arousal more than men do.

I, apparently, with a few others, am in the minority in the “immediately after” category.  Barely 25% of us guys experience a decline in arousal, immediately following a ruined orgasm.  I jump back over to the majority, 68%, for having increased arousal after I have recovered.

I find it interesting that 30% of men have no change in arousal, immediately after, and 25%, even after recovering.  You would think that it would have some impact.  I guess it just goes to show how diverse we are.

Last Night and This Afternoon

Going back to last night, which my earlier post skipped over…  NW and I settled in for a little play.  As NW was freshly out of the bath, she assumed a face down position on the bed.  As you likely guessed, I went straight for her ass.  Flicking, licking, poking, sucking, probing her to orgasm.  I love orally pleasing her ass.  I think the biggest reason is that she always carries a degree of apprehension about it.  She feels like she shouldn’t get so much pleasure out of it.  Her writhing, moaning and…involuntarily pushing her ass back into my face…betray her, though.  She had at least five orgasms from it.  She is such a naughty NW.  In fact, I made her tell me that she is a dirty slut.  She gets so uncomfortable talking dirty, it makes it fun to make her do it.

Away, once rolled over, I began fingering her pussy.  Adding to it, I began sucking her nipples.  Moments later, I was biting her nipple, with my bottom teeth running right across the center of it.  I bit hard enough that it was teetering on being too much pain.  For NW, that is saying something.  Once she had a few orgasms, I moved to the other nipple and repeated.

As always, I sucked them better, but this really added to it.  She mounted me and rode me to a couple of orgasms, as I played with her clothespinned nipples.  Unfortunately, I am still nearing edge too quickly and she had to dismount.  I continued the work, though.  I used my fingers to penetrate her…first her pussy, then her ass and, finally, both at the same time.  She flooded.

Turning her attention to me, she edged me a few times and we were done.

Then, this afternoon (we have already talked about this morning), I went to the bedroom for a nap.  NW followed me in and lay down beside me.  She was fully clothed and I was nude.  I hate sleeping in clothes.  We talked.  I played with her nipples and ran my hand over the crotch of her jeans.  She was definitely getting worked up  I told that she would have to wait for later, though.

She started playing with my balls, as I backed off on playing with her.  She avoided my cock, and it is still without any stimulation for the day.  She caressed them lightly, fondled them and just, generally, gave them some loving.  I began to worry that my cock was going to get some incidental stimulation, as she worked my balls  So, I rolled over, drew my legs up and had her pull my balls back.  So that she could get to my balls but my cock would be shielded between my legs.

NW took this to mean that I wanted some CBT.  I was not thinking that at all.  She, however, seemed aroused by the idea, because the next thing I know, she has a grip on them and is squeezing.  I was not looking for CBT.  I was not craving CBT.  But, in a rare moment of submissiveness, I had no intention of stopping her from doing what she wanted.  They were hers.  She squeezed the hell out of them, leaving me writhing and groaning.  She punched them, to light-moderate levels.  She was just trying to make me writhe and verbally show the pain.  She got what she wanted.

It wasn’t until she was through that I told her that I hadn’t been looking for, or wanting pain.  But that I endured it for her…because she wanted to give it.  This, of course, turned her on even more.  She asked to come.  I obliged.  I roughly ground the seam of her jeans into her clit and labia.  She went off a few times.  Then, in the midst of her orgasm, I grabbed her throat and choked her.  She flooded.  Three more times I choked her, as she came.  All three times, she shot into a new, higher orgasm.  Each time, flooding into her jeans.  The pants had to later be changed, due to the enormous wet spot.

Afterwards, she gave each ball an individual squeezing, prior to some light loving and letting me have my nap.  My precum was everywhere…on my cock, my leg, her leg, the top sheet, the bottom sheet.  And, yet, I was able to still express a nice little bit onto her fingers, for her to enjoy.

I can’t wait for tonight!

Made It!…Not So Quick…

Well, today marked thirty days!  Woohoo!  I finally reached a numerical month…or did I?  NW and I discussed this, this morning, right after I mauled her (so much fun).  She said that it wasn’t actually a numerical month.  When I asked why, she explained that the last time I came was on December 22nd.  Therefore, I need to go through tomorrow morning, the 22nd, to reach a numerical month.

Hogwash!  That is just word play.  I do see what she is saying, but I still think that what she described is a calendar month.  Not  a month on the calendar (January, February, etc…), mind you, but a calendar month in the sense of using dates instead of number of days.  Of course, it is really irrelevant, as she has already made clear that I will not be having an orgasm today.  Fine with me.  In fact, I already started it off on the right foot.

We played last night, but I will save that for another post.  This morning…  I awoke and curled up behind NW.  As Seems to be the case anymore, I immediately became erect.  My want had my mind in high gear.  I already knew how this morning would play out.

NW was awake…groggy, but awake.  I slid my arm under her head.  I reached around and grabbed her opposite arm, locking her upper body in place.  One leg hooked her top leg.  My other leg pinned her bottom leg to the bed.  (Having over twice the body mass and strength of your wife can be so handy.)  Flexing, I locked her into place, with her legs spread.  I began forcefully rubbing her clit.  I continued until my assaulting arm gave out.  She had numerous orgasms, all while unable to escape.

Once my arm gave out, I wrapped it around her, reversing my hold, and rolled her over me to the other side.  Legs locked, I began with the other hand.  I bit her traps (trapezius area) on both sides.  I bit hard.  She winced.  She came.  Several orgasms later, my arms burned from the fervent exertion that I had used.  Then I held her.  Held her close, as she heaved and burrowed into me.  This was the best part of it all.  Just the two of us, sex out of the way, cuddling and loving being close.

Later, she reached for my cock.  I told her not to.  I wanted this morning, the mark of thirty days, to be about her.  We left it at that.  NW, umpteen orgasms…me, denial of any stimulation.  Of course, even minus any physical stimulation, I leaked precum all over her, me and the bed.  What a wonderful way to cross the threshold.

Now the game really begins…

Exiting the Heliosphere

I mean, why not?  It fits with yesterday’s heliopause reference.  I have now been twenty-nine days in denial.  We are in virgin territory…for us.  The journey has had its highs and lows.  Most of it, I have not wanted an orgasm.  Okay…I have, but not more than I wanted to be denied.  There have been a few days in there, though, where I would have gladly abandoned the “goal” and erupted with no regret.  Of course, we all know that I would have immediately regretted it.  Fortunately, NW helped me stay the course.  Or, more specifically, she held me to the course.

Tomorrow morning, we enter open space.  How far we venture will only be dictated by NW’s desire/whim and my well-being.  Right now, while in want of orgasm, my well-being is, well…well.  I do know, though, from last night’s conversation, that me having an orgasm is still nowhere on NW’s radar…er…scanners, to keep with the space theme.

Speaking of last night.  NW and I returned to play.  It was nothing extraordinary, but wonderful nonetheless.  I asked NW what she wanted  Again, she just wanted my fingers.  I was more than happy to oblige.  I did suggest, however, that it would be much better if she had clothespins on her nipples (hint, hint).  She retrieved them.  I spent a few moments licking and sucking each nipple, then blowing on them, to make sure they were nice and hard.  Once hard, I placed a clothespin directly on each nipple.  NW says that it isn’t painful but, rather, just uncomfortable.  She describes it as more of a burny sensation, that grows into pain.

I then began working her labia and onto her clit.  She came several times and I eventually removed the clothespins, after applying extra pressure to each.  Once one was removed, I sucked the freed nipple, to draw the blood back in and add stimulation.  Both times resulted in another orgasm.  Then she was done and moved on to me.

I believe that my erection occurred in record time.  I was hard enough to cut diamonds.  I pointed out that it seemed a waste to let such an impressive erection go to unused.  I saw the light bulb light up.  NW mounted me, riding with the back and forth motion that lets me last longer.  I could feel my cockhead beating all around her cervix, as she moved back and forth.  I pinched and pulled on her nipples.  She orgasmsed again.  To my surprise, though, I was near edge myself. She had to dismount.

I don’t remember the last time that I got to edge, in that manner, in such a short period of time.  It is what it is, though.  NW went back to teasing me with her hand.  I was edged again in less than a minute.  A pain shot through my prostrate as I felt it rapidly seize.  I was loaded for bear…pressurized…on the verge of eruption.  From that point on, we took it slow.  She edged me three or four more times.  I had to warn her earlier than normal, though, as I coud tell that my body was planning an orgasmic surprise attack.  It failed.  NW and I won.  Treacherous , sneaky cock…  How dare it want to orgasm!

As an aside, I went into the evening without any want.  I was not opposed to the idea.  I just had no real want/need.  That changed about fifteen seconds after NW first touched my cock.  Minutes later, I was little more than an animated ball of want.  Want is high this morning as well.

Also, NW pointed out that this blog is the featured blog on Keyheld, at present.  Thank you to those who run and maintain it!  Not simply for being featured, but for the effort and resources that they provide.  I am sure that most, if not all, of you are familiar with it.  If not, go check it out.  There are many resources for those who are interested in male chastity.  You will find that the implementation of male chastity comes in many forms and with varied goals.

Putting the hammer down for day thirty…

Headlong Into the Heliopause

Or so it seems…  I am now twenty-eight days since the last time I felt the wonderful feeling of rising orgasm carrying over into full eruption.  This is the third time that I have reached this mark.  It is the first time, however, that I know that I will journey beyond it.  When I awake, tomorrow morning, I will be in new territory.  The next day, we will reach a numerical month.  The tether will be cut.  There will be nothing but open, unknown travels before us.

Wow!  That sounds overly dramatic for just a couple more days of denial.  For me/us, though, it is a significant marker.  While my want of orgasm is strong, I can continue on.  My mood is holding.  NW’s pleasure in this seems unabated.  She has made no mention of wanting me to orgasm.  In fact, she has only expressed the opposite…and most definitively.

That said, I am not sure what to say about the OC/OD except that it will continue on.  I will say, though, that my anxiety over it has risen, since we have approached today, tomorrow and the next.  It is not enough to make me want it to end…not even close.  It does force me to take it one day at a time, though.  Always thinking, “just one more day”.  Well, except when I fantasize about her denying me a full orgasm until next Christmas.

In any case…  How did we celebrate the eve of hitting twenty-eight days again?  We celebrated by not doing a single thing.  I was wiped out from the day’s work and the previous day’s workout.  NW has been feeling under the weather and was, likewise, exhausted.  So, we just called it a night.  For once, that was okay with both of us.

So, today, I woke to a raging erection.  My libido is high.  I can’t wait to celebrate hitting this mark again.  Of course, that assumes that either of us feel like it.  Since NW’s libido is higher than mine (well, maybe not right now), though, I am pretty sure that something will happen.