A Holiday Weekend…Ruined

Saturday and Sunday were both busy days.  I had a couple of honey-dos to complete, had a several hour visit to my brother’s, had to help friends, for several hours, with a project they had.  Then, there was the needed yard work, tending the garden and trying to squeeze in family time.  It didn’t leave a lot of time for play.  In fact, the only time we had, on each day, was late evening.  Mind you, that is not a bad thing at all.  Our play is meant to be secondary to almost everything else.

Keeping with the fact that the weekend was so busy, I am, unfortunately, a bit sketchy on the details of what all happened,  I do remember a few highlights, however.  So, this will likely be a succinct post and, hence, maybe short on details.  I apologize in advance.

Saturday evening, I got home a little late.  We were both tired and ended up retiring for just a little us time.  We settled into bed and curled up together, watching a movie.  It didn’t take long, though, for NW’s hands to find its way to my crotch.  She worked me for a bit, edged me and then I kind of lit into her.  According to her, I bit her, I choked her and I fingered her roughly.  Roughly enough that she was sore, the next morning.  This went on for a while.  She came, a lot.

After I had calmed down a bit, she went back to stroking me.  She edged me a couple more times.  Then on one edging, I tried to warn her off, but she ignored me.  She stroked a couple more times and I went over the edge.  I fought hard to contain it, but she wouldn’t release my cock and started squeezing it harder, once she felt me tense.  After a second, realizing that she just wasn’t going to let go, I quit fighting it.  She just held me, firmly, not moving.  After the first contraction hit me, though, I realized that she was using her thumb to keep my urethra closed.  (I made the mistake of showing her a retrograde orgasm, once.)  The rhythmic contractions took over.  Since there was no loss of pressure, though, due to my closed of urethra, the contractions just kept going.  I probably had, at least, twice as many contractions as I would during a full orgasm.

It was mildly uncomfortable.  When the contractions stopped, she released me, and nothing came out.  When she pressed the base of my urethra, though, out it came.  So, on our forty-first day, I was given my first ruined orgasm.  Even though it was a weird one, since I had fought against it, initially.

We cleaned up and that was the evening.

Jump forward to Sunday evening.  After spending a good part of the day helping friends with some intensive physical labor, I was wiped out.  That, of course, did not keep us from a late evening rendezvous in our bedroom.

It started as it often does, of late, with NE fondling me until i am erect enough to be stroked.  She asked me what I wanted to do.  I was honest.  I said I hadn’t given it much thought and was kind of there for the ride.  To which she responded by rolling onto her back and informing me that I would be servicing her until I had made a decision.  As it turns out, that is what I really wanted…to service her.  So, I worked from her sex to her ass.  I licked.  I sucked,  I nibbled.  I bit.

She asked me if I had decided on anything yet.  I just kept working her.  She finally caught on.  Once she did, she took another couple of orgasms and then had me roll onto my back.  She got on all fours next to me and took me into her mouth.

For whatever reason, I was in a mood and worked my thumb inside her pussy.  She came.  I withdrew and smacked her ass.  She responded positively.  So, I slapped it again and then proceeded to spank her ass, as she was hunched over, with me in her mouth.  She came.  I spread her ass checks and repeatedly spanked her exposed asshole, while having to warn her off of me.  She came again.

In between her orgasms, I had to warn her off, several times.  Even while concentrating on making her cum, I couldn’t not notice what she was doing to me.

Deciding that maybe she needed a bit more typical pleasure, I re-inserting my thumb into her pussy but added a finger into her ass.  I was gentle at first, but soon morphed it into a hard pounding.  She came twice more, swallowing my cock as she came.

After a moments reprieve for both of us, she took my cock back into her mouth.  I forced her head down until I was settled into her throat.  Once bottomed out, I hooked my calf over her head where she couldn’t withdraw.  Then I started spanking her hard.  Between the spanking and the breath play, she erupted, literally.  Fortunately, I had foreseen this and put a towel under her.  During the course of the evening, she did her best to soak it.

Once I finally relented, she went back to me and gave me another ruined orgasm.  This time she told me, beforehand, not to fight it.  I didn’t.  And she timed it perfectly.  She stopped stimulating me and watched.  It took a couple of seconds, but without me fighting it, the pressure was sufficient.  Over the edge I went.  Only about four or five contractions.  Only two emitting semen.

It actually seemed a non-event.  My libido dropped slightly, as is often the case when the pressure subsides.  But it was a non-emotional experience.  It wasn’t at all pleasurable.  It wasn’t uncomfortable.  I wasn’t happy, sad, angry or anything else different from just before.

So, a ruined orgasm on each of the past two days.  And nothing has really changed.  Well, unless NW has decided that it has…and hasn’t told me.


NW Checks One Off of Her Fantasy Bucket List

As most of us do, NW has several fantasies.  Hers don’t often get too far out there, though.  This just happens to be one of those that was easy enough to fulfill, but the opportunity had never been seized.  I, as probably the only one, did not have this one high on my list.  But, you know, NW wanted it.  She directed it.  She got it.  I am glad that I could give it to her.

Once again, after work, nothing happened.  Other than the typical gropes, as we passed one another, it was a mundane evening, until we finally retired to the bedroom.

It started off easy enough, with NW lightly stroking my scrotum.  I do love the feel of her fingers lightly running along my flesh.  It was tantalizing, to say the least.

In time, however, it gave way to more intense play, as she took a firm grip of my balls and wandered off into some mild to medium CBT.  More specifically, I guess, it was BT.  For a change, there was no impact.  she took them in her mouth and sucked them.  She bit down on them.  She squeezed them with her off hand.

Eventually, she settled into pressing them.  At first, she pressed them with the palm of her off hand.  When that wasn’t enough, she planted her knee in the bed, right up against my tightly held balls, and leaned forward.  This allowed her to crush my captive balls between her hand, which was braced against my body, and her thigh, which was being forced forward by her body weight, as she leaned into and over me.  It was a high pressure situation, to say the least.

For my part, I spent most of my time focused on the growing pressure, then pain, in my balls.  I humped into her hands as she squeezed my balls between her palms.  Once she had moved to using her thigh, I would raise my hips, to increase the pressure that I was feeling.  At one point, I actually thought that I might be able to reach orgasm, if the pressure continued long enough.  It didn’t.  Oh well…  That would have been a nice first, though…to get there just from the pressure, without any foreplay to  my cock.

Even though her plan had been to ignore my cock, for a second day, she thought better of it.  After becoming content with the press job she had done, she worked her knee up under my balls, where they were resting on it.  Then she took my cock and began stroking me.  Every down stroke, the bottom of her hand would impact my balls.  It was a somewhat sharp, jarring pain.  It is also a technique that will bring me to edge very quickly.

She stopped before I was on edge, however.  Then, she started stroking again.  I went from nowhere near edge to about to go over, in about three ballbusting strokes.  I mean it came out of nowhere.  I managed to avoid the orgasm, but the semen had been released anyway.  Again, as last time, none escaped my body.

She then rolled onto her back, next to me, and told me to expel it onto her.  What choice did I have?  I rolled onto my side, pressed the bottom of my urethra and ran my fingers up it.  The previously hidden load dribbled out onto her waiting pussy.  She told me to eat it off of her.  I did.

As it was rather dark, in the room, I had to pretty much lick and suck all of her sex to find it all.  Once I found the largest deposit, I sucked it into my mouth and went to swallow.  Instead, though, I paused, brought it back to the front of my mouth and played with it for a moment…feeling it, tasting it, basically investigating it.  Honestly, it really didn’t seem to have much taste.  It didn’t register as salty, bitter or sweet…just warm and smooth.  I moved it back down and swallowed it, then finished cleaning her.  This was one of her fantasies.  Simple as it may seem, she wanted me to eat my cum off of her.  Check…  She has a couple of more naughty fantasies in the same vein.  I am sure that you can imagine.

After finishing my clean up work, I sucked her clit into my mouth and began moving my tongue side to side, over it.  She came hard and fast.  She cried out, “What are you doing?”  Then came again…  Then again…  And she was out.  I lightly slapped her thigh and she came right back.  She asked again what I was doing, but I was already doing it and she came again.  This time, though, she pulled away.  She said it was too intense.

The best that we can figure, my sucking her clit into my mouth had unsheathed it.  So, my moderately paced, sideways tongue lashing was on her exposed clit.  That is always a guaranteed orgasm.

That is definitely a technique I will employ again, as I eagerly await the next item on her list.


NW Suspends her own Rule…for a Few Minutes

For the past week or so, NW has had a no intercourse rule in place.  The rule was made open-ended and appears that it is going to be lasting.  Or, will be lasting, except for yesterday afternoon.

We had a lot going on, yesterday, and really only had noteworthy private time once.  It was mainly spent with NW slowly working me.  She teased me, for some time, never bringing me to edge.  She stopped, got on all fours and offered (as though I had a choice) her ass and I hungrily devoured it.  She returned to stroking me and fondling my balls, occasionally squeezing them or pulling them down hard.

She then rolled onto her back, and told me to fuck her with my fingers, as she continued to stroke me.  Even with the rough use of my fingers, it wasn’t enough.  She moved to get up, said that she was suspending her “no intercourse” rule, and climbed on top of me.

It felt…heavenly…as she lowered herself onto my cock and I slid, easily, inside her soaking sex.  She leaned forward and kissed me, as she bounced off of my hips.  She came.  She leaned back, to where my cock was punching her cervix, and rode to another orgasm.  Seeming insatiable, she began grinding against me.  As she came again, I reached down and roughly stroked her clit.  An impressive multiple orgasm followed, as she shuddered and heaved.

Collapsing forward, we kissed, as I began thrusting up into her.  The tension rose in her again and she leaned back once more, convulsing and gasping.  Digging her nails into me, to keep me from going over.

After a moment of gathering herself.  She slid off of me and immediately edged me.  Announcing that we were done, she hopped off of the bed, onto shaky legs…smiled…and went to clean up.

That was the sum of yesterday’s sexual adventures.  Once having arrived home, today, we unloaded the vehicle and put everything up.  Finally having a second to sit down, I laid on the couch and put my head on NW’s thigh.  No, this was not meant to be a submissive act.  We are always touching.

While there, though, I took the chance to rub her leg, her arm and my hand found her right breast.  As tired as we both were, that was all that it took.  In less than a minute she had me in the bedroom, her clothes were off and her breasts were in my hands and left nipple in my mouth.

She moved my left hand down to her sex and guided me, exactly how she wanted it.  In fact, for her first orgasm, she basically used my fingers as a toy and held them where she wanted them.

Several orgasms later and it was over.  She informed my that this interlude was just about her.  We were done and I would be receiving nothing.  That in itself was something, though.


A Day of Servicing NW

Again, we are still on our trip.  Posting time has been short and the goings on erratic, at best.  Yesterday was a day of travel preparation, travel (which, admittedly, wasn’t that far) settling in at the hotel and turning the kids loose on the pool, before heading out and about.

So, there isn’t a lot to convey, other than NW and I taking every chance we could steal a few minutes and making the most of it.  Even so, it was fun and I am more wound up now than I have been since we started this.

The day went pretty much like this…

Get up.  Get moving.  Go down on NW.  Start packing and organizing.  Go down on NW.  Make the trip.  Check-in to the hotel.  Get in our room.  Let the kids go explore the pool.  Follow NW into the bathroom and go down on her.  Let the kids go swimming.  Have an intense tease and denial session…with several instances of going down on her mixed in, as well as mild CBT.  Go swim with the kids.  Leave the hotel for while. Come back.  Kids go back to the pool.  Go down on NW again.  Swim with the kids.  NW and I go back to the room a bit early for another tease and denial session and more servicing her.

In all, I had my tongue in NW’s ass no less than eight times yesterday and serviced her sex at least that many times.  Most of them were very short interactions.  After all, she and I aren’t the point of the trip.

Tomorrow we head home.

Pain and Pleasure — NW’s Sadistic Side Shows

As mentioned in the prior post, we were both burning and yearning very intensely, from our discussions and the day’s goings on.  NW had told me, before she left work, that I was not going to be teased last night.  Knowing that, I hoped that she had something intense planned for me.  If all she had wanted was for me to pleasure her until she was exhausted, so be it.  But deep down I needed attention of some sort.  I was craving sensation.  In the end, literally, I got more than I had bargained for and hoped.

We both cleaned up and met in the bedroom.  We climbed on the bed and NW immediately positioned herself in a manner to which I have become accustomed.  She told me to make her come and off it went.  I spent several minutes with my head between her legs, working from her sex to her ass and back.  After several orgasms, she sat up and told me to roll over onto my back.

Once there, she told me that she had changed her mind and that I was going to be teased.  She also told me that she wanted to hurt me.  She wanted me to make the decision which was to be first.  It didn’t take much pondering to decide that I would rather end the night with frustration than with pain.  So, I told her that I would like the pain first.  With that, I was told to get on my stomach.

I was expecting the cane.  Actually, I was craving the cane and the intensity, even if too much, that it gives.  What I felt, though, was the belt.  It slapped and stung nicely.  NW made sure that it had enough force to hurt, but not near a limit.  Of course, with the belt, it takes a lot more force to reach that level.

After several whacks from the belt, there was a pause, then blows started again, with increasing frequency.  This time, however, it was the flogger that was raining down on me.  And not just on my ass, but my back, shoulders and flanks…with ever increasing force.  The dull, pleasurable thuds that started the flogging gave way to the stinging crack of the harder blows.  Then it paused again.

A moment later I felt the stiff, unyielding, though light, whack of the cane.  This was it.  She was going to cane me.  I craved it, and had been.  But, honestly, I feared it.  The last time she was punishing me.  I had no such motivation to endure, this time around.  Last time she was learning how hard the blows should/could be.  This time she started with a good idea of her desired force.  Even so, she had me rate each blow, 1 to 10, so that she could adjust accordingly.

This was somewhat virgin territory for us.  Yes, I knew that NW liked it when I squirmed in pain, at her hand.  That was usually in the form of CBT.  And, yes, we have played with spanking, flogging and caning before…lightly.  Now, however, she was about to cane me, hurt me, and for no reason but to satisfy her own sadistic desire to do so.  Furthering it was the fact that I perceive CBT, no matter how harsh, to be highly sexual.  Having my ass tormented, however, carries to such feeling.  It is naughty, yes, but not directly sexual and therefore, devoid of that motivation to endure it.  On this, my only motivation was that NW desired it.  That was going to have to be enough.

The first hard stroke fell and I blurted “seven”.  Several more blows fell and NW felt that my tolerance was not as high tonight as when I was punished.  I had thought the same thing.  Again, I think the fact that I was not being punished was making it harder to endure.  After a couple of more strokes, though, I found my groove.  NW was kind enough to let me somewhat recover from one blow before delivering the next…with a few exceptions.  She was more interested it being heavy-handed, marking me and prolonging it, rather than a burst of lighter blows that would quickly escalate beyond my ability to take in.

Soon all of the impacts were registering 8’s, 9’s and even some 10’s.  She became skeptical of my rating, thinking I was down playing the pain to keep her going.  So, she swung, in her words “harder than I ever have”, and the impact immediately tensed my whole body.  I cried out, “10!”  She smiled and said that she was testing me.  Of course, two blows later and I shrieked, “12!”, as the hardest force of the blow had hit my upper thigh, not my ass.  That, of course, is fair game.  But the hardest blows are intended for my backside proper.

She stopped and commented that it almost felt wrong to be so wet from hurting me.  She had me roll over onto my back, climbed onto the bed and mounted her throne.  Her weight pressed down onto my chest.  She slid her body forward and my waiting mouth locked onto her pussy.  She was not lying.  She was soaked.  Even moreso than earlier in the day.  I feasted.  She came.  She leaned back and moved her ass to my mouth.  I worshipped.  She came even more.  But she was not done with my ass.

Pics after the first round…


She had me roll back over onto my stomach and returned to the belt.  This time she focused more attention on the soft, vulnerable skin at the base of my ass, just above my balls.  Then onto the flogger again…back, shoulders, flanks, hips and ass.  She pulled my balls back and had me arch, to let them hang. Doubling the tails of the flogger, she began battering my balls with it.  Nothing extreme, but each blow enough to make me jerk.

Then she returned to the cane.  This round was not as long lived as the previous, but the blows held at a much higher level of pain.  Fully ninety percent of them were a 9 or 10, with the occasional missed mark well exceeding the goal of 10.

Several times she asked if I was okay.  She knows that I will go beyond what I “should” to give her what she wants.  I was okay.  I was prepared to keep going.  At the end, she would only hit me when I gave the okay, as every blow was at or near the limit.  I rushed myself, so that I was not slowing her down, and then she was sated.  My ass had been pummeled.  Even as thick skinned as I am, the marks were evident, especially from a tool whose impact is much deeper and not as superficially noticeable as a belt or lighter, flexible cane.

She consoled me, thanked me, soothingly rubbed me.  And I thanked her, sincerely.  She was sated…at least her want to hurt me.  I was sated, and my want of stimulation met.

Pics after the second round

She rolled back from me, onto her back, and I returned to pleasuring her.  First her ass, at it was offered again.  Then her sex.  I headily, lovingly and enthusiastically brought her to orgasm several times.

Once her need had been met, she rolled me over and began to work me over, as promised.  I was slow to respond.  My body was still reeling from the caning and, as I said, I felt sated.  In time, though, I responded and she stroked and sucked me to the edge.  She held me there for some time.  I was overly cautious in my feedback, as I was feeling so many things that I wasn’t sure how my body would respond.  No orgasm, no release, just minute after minute of riding near or on the edge.

When it was over, we lay there in each others arms…holding one another…kissing…and thanking one another for an incredibly intense and satisfying night.

Oh…and the morning after…

Afternoon Delight

NW and I had a mild session, yesterday afternoon.  It as basically her using me to orally pleasure her and then working me up so that she could use me as a living sex toy.  This involved her riding me.  The big thing she wanted, though, was anal.  So, once erect enough, she knelt on the side of the bed and I entered her, standing.
I was teased a bit afterwards and she had me use my fingers to give her what were, almost, her last orgasms.  The last came when I was cleaning her up.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  She called me in and had me strip down.  I laid down on the bed and she tied off my balls.  She teased me for a few minutes and then had me roll over.  Two pillows were placed under my hips and I then felt her lubing my asshole.

I honestly had no idea what she was planning.  I assumed that I would be plugged.  Then I felt her finger, abruptly, force its way into me and immediately find my prostate.  She asked if that was it, but she already knew.  I definitely did.

Having played with my prostate for a minute, I felt her withdraw and heard her moving around a bit.  Then I felt something press against my anus.  Again, I assumed it was a butt plug, until it pushed its way in and the girth remained the same.  She was pegging me, with her new strapon!  Well, she was pegging me to begin with…then she was flat out fucking me…hard.

The strapon is long enough that the wrong angle is somewhat painful.  I squirmed and moved, trying to get the angle right, while she thrust deep into me.  She was making the most delicious sounds.  Asking me how it felt, telling me how much she liked fucking me.

Make no mistake, I was being taken…and hard.

As this strapon has a smaller “penis” that presses against her pussy, as she uses it, she came.

Once I found my angle, even though it was not physically pleasing to me, at all, I got wrapped up in her orgasm, her sounds, the fact that she was so getting off on fucking my ass.  I started thrusting backwards.  She immediately stopped and let me fuck myself on her “cock”.  The sight of it sent her over again.

It all went on a little too long for me.  But her delight was worth every second of it.
She took my ass better than I had hers, the day before.

After withdrawing, we cleaned up, my balls were still tied, and hopped back in bed.  After a little light CBT, she untied my balls and then began a merciless tease and denial session.  She kept asking me if I wanted to come.  I said yes.  And, for once, I actually did.  But she just kept telling me no.  Not now and not soon.

Then I was given a choice.  We could end the session right there, or I could accept the belt and be allowed to clean her up.  I, of course, chose the belt.  There were a few light strikes to my balls and then she had me roll over.  She proceeded to spank me, fairly hard, with the belt.  After several blows, she had me roll back over and, finally, mounted my face so that I could clean her.  She, of course, had an orgasm from my cleaning effort.  So, I had to redo it.  But not before she leaned back and fed me her ass, for another orgasm.

She was very wet, and, hence, so was my face.  But, at least, she was clean when we were done.

I Needed That…

It was a long day.  I mean a really, really long day.  It seemed like half of everything went wrong, at work.  No fault of my own, mind you…but stressful, for hours, nonetheless.

By the time I arrived home, which was about an hour late, I was wiped out.  I had really hoped that NW had something planned that would take the edge off of the day.  She, of course, did not disappoint.

After winding down a bit, she ushered me into the bedroom.  Once unclothed, I collapsed on the bed, face first.  It turns out, that was just the position she had wanted me in, as, a few moments later, I felt lube being applied to my ass.  A few gentle pushes later and I was collapsed on the bed, face down, with a butt plug in my ass.  She then sat on my ass, driving the plug in deeper, as she scratched my back and rubbed my neck and shoulders.

Having decided that I had received enough massage, she had me roll onto my back and proceeded to tie off my balls.  (Yes, I said “my” balls.  She doesn’t refer to them as hers, so neither do I, now.)  Once tied, she gave then some light squeezes and playful slaps, before taking me into her mouth.  Bliss…

To make sure that I didn’t get too comfy, however, she made sure to give me the occasional squeeze and slap.  In a rarity, I became mostly erect.  A rarity because butt plugs typically prevent me from getting anywhere near erect.  I must have needed it badly.

Once erect enough, she mounted me.  I almost went over the edge just from sliding into her.  She stopped.  She, with pretty good precision, squeezed and slapped my balls, paused and dug her fingernails into me enough to keep me from going over.  Between the pain and the plug grinding against my prostate, however, I went flaccid fairly quickly.  That didn’t stop her.  She continued to grind, with my flaccid cock held inside her.  All the while she continued squeezing and slapping my balls.

Once off of me, the plug was removed and she started a torrent of edging and mild CBT.  She would stroke me to edge, then squeeze and/or slap my balls.  She would suck me to edge, then punch my balls.

She then lay next to me, head to feet, and gently stroked me, keeping me close to edge, as I used my fingers on her.  After a few orgasms (Yes, it really is that easy to get her there.), she removed the rope that she had used to tie off my balls 45 minutes earlier.  Then it was back to teasing, stroking, sucking and CBT, to bring me back from the edge.

For all of its mildness, it was incredibly intense, and provided me just the relief I needed from an otherwise dismal day.