CBT – Needle Play

As I mentioned in my last post, there was more to follow.  I told NW about what had happened.  She was a bit jealous/frustrated, because I had done it myself.  She wanted to watch.  She has made it clear that she has no desire, or intention, of ever doing it to me…she is rather emphatic.  She definitely wanted to see me do it, however.

I explained to NW that I had considered calling her in there, on Sunday morning.  I decided not to, however.  Why?  Because of a couple of things.  To actually do this to myself, it takes an inordinate amount of focus.  Someone else being there is somewhat of a distraction.  It is also a very intense and personal experience.  The other part is that I have a fear of failure, when it comes to her.  I don’t want to say “Hey, come watch this!”, only to decide that I can’t do it, right then.  She understood.

In any case, I decided that last night was going to be the night.  I was nervous, even scared.  I mean, driving a needle, not only into, but through your testicle is worthy of fear…right?  That is what I felt.  My want of it, however, was far too great to turn back.

So, I gathered my stuff, plopped on the bed and NW joined me.  We turned on a porn (Sasha Grey, of course) to help carry us through.  NW played with me for about fifteen minutes, edging me a couple of times.  Then we started.  The needles were sterile but still got the alcohol treatment.  My balls were tied off, so that I could attempt, for the first time ever, to pierce both in the same session.  Tied off, so that they wouldn’t get in the way of each other.  They had been washed and rubbed down with alcohol as well.

In the end, we were successful.  I skewered my right testicle first and the left second.  Here are a few pics to capture the occasion…

Starting the first insertion

First insertion completed

After getting this all the way through, I took about a twenty second break, for NW to take pictures and allow to sink in what she had just watched me do.

You will notice, in the second set, that there is an orange and white thingy on the end of the needle.  That is cork.  Yes, as in part of a fishing cork.  I had to improvise and really didn’t want the end of the needle slipping back inside of me while I was messing with the other needle.

On to the left testicle…

Half through second insertion

Second insertion completed

Having gotten the second needle all the way through, it was corked as well.

Final Product

Once in place, and after a few moments for me to gather myself, I had NW grab both of the needles’ bases and gently twist them.  Again, this was to loosen the incredibly tight grip that my balls and skin had on them.  Also, though, I was hoping for a repeat of the previous morning’s eruption.

It felt weird, slightly painful.  I had her wiggle them back and forth, all the while continuing to rotate them inside my balls.  It hurt, it yielded stimulation, but I wasn’t going to orgasm.  So, she took me in her mouth, just the head, and worked me with her tongue, while continuing to work the needles.

It didn’t take much and I was heading for the edge.  I warned her and she pulled her mouth away, gave one more tug and rotation and released.  A few seconds later a heavy, thick spurt hit me at the bottom of my chest.  The rest dribbled out as the ruined orgasm played out.  It was done.  It was good.  I was aching.

Now to remove the needles.  I always hate this part.  Believe it or not, it is uncomfortable.  I removed the needle from my left testicle first.  I little tug as the tip re-entered my body, but otherwise okay.  The needle in the right testicle resisted a little more, but finally yielded.  NW immediately noticed, and the sheets confirmed, that just as the tip of the needle pulled back in to me, vacating the exit hole, a small stream of clear fluid, with some blood in it leaked out forcefully.  I finished removing the needle, and slid back to see.  I would say that it was at least a dropper full of fluid.  I am not sure what it was, other than the red being blood.  Some sort of seminal fluid, I can only guess.

In any case, there you have it.  It will be a while before I consider doing this again.

Wow! Things Have Been Busy!

Life has wound up into high gear.  I haven’t had time to post properly.  NW and I have been exhausted by evening.  This is one weekend that I am not only looking forward to, but need.

That being said, there was no sex on Thursday…not even a playful grope.  We did fool around last night.  It was rather tame, though.  I brought NW to orgasm, multiple times, using my fingers and tormenting her right nipple with my teeth.  It should be sore today.  NW stroked me to orgasm  She did it in my favorite way…one hand under my balls, to lift them into the path of her stroking hand.  Every downstroke, her stroking hand impacts my balls.  It is just enough to create sensation and be very mildly uncomfortable.  It is also the fastest way to get me there.  It was a great orgasm.

Recap of the past week…  Last night marked the eighth day since I my first full orgasm this year.  I have had eight orgasms in eight days.  One per day, on average, is slightly more frequent that none in forty-two days.  We are still pondering where to go from here.  Likely, we would have already decided, were it not for the high-speed, near chaos, of everyday life.  Hopefully that is about to slow down.

Anyway, off to the weekend!

Where Do We Go From Here?

NW and I are still tooling along.  We aren’t sure where things are going to lead.  We aren’t sure what exactly we want.  So, we are just moving forward, enjoy ourselves, and one another.

To catch up a bit…  I did not have an orgasm on Sunday.  I don’t think that it was necessarily planned that way.  It is just the way it happened.  By evening, we were both completely wiped out and just decided to pass.

Yesterday was a completely different day, however.  When I got home, NW and I retired to the bedroom for a short bit.  NW was given multiple orgasms and I was given one as well.  We had joked about getting me there twice, in rapid succession, but that passed unnoticed.  Well, for about 20 minutes.

While sitting at the computer, I realized that my arousal had returned.  I informed NW and she came back to the office (spare bedroom) and gave me a blowjob.  So, two orgasms in twenty-five minutes.  Later that evening, at bedtime, I brought NW to orgasm several more times and she gave me my third orgasm of the day.  That made for three orgasms in less than six hours.

Oh, I guess I could mention that NW broke out the sounds and used one on me, prior to my first orgasm.  I guess, technically, she was still using it on me during my first orgasm, as at least eight inches of it was still inside me.  It felt odd, and slightly uncomfortable, to orgasm with my urethra blocked.  Some semen did escape around the edges.  It did make my abdomen feel weird.  And there was a bit of blood in the semen, but not much.  In all, it was a good experience.

For tonight?  Who knows.  Work is busy and it hasn’t even crossed my mind.  I will let you know, though.

Insatiable…Even While Plundering NW’s Ass

It seems that, now that I have been freed to have orgasms, I am insatiable.  After Tuesday and Wednesday’s ruined orgasms, I had full orgasms Thursday night, Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday evening.  Yet, I am still in dire need of an orgasm fix.  The orgasms have grown less intense, the more I have.  That sense of needing to get there, though, has not diminished.

After spending considerable time plundering NW’s ass, with my tongue, I drilled it, Friday night.  My entry was abrupt and painful…just like NW likes it.  Saturday morning, with her ass still sore, I violated it again.  This served a double purpose.  The first is that she was still sore from the night before.  So, revisiting it so soon after, made sure that it was even more intense than the first time.  The second purpose was to make sure that her ass stayed sore.  I love knowing that she can feel, well beyond completion, what we have done.  I think we will go for round three today.

NW has commented a few times that it is nice to be back to “normal” sex.  No worrying about whether or not I am going to go over the edge.  No having to stop short because I am too close.  That said, she still holds control over whether or not I orgasm.  She just has no desire to limit what is going on in any manner.  As I am in constant want of orgasm, I am all for that.

In short, we are just having fun, as usual.  The focus is shifting.  For how long?  I have no clue.  Honestly, we could care less, as long as it is intense and fun.

It’s Not Just For Teasing

NW is still dealing with her sex prohibiting issue.  So, I wasn’t able to give her any attention, last night.  That is a bit frustrating.  Of course, given the day that I had, I really wasn’t in the mood anyway.  Stress was the word of the day…and the diet…and the emotion.  It was a trying day that killed my libido and made me wish that I had a bottle of Valium.

So, when we got to last night, NW asked me if I wanted any attention.  I did!  But not to sate some sexual need.  I wanted it to overshadow all of the stress I was feeling.  In fact, earlier in the day, I had an interesting realization.  I was at work, stressed as hell, and the thought crossed my mind that an orgasm sure would relieve a lot of this stress.  I immediately knew that I did not need an orgasm  So, NW would not want to give me one, even though she would if I presented it as a good thing.  So, I pondered masturbating.  After all, I am not caged.

This is when the odd thing happened.  I visualized myself, cock in hand, stroking myself.  It seemed alien!  The idea of just pleasuring myself, not to mention bringing myself to orgasm, just seemed unusual and even…well…pointless, for lack of a better word.  To me!  I am the guy who, for decades, masturbated a hundred times a month, at least.  I have pleasured myself many times the number of sexual encounters with others that I have had.  Yet, here I was, thinking of masturbating, and it seemed an alien concept.

How?  I can only assume that it has been because of the past two months.  Since Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November, for those not in the US), I have only pleasured myself one time.  The was the day, just before Christmas (the last time I had an orgasm, matter of fact), when we were about to hit the road, for a very long drive, and I wanted an orgasm but knew that NW hadn’t the time.  Other than that one instance, all of my sexual pleasure has come via NW’s attentions.

The whole idea is kind of scary and, yet, kind of cool.  Not that masturbating wouldn’t feel good.  It just doesn’t seem to be on the menu.

Anyway, back to last night.  NW stroked me, sucked me and played with my balls.  She worked me for a good little while.  She edged me three or four times.  The edging didn’t really help to relieve the stress of the day.  It did, though, help get my mind off of it and help relieve the sexual stress that being played with caused.  In the end, though, the wonderful feelings of being stroked and sucked helped to unwind me.  In fact, if NW does it lightly and slowly enough, I can go to sleep that way.

Sexual stimulation, even devoid of orgasm, used to alleviate stress.  What a wonderful tool.

Thirty-six days and counting…

Wait…You Neither?

Okay.  Now, we have hit a “numerical” month, as NW proclaims it.  Thirty-one days have come and gone.  If my math is correct, (which is no guarantee, given how late I was up) this is Day forty for Gregg.  Gregg is a reader who frequently comments on my posts.  Gregg, if you read this, let us know.

NW is still showing no interest in allowing me to orgasm.  Honestly, I am losing interest in wanting an orgasm.  I am sure that will come full circle.  It is an odd feeling nonetheless.  Anymore, I am mainly just craving stimulation.  Even that waxes and wanes, though.  The latter is likely just because things have been rather hectic.  An occupied mind is not as easily aroused/frustrated.

In fact, when NW and I got together last night, it became apparent that neither of us was overly in want.  We ended up in a sixty-nine position, but on our sides.  (Anyone know what that is called?)  I devoured her sweet pussy.  And, yes, it tasted mildly sweet.  She, finally, gave my cock some stimulation.  Of course, as is the case anymore, I was at edge in no time.  I was edged multiple times.  She had multiple orgasms.  Our youngest was at the door, melting.  It was quick, interrupted, but got the job done.

This morning…nothing.  I was up so late.  NW was out of bed forty-five minutes before I even woke up.  Fortunately, we still have the afternoon.

Last Night and This Afternoon

Going back to last night, which my earlier post skipped over…  NW and I settled in for a little play.  As NW was freshly out of the bath, she assumed a face down position on the bed.  As you likely guessed, I went straight for her ass.  Flicking, licking, poking, sucking, probing her to orgasm.  I love orally pleasing her ass.  I think the biggest reason is that she always carries a degree of apprehension about it.  She feels like she shouldn’t get so much pleasure out of it.  Her writhing, moaning and…involuntarily pushing her ass back into my face…betray her, though.  She had at least five orgasms from it.  She is such a naughty NW.  In fact, I made her tell me that she is a dirty slut.  She gets so uncomfortable talking dirty, it makes it fun to make her do it.

Away, once rolled over, I began fingering her pussy.  Adding to it, I began sucking her nipples.  Moments later, I was biting her nipple, with my bottom teeth running right across the center of it.  I bit hard enough that it was teetering on being too much pain.  For NW, that is saying something.  Once she had a few orgasms, I moved to the other nipple and repeated.

As always, I sucked them better, but this really added to it.  She mounted me and rode me to a couple of orgasms, as I played with her clothespinned nipples.  Unfortunately, I am still nearing edge too quickly and she had to dismount.  I continued the work, though.  I used my fingers to penetrate her…first her pussy, then her ass and, finally, both at the same time.  She flooded.

Turning her attention to me, she edged me a few times and we were done.

Then, this afternoon (we have already talked about this morning), I went to the bedroom for a nap.  NW followed me in and lay down beside me.  She was fully clothed and I was nude.  I hate sleeping in clothes.  We talked.  I played with her nipples and ran my hand over the crotch of her jeans.  She was definitely getting worked up  I told that she would have to wait for later, though.

She started playing with my balls, as I backed off on playing with her.  She avoided my cock, and it is still without any stimulation for the day.  She caressed them lightly, fondled them and just, generally, gave them some loving.  I began to worry that my cock was going to get some incidental stimulation, as she worked my balls  So, I rolled over, drew my legs up and had her pull my balls back.  So that she could get to my balls but my cock would be shielded between my legs.

NW took this to mean that I wanted some CBT.  I was not thinking that at all.  She, however, seemed aroused by the idea, because the next thing I know, she has a grip on them and is squeezing.  I was not looking for CBT.  I was not craving CBT.  But, in a rare moment of submissiveness, I had no intention of stopping her from doing what she wanted.  They were hers.  She squeezed the hell out of them, leaving me writhing and groaning.  She punched them, to light-moderate levels.  She was just trying to make me writhe and verbally show the pain.  She got what she wanted.

It wasn’t until she was through that I told her that I hadn’t been looking for, or wanting pain.  But that I endured it for her…because she wanted to give it.  This, of course, turned her on even more.  She asked to come.  I obliged.  I roughly ground the seam of her jeans into her clit and labia.  She went off a few times.  Then, in the midst of her orgasm, I grabbed her throat and choked her.  She flooded.  Three more times I choked her, as she came.  All three times, she shot into a new, higher orgasm.  Each time, flooding into her jeans.  The pants had to later be changed, due to the enormous wet spot.

Afterwards, she gave each ball an individual squeezing, prior to some light loving and letting me have my nap.  My precum was everywhere…on my cock, my leg, her leg, the top sheet, the bottom sheet.  And, yet, I was able to still express a nice little bit onto her fingers, for her to enjoy.

I can’t wait for tonight!