A Holiday Weekend…Ruined

Saturday and Sunday were both busy days.  I had a couple of honey-dos to complete, had a several hour visit to my brother’s, had to help friends, for several hours, with a project they had.  Then, there was the needed yard work, tending the garden and trying to squeeze in family time.  It didn’t leave a lot of time for play.  In fact, the only time we had, on each day, was late evening.  Mind you, that is not a bad thing at all.  Our play is meant to be secondary to almost everything else.

Keeping with the fact that the weekend was so busy, I am, unfortunately, a bit sketchy on the details of what all happened,  I do remember a few highlights, however.  So, this will likely be a succinct post and, hence, maybe short on details.  I apologize in advance.

Saturday evening, I got home a little late.  We were both tired and ended up retiring for just a little us time.  We settled into bed and curled up together, watching a movie.  It didn’t take long, though, for NW’s hands to find its way to my crotch.  She worked me for a bit, edged me and then I kind of lit into her.  According to her, I bit her, I choked her and I fingered her roughly.  Roughly enough that she was sore, the next morning.  This went on for a while.  She came, a lot.

After I had calmed down a bit, she went back to stroking me.  She edged me a couple more times.  Then on one edging, I tried to warn her off, but she ignored me.  She stroked a couple more times and I went over the edge.  I fought hard to contain it, but she wouldn’t release my cock and started squeezing it harder, once she felt me tense.  After a second, realizing that she just wasn’t going to let go, I quit fighting it.  She just held me, firmly, not moving.  After the first contraction hit me, though, I realized that she was using her thumb to keep my urethra closed.  (I made the mistake of showing her a retrograde orgasm, once.)  The rhythmic contractions took over.  Since there was no loss of pressure, though, due to my closed of urethra, the contractions just kept going.  I probably had, at least, twice as many contractions as I would during a full orgasm.

It was mildly uncomfortable.  When the contractions stopped, she released me, and nothing came out.  When she pressed the base of my urethra, though, out it came.  So, on our forty-first day, I was given my first ruined orgasm.  Even though it was a weird one, since I had fought against it, initially.

We cleaned up and that was the evening.

Jump forward to Sunday evening.  After spending a good part of the day helping friends with some intensive physical labor, I was wiped out.  That, of course, did not keep us from a late evening rendezvous in our bedroom.

It started as it often does, of late, with NE fondling me until i am erect enough to be stroked.  She asked me what I wanted to do.  I was honest.  I said I hadn’t given it much thought and was kind of there for the ride.  To which she responded by rolling onto her back and informing me that I would be servicing her until I had made a decision.  As it turns out, that is what I really wanted…to service her.  So, I worked from her sex to her ass.  I licked.  I sucked,  I nibbled.  I bit.

She asked me if I had decided on anything yet.  I just kept working her.  She finally caught on.  Once she did, she took another couple of orgasms and then had me roll onto my back.  She got on all fours next to me and took me into her mouth.

For whatever reason, I was in a mood and worked my thumb inside her pussy.  She came.  I withdrew and smacked her ass.  She responded positively.  So, I slapped it again and then proceeded to spank her ass, as she was hunched over, with me in her mouth.  She came.  I spread her ass checks and repeatedly spanked her exposed asshole, while having to warn her off of me.  She came again.

In between her orgasms, I had to warn her off, several times.  Even while concentrating on making her cum, I couldn’t not notice what she was doing to me.

Deciding that maybe she needed a bit more typical pleasure, I re-inserting my thumb into her pussy but added a finger into her ass.  I was gentle at first, but soon morphed it into a hard pounding.  She came twice more, swallowing my cock as she came.

After a moments reprieve for both of us, she took my cock back into her mouth.  I forced her head down until I was settled into her throat.  Once bottomed out, I hooked my calf over her head where she couldn’t withdraw.  Then I started spanking her hard.  Between the spanking and the breath play, she erupted, literally.  Fortunately, I had foreseen this and put a towel under her.  During the course of the evening, she did her best to soak it.

Once I finally relented, she went back to me and gave me another ruined orgasm.  This time she told me, beforehand, not to fight it.  I didn’t.  And she timed it perfectly.  She stopped stimulating me and watched.  It took a couple of seconds, but without me fighting it, the pressure was sufficient.  Over the edge I went.  Only about four or five contractions.  Only two emitting semen.

It actually seemed a non-event.  My libido dropped slightly, as is often the case when the pressure subsides.  But it was a non-emotional experience.  It wasn’t at all pleasurable.  It wasn’t uncomfortable.  I wasn’t happy, sad, angry or anything else different from just before.

So, a ruined orgasm on each of the past two days.  And nothing has really changed.  Well, unless NW has decided that it has…and hasn’t told me.


Catching up…

Things were a big frantic yesterday and, definitely, today.  So, just wanted to post a short catch up.

Yesterday was surprisingly quiet, on the sex front.  The only thing that really happened during the day was while NW and I were driving down the interstate.  She gave me “road head”, kind of sorta.  There were just too many damned cars around us, not to mention a rather tall center console.  So, instead I gave her “road…uh…finger”?  A “road handjob”?  I’m not sure what you would call it, but it involved my fingers and NW’s pussy…and lots of orgasms.

After we arrived home, I grabbed her ass, while in the kitchen, as we often do to one another, and the back of her dress was noticeably wet.  So, it must have been okay.

Then, last night, it was very basic…I went down on her.  Yes, I pleasured front and back.  I finger fucked her, with four fingers.  It was a failed attempt at fisting, which we have only ever managed once.

That led to some rather rough finger fucking, g-spot stimulating, and clit stroking.  She came and came and squirted and squirted.  In fact, on one of her last squirts, the angle must have been just right, because I didn’t know it had happened until it showered down on top of my arm and head.  Yes, she squirted straight up in the air and caused a brief rainstorm on our bed.  It has been many years since that happened.

Once she caught her breath, she provided me with a bit of tease and denial.  As is always the case, anymore, once on edge, she could just about send me over the edge by blowing, hard, on my cock.  It feels great to stay on that edge.  But it is also so damned frustrating.  There is almost zero sucking, stroking and/or squeezing after that, because I am just too damned close.

That was the night.  We are still waiting to get word that the new cage has shipped.  But that could be up to three more weeks.  We are both hoping for sooner, though.

This afternoon, after work, was more quiet than normal.  Actually, it was silent.  Nothing sexual happened. We did retire for a few minutes, to talk.  Honestly, it was just to talk.  And we did talk.  Of course, before we got out of the bedroom, NW ended up on her back with my mouth all over her pussy and tongue in her ass.  Then she rolled onto her side and I repeated the process.  Then I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top and fed me her sex.

I have no idea how many orgasms she had.  She said “two or three dozen”.  That sounds about right.  She is so damned orgasmic.  I am not sure I would know what to do with a woman who I actually had to work to bring off.  Hell, if NW hasn’t had her first within a couple of minutes I think something is wrong.

Oh well…caught up.  And, no, there was no t&d tonight.  I, for one, am completely okay with that.

Stroke, Choke, Lick Her Bum…Make Good Hubby Eat His Come

Well, despite our best intentions, last night was not the wild, wanton, sexual frenzy that we had dreamed.  After hours of yard work, followed by hours of food prep, I has pretty worn down.  For her part, NW had a rough day with stomach pain and was pretty wiped out herself.  We still made it happen, though, as we both wanted it, mentally, even if our bodies tried a mutiny.

I won’t go into great detail, as the posts seem to be getting a little bit repetitive, of late.  But a somewhat brief overview…

It started with me fingering my sweet NW.  That, of course, led to me tonguing her.  I worked her sex for a bit, but moved to her ass to bring her first orgasm.  As I have tried to do, the past few days, I bring her to orgasm with external and shallow anal stimulation.  Once her orgasm starts, though, I plunge my tongue in as far as I can and spend the next ten to fifteen seconds fighting to not have it expelled by her convulsing anus.

Back to her sex, lots of flicking and sucking.  Several orgasms ensue.  Then when she is as sensitive as she is going to get, it pull back the hood of her clit and flick it rapidly, but lightly, with the tip of my tongue.  This always drives her wild.  Over-stimulation at its best.

This was followed by thirty minutes (maybe more) of her sucking, stroking and fondling me.  It was not a slow as usual and I would have been edged much sooner, but NW was in a fun mood.  She wouldn’t quit talking and, so, we lay there chatting and cracking jokes while I was being worked.

For instance, she said she said she should paint my cock.  I suggested she should paint it like a rainbow, them make it arch across the sky.  That took us to unicorns.  She wanted to paint a horse face on my scrotum and paint my cock gold, as the horn.  She reminded me that unicorn horn has magical properties.  To which I quipped, “only if you suck on it long enough”.  Cheesy?  Absolutely.  Situational?  No doubt.  But we were both so giddy it was all good.

Once I was edged, though, it became serious again.  She moved around and lay next to me, moving my hand to her crotch.  I used my fingers, outside and in, to bring her to orgasm several more times.  All the while she was stopping and starting with my cock, as I was on, or near, constant edge.

Then, I saw the opportunity, given our positioning and my arm already under her head.  You see, NW has a thing about being choked.  If she is already aroused, grabbing her by the throat and restricting her airflow will send her rocketing over the edge.  There would be no hand, this time, though.  I wrapped my arm around her neck as a choke hold.  As my arm tightened and I flexed my bicep and forearm into her throat, I heard her struggle to breathe.  Off she went into an intense, soaking orgasm.  I did this two more times.  During both of the last two I worked her clit hard.  She was flowing like a river and convulsing and jerking hard enough that I actually needed that arm to hold her in place.

Mind you, I am always very careful of how much force I use and how she is reacting.  It is incredibly erotic.  It causes mind-numbing orgasms, not to mention the disassociated feeling of your consciousness flickering.  And, no, I don’t ever do it to a point where there is a real threat of her passing out.  Just enough for her to feel the effect.

Once she had caught her breath, she went back to edging me.  She milked me again.  It was the fourth milking in thirty-three days.  It was so non-orgasmic that nothing actually left my body.  At least, not until I pressed my urethra, at my prostate, and ran my finger up the length.  Then a heavy load dribbled out of the head of my cock and onto NW’s waiting fingers.  From my cock, to her fingers, to my mouth.  There was a good amount, even though some had been lost in the transfer.  (We really need a shot glass in the bedroom.)

I don’t recall there being much taste.  I mainly remember the feel of it…thick, creamy and warm.  Down it went.  And I am glad that NW has taken to this.  Eating my own cum is completely a mental tweak.  But I do so love the idea of “recycling”.  It would seem such a horrible thing to waste it.

Oops…not as short as I thought it would be.

This and That…

Just a few things that I wanted to quickly go over…

First, you may or may not have noticed that there is now a “Captions” page.  I have never made a caption before, but I have read thousands of them.  There aren’t many.  Give me time…as I am trying to make my own rather than lift them from other sites.  And I am sure that they are not going to hit on everyone’s kink, as they will be missing references to things that I am just not into.  Hopefully, they will still be fun, though.

NW and I did have an early afternoon playtime.  It was short.  She caught me right before I went outside to do yard work.  It was basically her teasing me to edge a few times, before sitting on my chest.  She fed me her sex and her ass, of course.  Then she rolled off and went back to edging me, while I used my fingers to continue her orgasms.  It was about ten minutes in all, and she let me loose on the yard.

Somewhat tying into that is the fact that we are now heading into day 34 (tomorrow morning).  Given my pre-denial average of just over three orgasms a day (99% masturbation), I have now been denied my 100th orgasm.  NW told me that we were going to celebrate by not letting me come.  She is so thoughtful.

Talking about this a few days ago, we came to the conclusion that lost orgasms are like lost sleep.  They can’t actually ever be recovered.  I could have ten orgasms a day, for the next month (not likely since the most I have ever mustered in a day is nine), and I would be having a lot of orgasms.  Those 100, though, would still be forever lost…or enjoyed by NW instead, if you prefer.

And that brings me to my final thought for this post.  Where I am mentally.  Several days back I made a post about the stages of denial, based on time and what my feelings were in each.  There was one word, though, that I did not use, but wish I had…acceptance.

Somewhere around, or just after that one month mark, the situation becomes, well…normative.  The arousal still exists.  Frustration still rises at times.  The desire for orgasm is not diminished.  But you have come to accept that it is out or your hands and will happen when your keyholder decides it will.  Fretting over it isn’t going to help things or change them.

That is where I find myself.  I have accepted the circumstances of my situation and am just kind of going with it.  I know that NW has no interest in me having an orgasm any time soon.  And I am okay with that.  Do I want one?  Yes and no…  But the reality is, not having one is probably the most pleasurable experience to be had, of the three options…denial, ruined or full.

Being denied lacks the climactic intensity of the other two.  But I do not have to suffer through the letdown, no matter how brief.  I do not have to suffer through the range of emotions (confusion, frustration, physical discomfort and even anger) that a ruined orgasm brings.  And, if past experience holds true, a full orgasm, after just a month of denial, is actually unpleasant.  It is as though my body doesn’t fire in synch or that all of the involved muscles have forgotten how to have a coordinated ejaculation.  The surge of semen through my urethra is actually uncomfortable…even mildly painful.  The second full orgasm is always good.  But just getting one and going back to denial almost makes it undesirable.

Anyway, as I said, just a few things to throw out there.

End of a Long, Short Week

This work week seemed long, even though I was off the first two days of it.  Honestly, that is usually the case.  A partial week, following a long weekend, always seems long.  I guess the early a.m. catastrophe didn’t help things.

Nevertheless, I made it through and was welcomed home by smiling kids and a wife with a very wound up and wanton look in her eyes.  She, impatiently, asked if I had spoken to the kids.  Once I affirmed as much, she took my hand and, rather hastily, led me to the bedroom.  I hadn’t emptied my pockets before she was on the bed, legs spread and her sex pointedly facing me.

I playfully asked if she needed something, as I leaned past her sex and kissed her.  She gave me that “don’t be a smart ass” look and, right after kissing me, pushed me down to where I, apparently, needed to be.

I kissed the insides of her thighs, her outer labia, her hooded clit and then ran my tongue up the length.  The sound that escaped from her was pure ecstasy.  She needed it in a bad way, as was evidenced by how wet she already was.  I was more than happy to take that up a notch.

I ran my tongue up and down the length of her pussy, kissed and lightly sucked her clit.  The latter caused a delicious arch and moan.  The sounds of her pleasure are intoxicating.  They continued, as I tilted my head, sucked the top of both of her inner labia into my mouth.  I slid my mouth up and down, never breaking contact, as I gently sucked the length of her labia.  Then, at the bottom, yet again, I released.  Mainly because she had rotated her hips back…the universal signal for “eat my ass”.

Lick, flick, suck and probe.  I refrained from going too deep until her first orgasm started.  I gave it a second or two to establish and then drove my tongue in.  Her waning orgasm re-awakened and she convulsed hard.

I moved back to her sex and with an ever so loving fervor, worked her to several more orgasms.  When sated enough for the time being, she freed me and it was on with the afternoon and evening.

I believe that she had much grander plans for the evening.  Unfortunately, neither of us were feeling well by then.  We did manage a short session of tease and denial, oral servitude and more tease and denial.  It was enough to fill her need, despite not feeling well.  And definitely enough to keep her streak of making me ride the edge until the head of my cock had almost burst.

I would bet that NW plans on making up for that lost time, today.


Also, please note that there is now a captions page.  There aren’t many there, as I am making them, not lifting them.  More on that later…

Settling Back In at Home

We had settled back in after our trip. NW had taken some seriously needed pleasure, to de-stress. We kicked back for a bit to catch our breath. We spent some time talking about the things that needed to get done, come the morrow. We talked about getting the littles ready for the return of school, returning to work, errands that needed to be run, etc… After which, NW retired for a long, hot bath. It is one of her favorite ways to unwind.

I went in to check on her after about an hour. As expected, she asked if I wanted to shave her legs. I, of course, very much did. It feels an intimate thing to do. So, I disrobed, sat on the edge of the tub and took up her razor. She lifted her right leg and rested it on my thigh. Wetting the razor, I began methodically shaving, from her ankles.  Only a moment into it, she reached over and started fondling my cock and balls.

At first I was able to somewhat ignore her attentions, as I focused on the wonderful task at hand. It didn’t take long, though, before it became a serious distraction, as I swelled and her fondling moved to tugging and stroking. I managed to do a decent job, however, only finding a couple of spots that needed a second round.

After her right leg was done to satisfaction, she sat up, slid over and, after positioning herself, sucked my cock into her mouth. By then, I was heady from the feeling of arousal and pleasure. She worked me to edge, only stopping long enough for me to regain my composure. Watching her mouth slowly swallow my cock, feeling me enter her throat…it was almost more than I could stand. Honestly, were it not for her pace and keen awareness at how close I was, I couldn’t have resisted. She kept me near, or on, edge for at least five minutes. After which, she eased away from me and leaned back, offering her left leg. Her hand found my cock again.

I spent the duration of the final shaving just beneath edge. Occasionally, she would take me to edge. I would stop shaving, concentrating on keeping myself under control. She would pause, let me regain it, and then start again. It was exquisite torture, as she has learned, so well, to manipulate her property.

After the left leg was smooth, she moved back in and took me back in her mouth. Another ten minutes passed, as she worked me, mouth to hand…hand to mouth. I was growing fatigued from the constant flexion of my body, as she held me on that edge. Over and over she was forced to pause, to keep the orgasm contained. My cock crying out for relief. There would be none.

Finally, I was allowed to slip into the bath with her. Like a game of adult twister, we reached through and around one another. My hand found her right breast. I kneaded it and played with her nipple. Her hand found my cock. She continued the onslaught, bringing me back to edge. My cock ached with want and from the size to which it had swelled, trying, so desperately, to reach its climax. Again, that was not going to happen.

NW raised her hips out of the water. I braced my arm beneath, to help hold her up, as my mouth found her sweet sex. I pleasured her. It was not as forceful as she desired, however, and she urged me on to a more fervent effort. Her orgasm came…and then another, as I worked her in a controlled frenzy. I let her orgasm fall and she raised herself even further.

It took a little extra effort, given our position, to get her ass to a workable level. Once there, however, I dove straight it. Given the awkwardness of the position, it lasted no more than a minute. That was enough, however, to sink my tongue deeply and bring her another couple of orgasms. She lowered herself and returned to stroking my cock.

A few minutes and edges later, she had me sit back on the tubs edge. She stood, turned away from me, and bent over, resting her hands on the opposite edge. I needed no guidance and slid back into the tub. Sitting in the tub, with her standing, put her at the perfect level. I spread her cheeks wide and wormed my tongue against her asshole. As her orgasm erupted, I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and exceeded its endurance, as I wiggled the tip all about. Her orgasm intensified. I struggled to stay inside her.

I pulled back. Her body relaxed. We were finished, for the time being.

Later in the evening, as we were thinking about getting ready for bed (and were both exhausted), we retired to the bedroom for a short playtime.  As we were so wiped out, there wasn’t a lot to this.

NW started by sitting next to me, tugging, fondling and stroking.  She asked what I wanted.  I gave her a list to choose from…but that wasn’t what she wanted.  She wanted specifics, not options.  So, I said the belt and/or flogger would be nice.  So, she had me rollover onto my stomach.

She started with the belt, and it stung like hell.  After a dozen or so heavy whacks, she moved to the flogger.  Again, she doubled the flogger, to make it thud more and sting less.  When doubled, it provides a heck of an impact.  When she had me arch and introduced it to my balls, it was even more evident.

Then it dawned on me.  She has had both the belt and flogger used on her, years ago.  But she has never asked me about my experience, on the receiving end.  She was underestimating the…er…severity…for lack of a better word, of the belt.  It is a 1.75″ leather belt that we always use quadrupled (doubled twice).  It has a mildly thuddy impact, because of the weight, but it stings like hell.  The flogger, on the other hand, she doubles the tails to shield me from some of the sting.  But it is less stingy than the belt.  At least it is to me.  When doubled, though, it is a hard impact and strikes with a deep thud.  So much so, that I actually tense, when she is hitting my back, for fear that she might damage one of my floating ribs.  (Yes, that is a phobia I have after a childhood incident.)

But, as expected, I kept it to myself until she had reddened me to her liking.  So, we talked it through.  She opened up the flogger and tried it several times.  It is definitely much better when not doubled.  Although, having it doubled does make a wonderful weapon with which to pummel my balls.

After this was sorted, and I was thoroughly abused, NW lay back and used me to pleasure herself.  She was very specific in what she wanted me to do…suck on her clit.  Once she had reached a couple of orgasms in that manner, I was given more leeway in how I brought her to orgasm.  She had many.  I envy her that.  Not just because I am not allowed to orgasm, but that she can have so many, so quickly.  No matter how many she has, she is almost always ready for more.

After being “sated” (translated: having had enough orgasms that she felt she could move on), she went back to teasing and edging.  She did this so long, and held me on edge so long, that my abdominal muscles began to fatigue and cramp from the constant tension.

Then, it happened.  Too much, too long and the valves released.  No orgasm, no contractions, other than me locking my body to make sure that none happened.  But it was released and the milky white prisoner weakly dribbled out of the head.  NW promptly collected it on her fingers and fed it to me.  I licked and sucked it off of her fingers, like a good boy…or good hubby.

Finally, mercifully, we were done.  And I was absolutely wiped out.  Needless to say, I slept well.

Oh, and today marks the 30th day since my last orgasm.  They seemed to go on forever, while going through them.  Now upon us, though, where did the time go?

NW Suspends her own Rule…for a Few Minutes

For the past week or so, NW has had a no intercourse rule in place.  The rule was made open-ended and appears that it is going to be lasting.  Or, will be lasting, except for yesterday afternoon.

We had a lot going on, yesterday, and really only had noteworthy private time once.  It was mainly spent with NW slowly working me.  She teased me, for some time, never bringing me to edge.  She stopped, got on all fours and offered (as though I had a choice) her ass and I hungrily devoured it.  She returned to stroking me and fondling my balls, occasionally squeezing them or pulling them down hard.

She then rolled onto her back, and told me to fuck her with my fingers, as she continued to stroke me.  Even with the rough use of my fingers, it wasn’t enough.  She moved to get up, said that she was suspending her “no intercourse” rule, and climbed on top of me.

It felt…heavenly…as she lowered herself onto my cock and I slid, easily, inside her soaking sex.  She leaned forward and kissed me, as she bounced off of my hips.  She came.  She leaned back, to where my cock was punching her cervix, and rode to another orgasm.  Seeming insatiable, she began grinding against me.  As she came again, I reached down and roughly stroked her clit.  An impressive multiple orgasm followed, as she shuddered and heaved.

Collapsing forward, we kissed, as I began thrusting up into her.  The tension rose in her again and she leaned back once more, convulsing and gasping.  Digging her nails into me, to keep me from going over.

After a moment of gathering herself.  She slid off of me and immediately edged me.  Announcing that we were done, she hopped off of the bed, onto shaky legs…smiled…and went to clean up.

That was the sum of yesterday’s sexual adventures.  Once having arrived home, today, we unloaded the vehicle and put everything up.  Finally having a second to sit down, I laid on the couch and put my head on NW’s thigh.  No, this was not meant to be a submissive act.  We are always touching.

While there, though, I took the chance to rub her leg, her arm and my hand found her right breast.  As tired as we both were, that was all that it took.  In less than a minute she had me in the bedroom, her clothes were off and her breasts were in my hands and left nipple in my mouth.

She moved my left hand down to her sex and guided me, exactly how she wanted it.  In fact, for her first orgasm, she basically used my fingers as a toy and held them where she wanted them.

Several orgasms later and it was over.  She informed my that this interlude was just about her.  We were done and I would be receiving nothing.  That in itself was something, though.