Naughty wife is an early forties vixen.  She enjoys being bound and tormented.  Personal favorites are crops, canes, floggers, belts, clothespins and alligator clips…and a new found enjoyment of breath play.
Over time, however, she has developed a serious taste for orgasm control and denial, not to mention exercising control over our sex life.  To top it off, she has found that she has a minor sadistic streak of her own.

Good Hubby is in his late forties.  He enjoys providing for Naughty Wife’s bondage and masochistic needs.  He also has a penchant for having his orgasms controlled and being kept in a cock cage…his denied orgasms manifesting in a yearning for CBT.
He is working to embrace NW’s newly established control over our sex life.

This blog is to serve as a record of our journey.  The play, the experiments, what we learn, the trials and tribulations and, hopefully, the ecstasy.

4 responses to “About

    • I like to share…lol. I think the more tempered approach is the right one. Last time was fast and furious…too fast and furious.

      Thanks, Tom.

    • Thank you! Would this blog even qualify? It isn’t just about chastity. Or…it won’t be just about chastity.

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