NW Decides On a Reset

Of late, even with the milkings and ruined orgasms, over the weekend, my body had reached that point where it was doing everything it could for a release.  The ruined orgasms were intentional, of course.  The milkings, however, were all accidents.  I would warn NW off, in what would normally be an acceptable amount of time, but my body was determined that it was going to release it’s load.  What would have, in normal circumstances, resulted in me being taken right to the edge and then falling back, was now resulting in my body letting go and releasing my semen, without a single contraction.

This is a new development.  It had never happened before, but has become common during this run.  I have no idea what is different, other than I am older.  Whatever the cause, though, NW has grown weary of it…both the releases, but also fact that, once on edge, I can’t seem to fall back.  So, she came up with a plan.

The ruined orgasms were part of the plan.  In fact, she gave me another ruined orgasm on Monday morning, on the living room floor.  On Monday night, however, she climbed on top of me and rode me hard…grinding against me.  As I started to near, and she realized it, she told me to orgasm in her.  I did.  It was an okay orgasm.  It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t very pleasurable either.  That, is not uncommon on the first full orgasm after extended (more than three or four weeks) of denial.

Also, orgasms through intercourse are never that great for me.  That might sound strange, but it is because of where the stimulation is happening.  I have the best orgasms from handjobs…followed by combination handjobs/blowjobs.  I think that is mainly because of the control she has during manual stimulation and the fact that she can stimulate parts other than my cock.

During intercourse, however, my cock is hugged from all sides and the head is constantly banging and rubbing against her cervix.  The total stimulation, combined with the intense stimulation of the head, is just too much.  It is almost like combining the stimulation of an orgasm with post orgasm torture.  It disrupts the normal rhythm of orgasm, because it fires every time my cock head hits her cervix, even if it isn’t in the normal rhythm of contractions.  So, it all feels erratic and over stimulating.

In any case, I had a full orgasm.

Then, yesterday, we were busy most of the day.  I received a single edging, midday, and nothing else until last night.  Come evening, NW worked me for a bit and then I took over again.  I bit her.  I choked her.  I slapped her pussy.  She flowed.  She came and squirted multiple times.  Some squirts were forceful.  Some squirts just trickled out.  But she, my hand and the sheets beneath were soaked.

Once attention turned back to me, and I was fully erect, she mounted me.  I was told, upfront, that I was to cum in her and that I would be cleaning it up (Another bucket list item…eating my cum out of her.)  She rode to several orgasms before I finally got there…having my second full orgasm in as many days.

This orgasm was just as the night before…okay.  There was a difference, though.  It went on for a prolonged period.  NW didn’t stop after I came.  She just kept grinding and bouncing away.  Every time my cock head would hit her cervix, I would have another contraction.  It was like post orgasm torture in such a way that it felt like an extended orgasm.  It was pretty cool.

When she finally stopped, she rolled off of me and spread her legs.  I could see my cum oozing out of her sex.  I crawled forward and began licking and sucking.  My semen formed a string, from her pussy to my tongue, as I pulled back.  I locked onto her pussy and sucked her, working my tongue in and out.

She came.  I ate.  All of the cum she could expel, that I had deposited inside of her, was now inside of me.  Another fantasy was fulfilled…for the first time.

Four days, three ruined orgasms and two full orgasms…  She hopes that it provided enough of a reset that the aforementioned issues are no longer issues.  Either way, she told me that she hoped I enjoyed it.  She has plans for today that will include the possibility of two orgasms.  But this is my last chance to come for a long time, according to NW.  With the cage now en route to us, that will very soon be an enforceable statement.

A Holiday Weekend…Ruined

Saturday and Sunday were both busy days.  I had a couple of honey-dos to complete, had a several hour visit to my brother’s, had to help friends, for several hours, with a project they had.  Then, there was the needed yard work, tending the garden and trying to squeeze in family time.  It didn’t leave a lot of time for play.  In fact, the only time we had, on each day, was late evening.  Mind you, that is not a bad thing at all.  Our play is meant to be secondary to almost everything else.

Keeping with the fact that the weekend was so busy, I am, unfortunately, a bit sketchy on the details of what all happened,  I do remember a few highlights, however.  So, this will likely be a succinct post and, hence, maybe short on details.  I apologize in advance.

Saturday evening, I got home a little late.  We were both tired and ended up retiring for just a little us time.  We settled into bed and curled up together, watching a movie.  It didn’t take long, though, for NW’s hands to find its way to my crotch.  She worked me for a bit, edged me and then I kind of lit into her.  According to her, I bit her, I choked her and I fingered her roughly.  Roughly enough that she was sore, the next morning.  This went on for a while.  She came, a lot.

After I had calmed down a bit, she went back to stroking me.  She edged me a couple more times.  Then on one edging, I tried to warn her off, but she ignored me.  She stroked a couple more times and I went over the edge.  I fought hard to contain it, but she wouldn’t release my cock and started squeezing it harder, once she felt me tense.  After a second, realizing that she just wasn’t going to let go, I quit fighting it.  She just held me, firmly, not moving.  After the first contraction hit me, though, I realized that she was using her thumb to keep my urethra closed.  (I made the mistake of showing her a retrograde orgasm, once.)  The rhythmic contractions took over.  Since there was no loss of pressure, though, due to my closed of urethra, the contractions just kept going.  I probably had, at least, twice as many contractions as I would during a full orgasm.

It was mildly uncomfortable.  When the contractions stopped, she released me, and nothing came out.  When she pressed the base of my urethra, though, out it came.  So, on our forty-first day, I was given my first ruined orgasm.  Even though it was a weird one, since I had fought against it, initially.

We cleaned up and that was the evening.

Jump forward to Sunday evening.  After spending a good part of the day helping friends with some intensive physical labor, I was wiped out.  That, of course, did not keep us from a late evening rendezvous in our bedroom.

It started as it often does, of late, with NE fondling me until i am erect enough to be stroked.  She asked me what I wanted to do.  I was honest.  I said I hadn’t given it much thought and was kind of there for the ride.  To which she responded by rolling onto her back and informing me that I would be servicing her until I had made a decision.  As it turns out, that is what I really wanted…to service her.  So, I worked from her sex to her ass.  I licked.  I sucked,  I nibbled.  I bit.

She asked me if I had decided on anything yet.  I just kept working her.  She finally caught on.  Once she did, she took another couple of orgasms and then had me roll onto my back.  She got on all fours next to me and took me into her mouth.

For whatever reason, I was in a mood and worked my thumb inside her pussy.  She came.  I withdrew and smacked her ass.  She responded positively.  So, I slapped it again and then proceeded to spank her ass, as she was hunched over, with me in her mouth.  She came.  I spread her ass checks and repeatedly spanked her exposed asshole, while having to warn her off of me.  She came again.

In between her orgasms, I had to warn her off, several times.  Even while concentrating on making her cum, I couldn’t not notice what she was doing to me.

Deciding that maybe she needed a bit more typical pleasure, I re-inserting my thumb into her pussy but added a finger into her ass.  I was gentle at first, but soon morphed it into a hard pounding.  She came twice more, swallowing my cock as she came.

After a moments reprieve for both of us, she took my cock back into her mouth.  I forced her head down until I was settled into her throat.  Once bottomed out, I hooked my calf over her head where she couldn’t withdraw.  Then I started spanking her hard.  Between the spanking and the breath play, she erupted, literally.  Fortunately, I had foreseen this and put a towel under her.  During the course of the evening, she did her best to soak it.

Once I finally relented, she went back to me and gave me another ruined orgasm.  This time she told me, beforehand, not to fight it.  I didn’t.  And she timed it perfectly.  She stopped stimulating me and watched.  It took a couple of seconds, but without me fighting it, the pressure was sufficient.  Over the edge I went.  Only about four or five contractions.  Only two emitting semen.

It actually seemed a non-event.  My libido dropped slightly, as is often the case when the pressure subsides.  But it was a non-emotional experience.  It wasn’t at all pleasurable.  It wasn’t uncomfortable.  I wasn’t happy, sad, angry or anything else different from just before.

So, a ruined orgasm on each of the past two days.  And nothing has really changed.  Well, unless NW has decided that it has…and hasn’t told me.


Prelude to a Weekend…

It’s been a few days since my last post.  Although, I did put up a few new captions, during that time.  I wasn’t avoiding posting and it definitely wasn’t that there was nothing post-worthy.  I was just busy.  It happens, as we all know.  At least this absence wasn’t measured in years.  So, to catch up on what is going on…

On Friday, I got off of work a few hours early.  Since the kids are in school now, that meant that NW and I had a bit of alone time, during the day.  I was a bit wound up, by the time I got home.  I mean, we were into the fortieth day, since my last orgasm.  Also, I knew, from our IMing, that NW was wound up as well.

I arrived home, put my things away, went to the bedroom and shed my work clothes.  After refreshing myself, I excited the bedroom, back into the living room, in nothing but a pair of socks.  NW calls this my “porn look”…bare ass naked, except for socks.  Smiling at me, she took my hand and led me to the floor in front of her.  She slid forward, spread her legs and had me, without ceremony, begin to pleasure her sex.

It wasn’t long at all, however, before I was on the floor, on my back, the indirect sunshine bathing my body, through the open curtains.  NW moved to sitting next to me and started stroking my cock.  I was already aching for it…her touch, the attention, the want of an actual orgasm having filled me days ago.

This was a new feeling for me.  Of course I wanted an orgasm.  That is the whole point of orgasm control and denial.  If the guy doesn’t want to come, why bother?  But this was an actual want…more than the want to be denied, which was still present.  I have always been a time guy.  The longer I am denied the better.  I always want the denial to be longer than the previous longest.  Right then, though, I was given over to the fact that orgasm or not, it would not change the dynamic.  It is NW’s decision, not only whether or not I would have an orgasm, but what would happen afterwards.

Once I was fully erect, NW climbed on top me me and slid down onto my cock.  She was so wet and slippery.  There she rode me.  When I would feel the pressure build, I would just say “nails please” and she would dig them into me, to distract my body.  After a couple of orgasms, I found her clit and assaulted it, as she came again and again, with heightening intensity, as my cock head was banging against her cervix like a battering ram.  But I was getting too close and she had to climb off.

She spun around and fed me her freshly fucked sex, as she took me into her mouth.  She came.  As she felt the next orgasm rising, she pushed herself forward and swallowed the length of my cock.  NW having no gag reflex is so fucking nice!  And my girth make her throat oh so tight.  It feels like a warm, wet, undulating cock sheath.  And it is guaranteed to send me over the edge.

I continued to lap and suck her sex until she erupted into orgasm, yet again.  The fact that my cock was, in essence, suffocating her (Yes, she is very much into breath play.) made the orgasm all the more intense.  But I was way too close to going over.  So, I started patting her on the hip.  This is something I do to warn her that I am close, when we are doing something where verbal communication won’t suffice (tapping out).  She was so lost on the magnitude of her orgasm, though, she didn’t respond…just kept me down her throat.

My patting became more frantic, even to slapping, and she finally, once past the peak of her orgasm, realized what was happening and withdrew.  It was too late, though.  I, immediately, locked every muscle below my waist and fought what seemed to be inevitable.  Somehow…and I do mean that to sound as unexplained as it does…I managed to fight off the orgasm and felt that, now familiar, feeling of release.  No contractions, no convulsions, just a near instant loss of pressure, as the valves released and semen filled my urethra.  A couple of drops made it to the light of day.

NW used her fingers to recover the drops, which almost did send me over, and fed them to me.  I commented that, again, there was no real taste.  It was just warm and smooth.  NW told we to stay there and stay still.  So, I did.  She came back, a moment later, with a shot glass.  (I have been telling her to keep one handy!)  She positioned it at the head of my cock, pressed against my urethra, at the base, and ran her fingers up it.  My load emptied into the glass.  She then did it again, to make sure she had gotten it all.

Having gotten some on her finger, she put it right in front of my nose.  “Smell.  Don’t you smell that?  It has a strong smell.  Not bad, but strong.”  For the life of me, I couldn’t smell a damned thing.  Of course, my face was covered in her juices.  So, maybe that is why.  She licked the cum off of her finger and handed me the shot glass.

This was something that I have fantasized about, but never done.  Despite my inner struggle with the idea, I positioned the shot glass over my mouth and turned it upside down.  My load oozed down the side, before releasing and falling into my mouth.  “Taste it?  It isn’t bad.  It’s just a…bold…taste…with a slightly bitter after-taste.”  Nope.  I couldn’t taste it.  I did note, though, that my warm, smooth semen was now cool, smooth semen.  That was a new experience.  Having experienced it, I prefer warm.  Still, I tasted nothing.

NW surmised that maybe it was because I was used to the taste of her, after orgasm and, especially, after squirting.  That is bitter to the nth degree.  So, maybe, I can’t sense the bitterness of myself because of the strong bitterness that I have grown used to!?

In any case, I had been milked again.  I had consumed it…actually, shared it with NW.  We lay there talking for a few minutes.  Then it was time to clean up.  There were non-sexual plans for the day.  Not to mention, the kids would be home soon.