NW Checks One Off of Her Fantasy Bucket List

As most of us do, NW has several fantasies.  Hers don’t often get too far out there, though.  This just happens to be one of those that was easy enough to fulfill, but the opportunity had never been seized.  I, as probably the only one, did not have this one high on my list.  But, you know, NW wanted it.  She directed it.  She got it.  I am glad that I could give it to her.

Once again, after work, nothing happened.  Other than the typical gropes, as we passed one another, it was a mundane evening, until we finally retired to the bedroom.

It started off easy enough, with NW lightly stroking my scrotum.  I do love the feel of her fingers lightly running along my flesh.  It was tantalizing, to say the least.

In time, however, it gave way to more intense play, as she took a firm grip of my balls and wandered off into some mild to medium CBT.  More specifically, I guess, it was BT.  For a change, there was no impact.  she took them in her mouth and sucked them.  She bit down on them.  She squeezed them with her off hand.

Eventually, she settled into pressing them.  At first, she pressed them with the palm of her off hand.  When that wasn’t enough, she planted her knee in the bed, right up against my tightly held balls, and leaned forward.  This allowed her to crush my captive balls between her hand, which was braced against my body, and her thigh, which was being forced forward by her body weight, as she leaned into and over me.  It was a high pressure situation, to say the least.

For my part, I spent most of my time focused on the growing pressure, then pain, in my balls.  I humped into her hands as she squeezed my balls between her palms.  Once she had moved to using her thigh, I would raise my hips, to increase the pressure that I was feeling.  At one point, I actually thought that I might be able to reach orgasm, if the pressure continued long enough.  It didn’t.  Oh well…  That would have been a nice first, though…to get there just from the pressure, without any foreplay to  my cock.

Even though her plan had been to ignore my cock, for a second day, she thought better of it.  After becoming content with the press job she had done, she worked her knee up under my balls, where they were resting on it.  Then she took my cock and began stroking me.  Every down stroke, the bottom of her hand would impact my balls.  It was a somewhat sharp, jarring pain.  It is also a technique that will bring me to edge very quickly.

She stopped before I was on edge, however.  Then, she started stroking again.  I went from nowhere near edge to about to go over, in about three ballbusting strokes.  I mean it came out of nowhere.  I managed to avoid the orgasm, but the semen had been released anyway.  Again, as last time, none escaped my body.

She then rolled onto her back, next to me, and told me to expel it onto her.  What choice did I have?  I rolled onto my side, pressed the bottom of my urethra and ran my fingers up it.  The previously hidden load dribbled out onto her waiting pussy.  She told me to eat it off of her.  I did.

As it was rather dark, in the room, I had to pretty much lick and suck all of her sex to find it all.  Once I found the largest deposit, I sucked it into my mouth and went to swallow.  Instead, though, I paused, brought it back to the front of my mouth and played with it for a moment…feeling it, tasting it, basically investigating it.  Honestly, it really didn’t seem to have much taste.  It didn’t register as salty, bitter or sweet…just warm and smooth.  I moved it back down and swallowed it, then finished cleaning her.  This was one of her fantasies.  Simple as it may seem, she wanted me to eat my cum off of her.  Check…  She has a couple of more naughty fantasies in the same vein.  I am sure that you can imagine.

After finishing my clean up work, I sucked her clit into my mouth and began moving my tongue side to side, over it.  She came hard and fast.  She cried out, “What are you doing?”  Then came again…  Then again…  And she was out.  I lightly slapped her thigh and she came right back.  She asked again what I was doing, but I was already doing it and she came again.  This time, though, she pulled away.  She said it was too intense.

The best that we can figure, my sucking her clit into my mouth had unsheathed it.  So, my moderately paced, sideways tongue lashing was on her exposed clit.  That is always a guaranteed orgasm.

That is definitely a technique I will employ again, as I eagerly await the next item on her list.


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