Catching up…

Things were a big frantic yesterday and, definitely, today.  So, just wanted to post a short catch up.

Yesterday was surprisingly quiet, on the sex front.  The only thing that really happened during the day was while NW and I were driving down the interstate.  She gave me “road head”, kind of sorta.  There were just too many damned cars around us, not to mention a rather tall center console.  So, instead I gave her “road…uh…finger”?  A “road handjob”?  I’m not sure what you would call it, but it involved my fingers and NW’s pussy…and lots of orgasms.

After we arrived home, I grabbed her ass, while in the kitchen, as we often do to one another, and the back of her dress was noticeably wet.  So, it must have been okay.

Then, last night, it was very basic…I went down on her.  Yes, I pleasured front and back.  I finger fucked her, with four fingers.  It was a failed attempt at fisting, which we have only ever managed once.

That led to some rather rough finger fucking, g-spot stimulating, and clit stroking.  She came and came and squirted and squirted.  In fact, on one of her last squirts, the angle must have been just right, because I didn’t know it had happened until it showered down on top of my arm and head.  Yes, she squirted straight up in the air and caused a brief rainstorm on our bed.  It has been many years since that happened.

Once she caught her breath, she provided me with a bit of tease and denial.  As is always the case, anymore, once on edge, she could just about send me over the edge by blowing, hard, on my cock.  It feels great to stay on that edge.  But it is also so damned frustrating.  There is almost zero sucking, stroking and/or squeezing after that, because I am just too damned close.

That was the night.  We are still waiting to get word that the new cage has shipped.  But that could be up to three more weeks.  We are both hoping for sooner, though.

This afternoon, after work, was more quiet than normal.  Actually, it was silent.  Nothing sexual happened. We did retire for a few minutes, to talk.  Honestly, it was just to talk.  And we did talk.  Of course, before we got out of the bedroom, NW ended up on her back with my mouth all over her pussy and tongue in her ass.  Then she rolled onto her side and I repeated the process.  Then I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top and fed me her sex.

I have no idea how many orgasms she had.  She said “two or three dozen”.  That sounds about right.  She is so damned orgasmic.  I am not sure I would know what to do with a woman who I actually had to work to bring off.  Hell, if NW hasn’t had her first within a couple of minutes I think something is wrong.

Oh well…caught up.  And, no, there was no t&d tonight.  I, for one, am completely okay with that.

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