Stroke, Choke, Lick Her Bum…Make Good Hubby Eat His Come

Well, despite our best intentions, last night was not the wild, wanton, sexual frenzy that we had dreamed.  After hours of yard work, followed by hours of food prep, I has pretty worn down.  For her part, NW had a rough day with stomach pain and was pretty wiped out herself.  We still made it happen, though, as we both wanted it, mentally, even if our bodies tried a mutiny.

I won’t go into great detail, as the posts seem to be getting a little bit repetitive, of late.  But a somewhat brief overview…

It started with me fingering my sweet NW.  That, of course, led to me tonguing her.  I worked her sex for a bit, but moved to her ass to bring her first orgasm.  As I have tried to do, the past few days, I bring her to orgasm with external and shallow anal stimulation.  Once her orgasm starts, though, I plunge my tongue in as far as I can and spend the next ten to fifteen seconds fighting to not have it expelled by her convulsing anus.

Back to her sex, lots of flicking and sucking.  Several orgasms ensue.  Then when she is as sensitive as she is going to get, it pull back the hood of her clit and flick it rapidly, but lightly, with the tip of my tongue.  This always drives her wild.  Over-stimulation at its best.

This was followed by thirty minutes (maybe more) of her sucking, stroking and fondling me.  It was not a slow as usual and I would have been edged much sooner, but NW was in a fun mood.  She wouldn’t quit talking and, so, we lay there chatting and cracking jokes while I was being worked.

For instance, she said she said she should paint my cock.  I suggested she should paint it like a rainbow, them make it arch across the sky.  That took us to unicorns.  She wanted to paint a horse face on my scrotum and paint my cock gold, as the horn.  She reminded me that unicorn horn has magical properties.  To which I quipped, “only if you suck on it long enough”.  Cheesy?  Absolutely.  Situational?  No doubt.  But we were both so giddy it was all good.

Once I was edged, though, it became serious again.  She moved around and lay next to me, moving my hand to her crotch.  I used my fingers, outside and in, to bring her to orgasm several more times.  All the while she was stopping and starting with my cock, as I was on, or near, constant edge.

Then, I saw the opportunity, given our positioning and my arm already under her head.  You see, NW has a thing about being choked.  If she is already aroused, grabbing her by the throat and restricting her airflow will send her rocketing over the edge.  There would be no hand, this time, though.  I wrapped my arm around her neck as a choke hold.  As my arm tightened and I flexed my bicep and forearm into her throat, I heard her struggle to breathe.  Off she went into an intense, soaking orgasm.  I did this two more times.  During both of the last two I worked her clit hard.  She was flowing like a river and convulsing and jerking hard enough that I actually needed that arm to hold her in place.

Mind you, I am always very careful of how much force I use and how she is reacting.  It is incredibly erotic.  It causes mind-numbing orgasms, not to mention the disassociated feeling of your consciousness flickering.  And, no, I don’t ever do it to a point where there is a real threat of her passing out.  Just enough for her to feel the effect.

Once she had caught her breath, she went back to edging me.  She milked me again.  It was the fourth milking in thirty-three days.  It was so non-orgasmic that nothing actually left my body.  At least, not until I pressed my urethra, at my prostate, and ran my finger up the length.  Then a heavy load dribbled out of the head of my cock and onto NW’s waiting fingers.  From my cock, to her fingers, to my mouth.  There was a good amount, even though some had been lost in the transfer.  (We really need a shot glass in the bedroom.)

I don’t recall there being much taste.  I mainly remember the feel of it…thick, creamy and warm.  Down it went.  And I am glad that NW has taken to this.  Eating my own cum is completely a mental tweak.  But I do so love the idea of “recycling”.  It would seem such a horrible thing to waste it.

Oops…not as short as I thought it would be.

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