Settling Back In at Home

We had settled back in after our trip. NW had taken some seriously needed pleasure, to de-stress. We kicked back for a bit to catch our breath. We spent some time talking about the things that needed to get done, come the morrow. We talked about getting the littles ready for the return of school, returning to work, errands that needed to be run, etc… After which, NW retired for a long, hot bath. It is one of her favorite ways to unwind.

I went in to check on her after about an hour. As expected, she asked if I wanted to shave her legs. I, of course, very much did. It feels an intimate thing to do. So, I disrobed, sat on the edge of the tub and took up her razor. She lifted her right leg and rested it on my thigh. Wetting the razor, I began methodically shaving, from her ankles.  Only a moment into it, she reached over and started fondling my cock and balls.

At first I was able to somewhat ignore her attentions, as I focused on the wonderful task at hand. It didn’t take long, though, before it became a serious distraction, as I swelled and her fondling moved to tugging and stroking. I managed to do a decent job, however, only finding a couple of spots that needed a second round.

After her right leg was done to satisfaction, she sat up, slid over and, after positioning herself, sucked my cock into her mouth. By then, I was heady from the feeling of arousal and pleasure. She worked me to edge, only stopping long enough for me to regain my composure. Watching her mouth slowly swallow my cock, feeling me enter her throat…it was almost more than I could stand. Honestly, were it not for her pace and keen awareness at how close I was, I couldn’t have resisted. She kept me near, or on, edge for at least five minutes. After which, she eased away from me and leaned back, offering her left leg. Her hand found my cock again.

I spent the duration of the final shaving just beneath edge. Occasionally, she would take me to edge. I would stop shaving, concentrating on keeping myself under control. She would pause, let me regain it, and then start again. It was exquisite torture, as she has learned, so well, to manipulate her property.

After the left leg was smooth, she moved back in and took me back in her mouth. Another ten minutes passed, as she worked me, mouth to hand…hand to mouth. I was growing fatigued from the constant flexion of my body, as she held me on that edge. Over and over she was forced to pause, to keep the orgasm contained. My cock crying out for relief. There would be none.

Finally, I was allowed to slip into the bath with her. Like a game of adult twister, we reached through and around one another. My hand found her right breast. I kneaded it and played with her nipple. Her hand found my cock. She continued the onslaught, bringing me back to edge. My cock ached with want and from the size to which it had swelled, trying, so desperately, to reach its climax. Again, that was not going to happen.

NW raised her hips out of the water. I braced my arm beneath, to help hold her up, as my mouth found her sweet sex. I pleasured her. It was not as forceful as she desired, however, and she urged me on to a more fervent effort. Her orgasm came…and then another, as I worked her in a controlled frenzy. I let her orgasm fall and she raised herself even further.

It took a little extra effort, given our position, to get her ass to a workable level. Once there, however, I dove straight it. Given the awkwardness of the position, it lasted no more than a minute. That was enough, however, to sink my tongue deeply and bring her another couple of orgasms. She lowered herself and returned to stroking my cock.

A few minutes and edges later, she had me sit back on the tubs edge. She stood, turned away from me, and bent over, resting her hands on the opposite edge. I needed no guidance and slid back into the tub. Sitting in the tub, with her standing, put her at the perfect level. I spread her cheeks wide and wormed my tongue against her asshole. As her orgasm erupted, I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and exceeded its endurance, as I wiggled the tip all about. Her orgasm intensified. I struggled to stay inside her.

I pulled back. Her body relaxed. We were finished, for the time being.

Later in the evening, as we were thinking about getting ready for bed (and were both exhausted), we retired to the bedroom for a short playtime.  As we were so wiped out, there wasn’t a lot to this.

NW started by sitting next to me, tugging, fondling and stroking.  She asked what I wanted.  I gave her a list to choose from…but that wasn’t what she wanted.  She wanted specifics, not options.  So, I said the belt and/or flogger would be nice.  So, she had me rollover onto my stomach.

She started with the belt, and it stung like hell.  After a dozen or so heavy whacks, she moved to the flogger.  Again, she doubled the flogger, to make it thud more and sting less.  When doubled, it provides a heck of an impact.  When she had me arch and introduced it to my balls, it was even more evident.

Then it dawned on me.  She has had both the belt and flogger used on her, years ago.  But she has never asked me about my experience, on the receiving end.  She was underestimating the…er…severity…for lack of a better word, of the belt.  It is a 1.75″ leather belt that we always use quadrupled (doubled twice).  It has a mildly thuddy impact, because of the weight, but it stings like hell.  The flogger, on the other hand, she doubles the tails to shield me from some of the sting.  But it is less stingy than the belt.  At least it is to me.  When doubled, though, it is a hard impact and strikes with a deep thud.  So much so, that I actually tense, when she is hitting my back, for fear that she might damage one of my floating ribs.  (Yes, that is a phobia I have after a childhood incident.)

But, as expected, I kept it to myself until she had reddened me to her liking.  So, we talked it through.  She opened up the flogger and tried it several times.  It is definitely much better when not doubled.  Although, having it doubled does make a wonderful weapon with which to pummel my balls.

After this was sorted, and I was thoroughly abused, NW lay back and used me to pleasure herself.  She was very specific in what she wanted me to do…suck on her clit.  Once she had reached a couple of orgasms in that manner, I was given more leeway in how I brought her to orgasm.  She had many.  I envy her that.  Not just because I am not allowed to orgasm, but that she can have so many, so quickly.  No matter how many she has, she is almost always ready for more.

After being “sated” (translated: having had enough orgasms that she felt she could move on), she went back to teasing and edging.  She did this so long, and held me on edge so long, that my abdominal muscles began to fatigue and cramp from the constant tension.

Then, it happened.  Too much, too long and the valves released.  No orgasm, no contractions, other than me locking my body to make sure that none happened.  But it was released and the milky white prisoner weakly dribbled out of the head.  NW promptly collected it on her fingers and fed it to me.  I licked and sucked it off of her fingers, like a good boy…or good hubby.

Finally, mercifully, we were done.  And I was absolutely wiped out.  Needless to say, I slept well.

Oh, and today marks the 30th day since my last orgasm.  They seemed to go on forever, while going through them.  Now upon us, though, where did the time go?

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