Saturday Night Special

Yes, I am running a little behind.  We are on a family trip and time for everything, including posting, is a little tight.  So, jump back to the night before last.  The evening after my wonderfully erotic bath with NW.

Later that evening, we decided to wind it down and just watch a movie, so that we could get some rest.   Just over halfway through the movie, we took a break so NW could get a drink and a snack.  I took the time to run to the restroom.

When I exited the restroom, the first thing I saw was NW , laying across the bed, dress lifted, legs spread and her sex right in front of me.  I stepped out, coyly asked if she needed some attention and dropped to my knees.  I leaned in and gave her a couple of slow strokes with my tongue.  She was having none of it.

She grabbed my head, pulled me in tight and started rubbing her pussy against my face.  I took the subtle hint and began to eat her in earnest.  She came…hard.

I, immediately, lifted her hips and started working on her asshole.  She came twice more, as I pushed my tongue as deep as I possibly could.  I sank it to the point that my mouth hurt from being stretched open, as I used her hips to pull her onto my face.

Then I moved back to her pussy, for some clean up, which brought her off again.  I assumed that we were done and ready to go back to the movie.  But, again, she was having none it it.  She hopped off the bed, having developed a somewhat frantic, “fuck it”, attitude and told me to strip and lay on back back, facing her.  The next thing I know, she has donned her strapon and I feel lube being applied to my ass.  The game was on…and she wanted it bad!

In it went.  It was not painful, which surprised me.  But I am still not used to the feeling of NW taking my ass.  She thrust in, sank to her hips and started fucking my ass with extreme prejudice.

After a couple of minutes of this, she decided she didn’t like the angle.  I rolled over onto my knees and flushed myself against the bed as best I could.  She re-entered me, forcefully, and began slamming against my ass.  My insides were getting pummeled.

Then, to her surprise, and mine, I said something completely unplanned and unexpected…please fuck me harder.  Was the physical experience good?  No…  But NW was really going after me.  I could tell from her sounds and effort, that she was really, really, really getting off on fucking me as her little bitch.  Between the little vibrating, reverse penis on the strapon and my having just asked for it rougher, she went over he edge.

I slid off the bed and onto my feet, spreading my legs and lowering my ass so that the height was right.  She continued to pound my ass through the transition.  “Harder, please”, and she did.  My little NW was knocking me forward with the force of her thrusts, as she came again.  A minute or two of this and she pulled me back, to where she was against the wall, and I began fucking myself on her cock.  I slammed back onto her, again and again, trying to take the whole length, knowing that she loved me doing this.  She did.  She came again and then started thrusting into me as I thrust back onto her.

Pushing me forward, back to the bed, she took her final thrusts, came once more and then withdrew, panting.  As much as I don’t get anything from this type of play, I felt empty when she withdrew.

She dropped the strapon, lay on the bed and I cleaned her to orgasm, one last time.

I still don’t physically enjoy having my ass taken.  But knowing that NW loves doing it…that it gets her so wound up…how could I not want it?

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