Quick Rundown of Yesterday

I am running a bit short on time, today, but wanted to give an update on yesterday, even if terse.  So, here it is…

I got home early, to finish the day from home.  Not long after my arrival, NW pulled me back to the bedroom (between conference calls).  She lifted her skirt, laid back on the bed and I knew what to do.  I did as directed, she had two orgasms, and then it was off to my next call.

About the time that I would normally be leaving work, since I was already home, she took me back to the bedroom again.  This time, I was told to drop my pants and lay on the bed.  Of course, I did as instructed.  This was a T&D session.  Again, it was brief…five minutes on the outside.  Right at the end, however, I had a release.  Not an orgasm (full or ruined), but I felt the valves give slightly and a small amount of semen enter my urethra.  If she had kept going, it likely could have been a full milking.  But that is not what she wanted.  Since it had never left my body, she was unaware that it had happened.  I expressed it onto my fingers  and called her over to show her.  She acknowledged that it was more than just precum and instructed me to eat it.  I did.  She then worked to express whatever else might be lingering inside, which was little more than a drop, and fed it to me.  In all, it wasn’t close to a full release.  But it is still a cool experience, even if unwanted.  (If have never had semen leave my body without some sort of orgasm, until this new round.)  Knowing that I can actually be milked is kind of heady.  And NW making me eat it makes it even more so.

Once bedtime had arrived, she kind of switched gears.  She got on the bed, face down, and just had me massage her.  She wasn’t really in the mood for anything sexual.  Although, she was pretty sure that me rubbing all over her naked body would get her in the mood.  I knew it would.  After right at two decades, you learn these things.

I rubbed, squeezed and kneaded from her neck to her calves.  I kissed her back, her neck and her buttocks.  She was in the mood.

She told me that I was not going to be touched, but to use my mouth on her.  I didn’t need to be told twice…ass, pussy, ass, pussy…orgasm, orgasm, orgasm.  She rolled over and I started again.  This went on for fifteen to twenty minutes, with me kissing, licking, sucking probing, biting and tongue-fucking.  At one point, she had an orgasm that seemed to last a full minute.  She came hard and I have learned how to change what I am doing, at just the right time, to send her into another orgasm just as the previous one starts to subside…true multiple orgasms.  (I can read her like a book as well.)  For what seemed a minute or more, the only time that she wasn’t coming was when she would go out.  As I never stopped working her, even when out, though, she would snap back in after only two or three seconds.  (When it is going like this, the only way that I know she has gone out is that she goes from tensing every muscle in her body to completely limp and non-responsive.)  When she snaps back, she is not still in orgasm, but it can be brought on almost instantly.  Basically I was torturing her with orgasms.  It rocked!

She later explained that it eventually gets to the point that all of those orgasms strung together gets so intense that it is almost painful.  After talking about it, it almost sounds like what a guy experiences after orgasm…with the hyper-sensitivity.

Anyway, that was the day and evening.  True to her word, I was never touched.

Also, please take the time to vote in yesterday’s polls, if you haven’t already, on this page…

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