Tease and Denial…in Practice

In our ever evolving sexual relationship, NW and I have added a mild tweak.  While it is accepted that I can initiate orally/manually pleasing her whenever I like, outside our sessions, I talked to her about altering that somewhat.  Part of the reason that we set it up this way is it keeps my autonomy outside the bedroom.  If I had plans, needed to get something done, or just wasn’t in the mood, then I simply wouldn’t initiate anything.

I thought, however, that it was worth offering NW the option that she could, and probably should, initiate mini-events, outside the bedroom.  And I am not referring to calling me in while I am in the middle of mowing the grass.  More along the lines of taking me by the hand, after I arrive home from work, put my things away and greet everyone, leading me to a private place and using me for a minute or two.  Then it is on with the day.

My hope in this is that it will give her broader ability to exert control, while not interfering with all of the normal goings on in our life.  Also, my hope is that she will do so with enough frequency that I do not feel the need to initiate it at all…thereby removing the need of that choice from me, without actually stating it.

She seemed to be enthused with the idea.  And showed that she was, when I got home.

Almost as following a script, I got home, put my things away, kissed the kids and chatted with my youngest.  I hugged and kissed NW and she led me to the bedroom.  I knew what was up, but she pulled a switcheroo on me.  Instead of using me to pleasure herself, she dropped my pants, dropped to her knees and sucked me into her mouth.

She expertly executed her signature “get you there quick” maneuver with rapid sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing, all while whipping my flaccid cock around with her tongue.  I was on edge, and not even half mast, in less than 20 seconds.  Once edged, she pulled my pants up for me and sent me on my way.  It was awesome!

Then, last night, right before bed, we met in the bedroom and the only thing that happened was that I went down on her…not even analingus.  She told me to use my hands and/or mouth and just get her there.  She was going to lay there and just enjoy it.  So, I did.  I slurped, sucked, licked, probed, lightly bit, tugged and eventually brought my fingers in as well.  She had a lot of orgasms.  And we set a record in the process.  She went out five times.

To reiterate what I think is happening when she passes out…  She has never been out for more than 8 seconds or so.  At least, she hasn’t since the first time, 18 years ago.  It seems to me that her passing out is a result of holding her breath, during really intense, prolonged orgasms, and basically sensory overload.  We know that people can pass out from extreme pain.  This isn’t painful, but, as she describes intense orgasms as feeling like every nerve ending in her body is on fire, I suspect it is the same reaction.  In the face of too much stimulation, her body cuts it off, by briefly disconnecting.

At least that is my theory.  If you have another, please share.

Anyway, after her orgasms, she slid off the bed onto shaky legs,  We were done.  I had been denied any physical sensation.  Even though I noticed her reach for me a couples of times, but catch herself and stop.

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