So Close

After yesterday afternoon’s fun, the day seemed to have pretty much run its course.  Lots of domestic things got done and it was getting late in the evening by the time it slowed down.  NW and I had talked about watching a movie, but we really didn’t have them time to finish one before we planned to call it a night.  So, we compromised.

NW put in one of the DVDs she has of random porn.  It is everything from female domme to male dom, kidnapping, ruined orgasms, crushed balls, rough anal and more.

For the next hour and fifteen minutes, or so, she stroked me, edged me and roughly played with with my balls, as we watched the movies together.  I must have been on edge for nearly an hour of it.  She kept me hard, precum flowing and in intense want of release for the duration.  Several times she pointed out, as the male actor released his load, that he was getting to do what I wasn’t.  She would ask how I felt about that.

I was honest.  I wanted to come.  As much as I don’t, right now…last night, I absolutely did want it in a bad way.  I was, of course, denied.  Now, not on edge, I hope that she denies me for much longer.  It isn’t just a matter of being denied for X days, or being denied longer than in the past.  It also feeds into what we are trying to do here.  For her to become comfortable in the lead and be able to fully take the reins.  For me to be able to let her fully take those reins and accept her control without the constant thought that this is still consensual and I have a say.

Though it was not the longest tease and denial session we have ever had, it was one of the more intense.  I am still buzzing a bit from it.  Of course, waking up to her edging me, before I could even get out of bed, might have something to do with that as well.  What a great way to start the day.

4 responses to “So Close

  1. It was definitely envy worthy. I love the long T&D sessions.
    And NW has gotten pretty darned good at reading me and knowing exactly when to back off.

  2. Using the porn made it even more fun. I was purposely trying to play things I know you like, and when I’d make random comments – like the one about coming in that woman’s ass, it caused such an effect in you! You’d moan and get even harder (if that’s possible!) and I’d have to back off to keep you from coming.
    Not to mention the inspiration… biting turns me on so much, and having you ask me to bite you, instead of asking me not to did all sorts of lovely things to me.

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