Afternoon Delight

NW and I had a mild session, yesterday afternoon.  It as basically her using me to orally pleasure her and then working me up so that she could use me as a living sex toy.  This involved her riding me.  The big thing she wanted, though, was anal.  So, once erect enough, she knelt on the side of the bed and I entered her, standing.
I was teased a bit afterwards and she had me use my fingers to give her what were, almost, her last orgasms.  The last came when I was cleaning her up.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  She called me in and had me strip down.  I laid down on the bed and she tied off my balls.  She teased me for a few minutes and then had me roll over.  Two pillows were placed under my hips and I then felt her lubing my asshole.

I honestly had no idea what she was planning.  I assumed that I would be plugged.  Then I felt her finger, abruptly, force its way into me and immediately find my prostate.  She asked if that was it, but she already knew.  I definitely did.

Having played with my prostate for a minute, I felt her withdraw and heard her moving around a bit.  Then I felt something press against my anus.  Again, I assumed it was a butt plug, until it pushed its way in and the girth remained the same.  She was pegging me, with her new strapon!  Well, she was pegging me to begin with…then she was flat out fucking me…hard.

The strapon is long enough that the wrong angle is somewhat painful.  I squirmed and moved, trying to get the angle right, while she thrust deep into me.  She was making the most delicious sounds.  Asking me how it felt, telling me how much she liked fucking me.

Make no mistake, I was being taken…and hard.

As this strapon has a smaller “penis” that presses against her pussy, as she uses it, she came.

Once I found my angle, even though it was not physically pleasing to me, at all, I got wrapped up in her orgasm, her sounds, the fact that she was so getting off on fucking my ass.  I started thrusting backwards.  She immediately stopped and let me fuck myself on her “cock”.  The sight of it sent her over again.

It all went on a little too long for me.  But her delight was worth every second of it.
She took my ass better than I had hers, the day before.

After withdrawing, we cleaned up, my balls were still tied, and hopped back in bed.  After a little light CBT, she untied my balls and then began a merciless tease and denial session.  She kept asking me if I wanted to come.  I said yes.  And, for once, I actually did.  But she just kept telling me no.  Not now and not soon.

Then I was given a choice.  We could end the session right there, or I could accept the belt and be allowed to clean her up.  I, of course, chose the belt.  There were a few light strikes to my balls and then she had me roll over.  She proceeded to spank me, fairly hard, with the belt.  After several blows, she had me roll back over and, finally, mounted my face so that I could clean her.  She, of course, had an orgasm from my cleaning effort.  So, I had to redo it.  But not before she leaned back and fed me her ass, for another orgasm.

She was very wet, and, hence, so was my face.  But, at least, she was clean when we were done.

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