Ah…There You Are

So, last night went anything but according to anyone’s plan.  It happens.  And it will happen again.

I guess I should start with the non-bedroom portion of this.
NW had contacted me during the day and said, assuming my body felt up to it, she wanted me to spend the evening with a butt plug in place, prior to any activities, to see how my body reacted to longer term insertion.  Before I could get home, however, our oldest was found in a situation that had both NW and I in rather foul mood’s…angry might be a better word.  Parenting and conflict had come to the forefront and all plans and moods had been thrust to the back.

Fast forward to my arriving home and not much had changed.  We were both peeved and frustrated, just not with each other.  I did what I needed to do, like going to the restroom, then called NW back to the bedroom.  She knew why and asked me if I was still in any mood to do this.

This is a common disconnect.  There are absolutely things, or situations, that would have put me in a place where the plan to plug me would have been ridiculous.  This was not one of them, however.  Yes, I was frustrated and agitated with the decision(s) our older child had made.  But it was in no way something that would preclude NW and I continuing on with her plan.

I later explained that this was one of those moments we had talked about.  This is where I am not in the mood to play submissive but have no legitimate reason not to comply with something to which I have agreed.  Complying in those moments reinforces her authority.  So, the moment was somewhat lost, where her control (even outside the bedroom, because she wanted it and I agreed to comply) could have been emphasized.  These moments are rare, and shouldn’t be tossed aside, or surrendered, so easily.

So, I had one simple question…Do you still want to do this?  She said yes.  So I said, then don’t ask, just do it.  If things are so bad that I can’t deal with it, I will let you know…and we can deal with that later.

So, the butt plug went in.  With it firmly in place, I went about my business.  I went out and picked from the garden.  I did some pest control in the garden.  I came in and ate dinner.  I was still aggravated because of the earlier situation, but was plugged nonetheless.

After fifty minutes or so, the plug needed to come out.  It had started to become a little raw, from the sweat I built up while outside and, honestly, I needed to go to the restroom.  Next time we will try a different plug that we have and, hopefully, my stomach is more cooperative.   Life…

That evening, NW had some wonderful plans.  I was brought into the room, disrobed, four pointed on our bed, face up, and blindfolded.  She began to lightly play with me and then did one of the things guaranteed to send me careening forward.  She takes me in her mouth, while I am flaccid, and sucks and relaxes, sucks and relaxes, suck and relaxes…rather rapid fire…while working it hard with her tongue, always keeping me fully in her mouth.  The sensation of her warm, wet mouth sucking me to the back, only to relax and have it fall back to the front, tongue-lashing me and battering me against the insides of her mouth are enough to bring me to orgasm before I am even half erect.  She had edged me in less that twenty seconds…maybe fifteen.

She moved from there and positioned herself over my face.  I hungrily devoured her pussy.  Then, leaning backwards, she offered me her ass.  Into the breach I went.  Orgasm…

To keep this less than novel length…
She went back to working me up.  She mounted my tied down body.  But I was just too close.  So, back to my face.  Except, this time, she sat on my chest.  She fed me, wantonly, pussy, ass, pussy, until she had come twice more.

This is when the first knock came to our bedroom door.  The source of our evenings frustrations had need of something in our room.  We had to break.  NW got what was needed and took it out of the room.

Afterwards, we moved to her pegging me, but the angle was wrong, given our positioning.  She seemed to want to abandon the effort.  So I asked, almost begged, her not to.  I wanted her to take me.  Not because I get any physical sensation from it that is worth mentioning.  In fact, I am rather indifferent to it or find it ever so mildly uncomfortable.  Mentally, however, being taken is a huge turn on.

This time she agreed.  Probably because of the manner in which I had requested it.
She loosed my restraints and had me get on all fours.  She didn’t don the strap on, but decided to use it freestyle.  As she started, and we discussed angles of penetration and the best angle for deep penetration (she has bought a new, longer strapon that we have yet to try), as she thrust in and out of me, the second knock came at the door.  This time, they needed to talk with Mom.


And that abruptly ended the session.

Life happens.  It can and does get in the way of fun, sometimes.  It should.  If this play ever overrides our obligations and the needs to those about us, it needs to be adjusted or abandoned.
But, as with the butt plug testing, don’t abandon it too quickly.  And don’t miss opportunities, like NW exerting/emphasizing her control, just because things are a little off kilter.  Take the time to learn one another.  That knowledge is one of the keys to success in life, not just kink.



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