A Couple of Housekeeping Notes…

Just wanted to note a couple of changes to the blog.  Number one: there is now a link to email me/us.  I, for one, like when I have the option of emailing someone directly instead of putting a comment.  Sometimes you want to say or ask something that you really don’t want to share with everyone.
Please feel free to email rather than comment.  And please feel free to email in general.  It doesn’t have to be just about chastity.  We do have a little more depth than that.  And sometimes it is nice to interact as opposed to just having a counter increment.

Speaking of comments, though…you no longer have to put in your information when posting a comment.  It is always appreciated, of course, but this allows for anonymous posts.  I am pretty sure it was setup that way in the past.  I am not sure when/why that changed!?  Maybe I did it and I just don’t remember.  It was over five years ago…

Lastly, there is a twitter feed now.  Why?  I have no fucking clue.  I have successfully resisted tweeting (even signing up for it) since its inception.  NW suggested it, though.  So, why the hell not…

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