Denial Update…edited

This morning marks two full weeks since my last orgasm.  It has gone surprisingly well.  The only real urgency, other than when on edge, has been the loss of stress relief, from masturbating three or more times a day.  I can definitely feel the stress that would normally be ejected out the end of my cock.  That was expected, though.

Yesterday it really started to sink in and rise up, though.  I definitely felt that want to orgasm, even when not with NW.  As counter-intuitive as it might seem to some (probably not to those reading this), I really hope that feeling grows.  And it really makes want of the cage that much stronger.  That is still weeks away.  But not nearly as far away as what NW makes my next orgasm sound like.

Last night was rather tame…not that it is a bad thing at all.  It started with me approaching her right after she had exited the shower and was on our bed, trying to cool/dry off.  Since we weren’t in session, I was able to make the first move.  So, I pulled her to the edge of the bed, had her roll onto her stomach and moved around the bed to where I was at her feet.

I gently spread her legs, climbed onto the bed and began kissing my way from her ass cheeks down onto her freshly showered asshole.  Once I kissed her, my tongue came out and I started licking, flicking, sucking and eventually tongue fucking her to a couple of orgasms. We went about our business, afterwards.

About forty-five minutes later, we were having our pre-bedtime session.  It was simple and fun.  I was teased, and, of course, denied…several times.  Once on edge, without just stopping for a few minutes, I pretty much stay there.  Of course, it wasn’t helping that for the first half of the teasing and denial, NW had a Phanyx prostate massager up my ass on high speed.  I can’t say that it hits just the right spot.  But when she twists it or thrusts it, I definitely notice…and in a good way.  Not long after removing it, her finger found its way inside me.  That definitely found the right spot!  I still don’t think I can orgasm from prostate stimulation and we have never successfully milked me.  But, either way, it felt intense and good.

Then it happened.  For the first time ever, NW instructed me (she has never even asked for it before) to make her orgasm like I had earlier.  She, though commanding me, verbally expressed her desire to have analingus!  This might not seem like a big deal, but she has never been able to bring herself to ask for it before.  She has always been idgy about it, because of the not uncommon fear of “Am I clean down there?” and the fact that some people just have an aversion to the idea.

I do not have such an aversion and gladly, and enthusiastically, did as she instructed.  She had two more orgasms.  That closed the evening.

I should mention that I awoke this morning to NW stroking me.  I was as hard as I can remember.  She said little and demanded nothing in return.  She just stroked and edged me several times.  Then it was off to the shower.

Such great ways to end the evening and start the day.

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