Catching up from 5 1/2 years ago…

Looking at the blog I realized that we left off at kind of a cliffhanger.  It was at day one hundred and eight.  It lasted until day One hundred and forty-six.  The first seventy-four days were with no orgasm.  On day seventy-five there was a ruined orgasm.  After that we averaged about one ruined orgasm a week until it ended on day one hundred and forty-six.  Of note…no chastity cage was used during this period.  My CB2000 was dead and my Crossfire just wasn’t fitting right.

I am either going to send the Crossfire back for a new ring or get a new Steelworxx.  For the time being, though, we have ordered a cheap cage and are hoping that it will fit.  My girth is the issue.  I couldn’t get the head of my penis in the CB6000 we tried.  I suspect that what we ordered will be a snug fit, if it works.  But 1.5″ internal diameter is about as wide as you can find in non-custom.

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