Catching up from 5 1/2 years ago…

Looking at the blog I realized that we left off at kind of a cliffhanger.  It was at day one hundred and eight.  It lasted until day One hundred and forty-six.  The first seventy-four days were with no orgasm.  On day seventy-five there was a ruined orgasm.  After that we averaged about one ruined orgasm a week until it ended on day one hundred and forty-six.  Of note…no chastity cage was used during this period.  My CB2000 was dead and my Crossfire just wasn’t fitting right.

I am either going to send the Crossfire back for a new ring or get a new Steelworxx.  For the time being, though, we have ordered a cheap cage and are hoping that it will fit.  My girth is the issue.  I couldn’t get the head of my penis in the CB6000 we tried.  I suspect that what we ordered will be a snug fit, if it works.  But 1.5″ internal diameter is about as wide as you can find in non-custom.

Anyone still out there?

Well…it has been almost five and a half years since my last post.  Between illness, kids becoming teens, job changes and moving, everything kind of got lost.  NW, up until very recently, had been suffering through some extreme chronic pain, for several years.  Her libido disappeared into the fog of pain and pain meds.  Our sex life was reduced to a couple of times a year.  And that was okay.  Business first and pleasure later.  The number one order of business has been getting her better.
And, of course, I could relieve myself when my non-flagging libido got out of hand.

But, she is doing much better now (thank God) and her drive has come back with a vengeance!  Yay!

Post(s) forthcoming of where we are and what we are doing…and a topic that has kind of been gnawing at me that I want to address.  That said, I just wanted to throw this out here first and see if anyone is still around…