Ruined Orgasms Revisited…Part Two

Yeah, yeah…I know.  I was supposed to finish this long before now.  Sorry for the delay.

Back to the ruined orgasm experience…

The third way that I experience a ruined orgasm is for NW to stroke me to the point of no return and then just hold my cock.  She ceases any stroking or varying of pressure.  She simply holds my cock as the orgasm occurs.  This is ruined because I lose almost all of the stimulation that was driving me forward.  It most definitely is not a full orgasm, in any way.  It has the added twist, though, of prolonging the “orgasm”, even in a ruined state.  By that, I simply mean that you feel it rise, become starved of most stimulation and, as expected, crash.  It seems to be slightly drawn out, though.  The crash period is extended, though not necessarily increased in intensity.  There are more contractions and, usually, a bit more ejaculate, but ruined no less…with the corresponding emotional drop, physical discomfort and mild frustration.

The fourth, and most psychologically impacting, method of ruined orgasm is for NW to simply stroke me to/through the first contraction and to let go.  She can’t stop until the first contraction has started, whether it has happened or not.  When timed right, this ruined orgasm causes physical discomfort, immense frustration and has even given rise to agitation and anger in me.  The latter is, undoubtedly, caused by the degree of frustration that is experienced.  I believe this method is so soul-crushing simply because it really is a betrayal of a deceived body or, in my mind, a classic ruined orgasm.  By continuing on with the stimulation until the orgasm has actually begun, the body is 100% convinced that this is going to be a proper orgasm…and a damned good one with the preceding denial.  Then the bottom falls out!  It is like a person in the desert, dying of thirst, finally reaching the pool of water and finding it a mirage.  As I said, soul-crushing…

The final ruined orgasm experience is rather new to me.  This is where, much like number three, above, the orgasm is assured, stimulation is removed, but the hand, or thumb and finger(s), remain.  Their purpose is simply to apply pressure and prevent any ejaculate from leaving the body.  It could be used to cap the penis (cover the urethra), to pinch (close) the urethra along the shaft or even at the base of the penis.  Again, as with number three, this tends to prolong the contractions, as the body tries to expel the ejaculate.  I believe that the internal pressure helps to prolong the ejaculatory attempts.  Where this type of ruined orgasm excels, though, is in physical discomfort.  Your body tries, repeatedly, to ejaculate.  Contraction after contraction forces ejaculate forward.  Only…it has nowhere to go.  It is backed up and internal pressure just keeps rising.  Eventually the contractions stop and, once the blockage is removed, ejaculate dribbles out.  By this point, though, my balls, groin and urethra (up to the point of blockage) ache and can even mildly hurt.  It has an emotional drop-off.  It is frustrating, though not nearly as the previous type.  The main thing, however, is the physical discomfort.

And there they are…the five ways that I experience ruined orgasms.  Which is my favorite?  It really depends on my mood.  Right now, though, I am interested in exploring the last type.  NW has yet to cause the blockage at the base of my cock.  I am very interested in how that would play out.  I really like the ones where she stimulates me until I can’t stop but it takes several seconds for it to start.  It is a cool feeling, until the crash.  On some level, though, I crave the worst of them.  The one that leaves me the most frustrated.  I think that is because it has zero redeeming qualities…not even morbid curiosity.  And, after all, a ruined orgasm shouldn’t have anything good about it…right?

2 responses to “Ruined Orgasms Revisited…Part Two

  1. I didn’t go back and read part 1 again, and I can’t remember if you got into the “why” of wanting ruined orgasms. What the hell is it that makes us desire them. We know that it’s going to be frustrating, possibly unpleasant, or maybe even painful, but yet every time one is offered, I, for one, jump at the chance.

  2. I posted this on ” Chastity Forum” on the Keyheld sight. My best/worst ruined is a ruined while doing full penetration. My wife insisit on full penetration for her total satisfaction. I am not allowed a full orgasm as she has said so. A ruined one is never an issue as she does enjoy doing them. During the week as a tease she will abandon it with a WTF just happened! Love getting there hate the result HUHH?

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