Sticking My Head Back Out…

It has, once again, been a good length since my last post.  NW has been harassing me about that.  So, here it is.

It has been one hundred and eight days since my last full orgasm.  To reflect back…  The first seventy-four days were tame and of little note.  There was, obviously, some teasing and CBT, but nothing of great importance.  On day seventy-five, NW gave me my first ruined orgasm of this period.  My last ruined orgasm was last Sunday.  That puts me at five ruined orgasms in a twenty-nine day period.  Doesn’t seem like much when I remember back to the days (very recently) when I would have five orgasms on any given day of the weekend.  It was a common occurrence.  But that was then.  Back to now…

The three-month threshold breached.  One hundred days surpassed.  Where do we go from here?  I mean, we are already at sixty-five days longer than I have ever gone without a full orgasm.  Of course, those markers only really mean something to me.  NW doesn’t seem to care about them…for the most part.  She only cares about how responsive I am after the denial.  I am so sensitive, rock hard and always craving attention.  Of course, giving attention is even more important.

As you would imagine, NW and I talk, often, about what has transpired and where we are heading.  We know that, eventually, this will run its course and it will, at least for a time, be set aside.  So, the question becomes, how do we sustain it for as long as possible?  We have discussed using ruined orgasms as a means to prolong this run.  That is a definite tool and something I will better address in a different post.  She has also said that she is going to want to give me a full orgasm, because a) she loves giving me pleasure and b) because she thinks that one full orgasm is safe (won’t cause a reset).  I have cautioned her against this.  It has been one hundred and eight days since I last fully ejaculated.  That is very significant to me.  That, in part, provides the will to continue.  She is correct that a full orgasm would not reset me physically.  I think that it would very much reset me mentally, however.  It would, in large part, feel like we were throwing away three and a half months of…whatever this is.  Could we get here again?  Sure.  But not without a lengthy wait.

So, ruined orgasms are going to have to suffice.  I have hinted that maybe I don’t need one per week, though.  They aren’t resetting me or making me want to end this.  It just feels wrong, even though there is little to no benefit.  Again, this is up to NW.  I have just put in my two cents.

When I explained that, she no longer felt that I needed to have a full orgasm any time soon.  So, where do we go from here?  I think we just keep moving forward.  I’ll have that orgasm when she wants me to have it, even if it resets me mentally.  Until then…six months, here we come!

One response to “Sticking My Head Back Out…

  1. It sounds like you’re much like me. To me, it was a challenge of sorts to go as long as possible without that full orgasm, and… AND, part of the way to that foggy goal, it became evident that the constant arousal, both from wanting to come, and from her delicious teasing, was way more fun than the ten or fifteen seconds of ecstatic spasming and moaning of an orgasm. I’m now of the mind that I could go on indefinitely without coming. However, she may not want to do that. Whatever…

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