Ruined Orgasms Revisited…Part One

As I mentioned in my earlier post, NW has given me several ruined orgasms over the past four weeks.  Also, I mentioned that she had suggested using ruined orgasms as a way of extending our orgasm control/denial play.  Both of these have given me reason to contemplate the whole ruined orgasm phenomenon in greater detail.  So, I thought that I might revisit it here…because I like to share like that.

First, I need to define what I call a ruined orgasm (emphasis on ‘I’).  I say this because there are, like with many things, many versions.  For me…  A ruined orgasm requires that ejaculate be freed to exit the body, even if being manually prevented, and/or that at least one contraction (spasm) occurs.  If you are able to pull back from the edge without a contraction or the release of ejaculate, I do not consider it a ruined orgasm.  It wasn’t an orgasm at all.  You prevented the orgasm.  Please notice that I included an “and/or” in my qualification.

I have never contracted without releasing some degree of ejaculate (even though very small), though I am sure that some can.  I have, however, had ejaculate start leaving my body without ever having an orgasmic contraction.  In this case, I went just over the edge and was able to force the involved muscles to flex hard enough that they could not contract in orgasm.  Mind over matter, if you will.  I did not pull back from the edge.  I locked my muscles so that they stayed contracted, rather than cycling through the orgasmic waveform.  So, either or both I consider ruined.  If neither exists, it wasn’t anything.

Obviously, this also means that the stimulation which sent one over the edge is either removed, greatly diminished or changed into something unpleasant, once the point of no return has been crossed.  Otherwise, all orgasms would meet my definition.  So, once the line is crossed, stimulation can be removed, diminished (stroking/sucking stopped and only pressure remains) or the stimuli is changed (from stroking the cock to slapping it, painfully).  This is what causes the orgasm to ruin.  It is immediately starved of stimulation or it is overridden with some other, less pleasant, stimulation.

In our (or my) case, there are five ways that I experience a ruined orgasm.  Please note that the last option mentioned above is not included in these.  That is because NW is unwilling to slap my cock as hard as would be required to stop the orgasm.  Hitting my balls, as you probably guessed, just makes me cum harder.

Experience #1 and #2 – These are listed together because NW does the same in both cases.  The difference is in what I do.  NW stimulates me until I am just over the edge.  She stops the stimulation before I have a contraction.  Usually a few seconds before.  In experience number one, I fight the orgasm.  By this I mean that I lock/flex all muscles and fight as hard as I can not to orgasm.  I am usually successful in keeping my muscles flexed and, therefore, preventing orgasmic contractions.  When this happens, the experience is, mentally, a non-event.  By that I mean that I get no mental letdown from the experience.  I do not feel mentally frustrated or sated.  My arousal takes virtually no notice of anything having occurred.

What does happen is that a) I get a small release of ejaculate, which doesn’t actually escape until I am done fighting and I relax.  Even then it just kind of dribbles as I move about. b) I have a sense of being spent, mainly from having flexed so many muscles so hard.  Lastly, there is the ache that immediately settles in my balls and groin.  I assume this is from everything heading out the door only to find it closed and most of it still ending up trapped inside.

Experience number two is simply where I don’t fight the release.  This tends to result in one or two contractions, a dribbling flow of ejaculate (rarely any spurting) and a slight fall afterwards.  This experience includes very mild frustration…or perhaps a mild sense of emptiness?  The ache in my balls is still there, just not a strong.  The drop in arousal is greater than method one, but still very little.

Due to the length of this, I will finish in another post.

2 responses to “Ruined Orgasms Revisited…Part One

  1. You actually don’t seem to note the classic full ruined orgasm. This occurs when your penis is stimulated, by you or her, usually with you on your back. When you are about to ejaculate, all stimulation is taken off the penis and pressure, whether in your rectum or on your taint, is put on the prostate. The ejaculate dribbles out but there is NO sensation of orgasm. You are spent but still aroused. it is devastating as a punishment.

  2. I have just discovered ruined orgasm, and managed to pull it off on my hubby a few times. (pun intended)

    Does it release the pressure of frustration for long?

    Hubby has problems waring his Cb6000 for more than a week. And I’m thinking this might help him go longer.

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