Catching Up…

Wow!  Time flies!  It is hard to believe that it has almost been a month since my last update.  That was not intentional, of course.  Life just has a way of getting busy, as I am sure you all know.

Anyway, back to where we were.  Our three days of CBT ended up being an eleven days out of thirteen stretch.  On two of those days, we had multiple CBT sessions.  Besides a bit of squeezing, all of the CBT was impact…NW punching me in the balls.  The punches were at varying degrees of frequency and strength, of course.  There were several nights where my balls were punched well over one hundred times (a couple nearing two hundred times).  We were able to maintain at least a low-level ache in them, twenty-four hours a day, for about two weeks.

We haven’t really revisited it in the past couple of weeks, however.

As for the denial, today is day number eighty-five.  NW did decide to give me a ruined orgasm on day seventy-five.  Unfortunately, though, it seemed to have no effect in any way.  Yes, I dribbled.  Yes, she timed it perfectly.  But…  I had no letdown in arousal or tension.  I did not feel sated, frustrated or even pleased that something had happened.  It was a complete non-event.  I am not sure how else to explain it.

That being said, NW still has not given a hint as to when she thinks I should have an orgasm.  As we are at day eighty-five, though, anything less than ninety would seem silly.  And, of course, if you hit ninety, one-hundred is right around the corner.  So, who knows?

I do suspect that there will be more ruined orgasms before full ones, though.  I just have no idea when or how many.