Inquiry Answered

We received a response to the last post.  Here it is…

“I made it till the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (107 days total).  I think my wife just got tired of the whole thing and wanted some “vanilla” sex for a while.  Day 100 was interesting because she told me I was going to be waiting at least another 100 (which obviously din’t happen).  As usual, first orgasm after long wait was blah, but second one was awesome.  No word on when we’re going to start back up, but I think we’ll take a bit of a break now.”

One-hundred and seven days is a long time for me.  I am sitting here at forty-five days thinking…I’m not even half way there!  And I am already into never before trodden territory, for myself.

I have no idea how long ours will run.  I do know that NW is aware that January 1st might be the trigger day.  Trigger meaning that it is the day that, if goals have not been met, she no longer needs to feel that she has to wait for them to be met.  Part of that is because in working towards these goals, I am not doing anything that would immediately let me reach them.  I am working towards them but not actively trying them.  We will see, though.

Along with what gfai said, I think NW is starting to miss certain activities that involve various intercourse.  We try them, once in a while, but I get too close too fast.  That will likely be one of the driving forces as to when I get my first release.

And, as commented above, I expect the first one to be less than spectacular.  In fact, I find my first to be uncomfortable…even mildly painful.  It is almost like my body doesn’t fire in synch and I am having to blow out the pipes.

In any case, I likely won’t have to worry about that for a while.

Thank you gfai for the reply!

2 responses to “Inquiry Answered

  1. My next orgasm, after a long 266 days (or so) should happen in the next 25 or 30 days. I’m a bit concerned that it’s not going to be as spectacular as I hope it could be after all that time. I’ve heard others mention that if another follows closely, it can be much better, but I’m not sure I’m going to get a second chance, at least for a while.

    CH has decided that for the foreseeable future, there will be no more “scheduled” orgasms, but rather, they’ll be at her whim. If that’s the case I may have to do a little begging…

  2. You know, Harry, 266 days is kind of unfathomable for me. That’s six times what I have already done and this is a couple of days longer than ever before.
    My hat is off to you. I would be in full bore panic mode, or maybe just not care anymore…lol.

    Here’s hoping that the 1st one is mindblowing, just in case there isn’t a second! I will have to make sure to keep up with your blog to see how it goes…

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