Crossing over…

I climbed out of bed this morning and realized that I have now been forty-two days without an orgasm.  That is only significant because it matches the longest that I have been denied, or just gone without an orgasm, since I found masturbation, when I was twelve.  As I have said before, this go around has not been nearly as bad.  We have prevented it from being hyper-sexualized, to everyone’s benefit.

The only thing is, we still have absolutely no idea when this will end.  I had mentioned before that I have three goals that I wanted to achieve before having an orgasm became a viable option.  NW agreed to this.  One goal will definitely be complete before the end of December.  A second goal likely will.  I am not so sure about the third.

Given that, we are toying with the idea of making it “when all three goals are met or January 1st”, whichever comes first.  Not as a definite day to orgasm, of course.  Just as a date when NW can give an orgasm anytime that she likes.  But that is still up in the air.  Either way, barring an outside reason to stop this, we are most likely going to cross two months and keep going for a bit.

My want is starting to get a bit testy, every now and again, though.  That definitely isn’t all bad…

4 responses to “Crossing over…

  1. January 1 is our target date, too, though CH has already indicated that it won’t likely happen, but rather a few days following (barring any change of heart on her part). New Years Day is always a bust around here, a good day to do nothing, so she says no… If it were to happen on the 1st, it would be 266 days. I’m getting really fucking edgy again.

    • Harry, it won’t happen here on the 1st either. Of course, I would be nearly 200 days behind you at that point…lol.
      I can’t even fathom that duration. Just being 17 days from 60 is kind of mildly unnerving. Of course, being 1 day past my longest duration is making it so.

      Any chance of you all going for a year? Or is that pushing it too far?

  2. I find it quite fascinating, I have a few friends that are heavily into it. As in devices, I found Neo Steel a fantastic device, the website is pants but it’s a good chastity device, though quite expensive

    • I like my crossfire, barring the size of the ring. We have just never gotten around to getting a larger one. I have to admit, though…while I am completely trust worthy in this, I do miss the cage occasionally. Not often, mind you. Sometimes, though, you just want to feel secure and not have to try to be good.

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