Computer Based Training…

That’s what CBT used to mean to me.  The first time I ever heard it used in the “Cock and Ball Torture” sense, I was rather confused.  I wasn’t sure how a computer worked into it.  Now I understand, though…information and porn.

Anyway, this morning is twenty-six days.  We are still going strong.  We did have a brief discussion about how this is playing out, last night.  I will explain that later.  For now, I want to convey the wonderful night that NW and I had.

As I have mentioned before, there is very little sex going on during the week.  When we do have sex, my cock (shaft and head) has been ignored.  Everything that I receive, with the exception of a few moments sucking, a few days ago,  is direct at my balls.  As one might guess, that means that 95+% of the stimulation that I receive is in the form of discomfort.  I say “discomfort”, instead of “pain”, because it isn’t all intense enough to qualify as pain.  Much of it is mildly uncomfortable.  For instance, light squeezing, light impact, light tugging/pulling and rolling my balls around and against each other, all cause slight discomfort, but nothing that I would classify as painful.

This whole way of approaching things is very intriguing to me.  Every time that NW and I play, she edges me, multiple times, through discomfort/pain.  I find it interesting because there is no lead up into this.  Normally I would be teased, stroked and sucked until I have been edged a few times and then the discomfort is applied.  I required the initial pleasure in order to get to a place where the pain could take me over the edge.  I don’t seem to need that any longer.

Don’t misunderstand me.  All discomfort/pain will not lead me to orgasm.  The fact that there is any type of discomfort/pain, at all, that can take me from a cold start to edged is pretty fucking awesome.  We are both interested to see what happens if we continue to starve my cock of stimulation, keep me denied and continue with the ball torment.

That leads to last night.  As stated, I haven’t had an orgasm of any kind in twenty-six days.  Other than the moments of sucking, I haven’t had any cock stimulation.  By last night, I was in need.  NW was kind enough to meet that need.  It came in the form of, literally, two and a half hours of ball torture.  Throughout the session I gave her orgasms.  All of them were manual, as we were avoiding oral and didn’t want to pleasure my cock with intercourse.  They were delivered via the usual avenues…fingering her clit, tweaking her clit, finger fucking her pussy and ass, tweaking her nipples, choking her, etc…  If you have read my blog, you know all of the various ways.

For my part, she did everything from light squeezing/slapping to squeezing as hard as she could…both together, separately, rolling them together.  I couldn’t believe that I was able to take it.  The pain was so incredible, though.  She slapped my balls, slowly, quickly, soft, hard.  She would string together ten of fifteen medium punches, in rapid order, directed on to my balls.  She hit me a few times and left me balled up, nursing my agonized manhood.

Again, this went on for two and a half hours.  Then we finally made it to bed.  A few hours later, I awoke and took the opportunity to wake her with three more orgasms.  She repaid me by having my hold my balls for her and punching them.

When we awoke this morning, we spent another half an hour with me giving her orgasms and her torturing my balls.  Yes, they are sore.  Yes, it feels fucking incredible.  Now, back to real life for a few days.

And A Wonderful Mouth It Is

Today brings us to the day twenty-one mark.  Believe it or not, it really hasn’t been difficult.  With everything going on during the week, we rarely even mention sex, let alone engage in it.  I think we have had weekday sex twice in the past three weeks.  Weekends, of course, are more active.  Since I have no expectation of having an orgasm, though, it never really crosses my mind as a possibility or even as a reason for engaging in sex.

As I mentioned in my last post, the fact that my cock had not been directly stimulated in nearly three weeks also helped immensely.  Sunday morning, however, NW decided to allow my cock to enjoy her mouth and vice versa.  It really is amazing how quickly you can forget the way something feels.  Her mouth felt like warm, wet, smooth, hitting all the right spots bliss.  She did not truly edge me, as we have both agreed that we do not want any unplanned releases, full or ruined.  Nonetheless, it felt better than I ever remembered it.

Did it make me want to come?  Maybe, on some level.  I was unaware of that, though.  I was far to frustrated with the fact that I couldn’t just let her go on and on, lest I go over the edge and spoil it.  “Spoil it”…yes, because the denial would have ended.   Also, though, because it can only feel that good after a period of denial.  Having an orgasm would reset it, to some degree, and steal away part of the wonder.  At least for me…

So onward and…whatever…

“Where Are They Now?”

…seemed like a good title.  After all, like the television program, we are checking in on lost personalities.  In our case, we are doing fine.  Life has been hectic, as it so often is with kids, work, holidays, family visits, Summer doings, etc…  Taking breaks like this, though, is pretty common for NW and me.  It doesn’t mean that we aren’t having sex, even fetish-y.  It just means that we were not concentrated on one thing that binds it all together, pun, pun.

For now, though, let me give just a quick update.  Today is day eighteen of my denial.  There have, obviously, been no full orgasms and, for once, no ruined orgasms.  That is in part because we have moved along with a different approach.

As with all of our denial play, it started with me.  It starts with me because, if I am not in the right frame of mind for it, it isn’t going to work.  And having started with me, I get to establish the first set of guidelines.  The first guideline involves duration.  Ultimately, NW will get to decide when my next orgasm is, full and/or ruined.  When I started this stint, however, I a) started it without NW’s knowledge and b) had a minimum duration decided upon, even though it was not actually set.  I did not inform NW that this was starting because I needed to go through a few days to make sure that I was up to the task.  Sometimes I want to do it, but life conspires to make it not psychologically fun.  Better to test the waters and then let her know that the game is on and she is in control…and she is always ready.

The minimum duration is a little different.  There are a couple of fitness goals that I have set for myself.  No, they do not involve weight loss (although they probably should).  I set my minimum duration at achieving those goals.  So, until I reach them…no orgasm!  NW knows this and has agreed to it.  Once those goals are achieved, it all becomes her decision.  The only downside is that these goals are rather lofty.  They might take some time.  Hopefully I am up to the task.

The second, and really only other, guideline is how we proceed with our play.  For the first two weeks I made sure to keep a very strict hold on how and how much stimulation NW gave me.  This was not done to control NW, but to make sure we did not have an accidental ruined and to set the pace.  The first weekend, when I was four and five days in, I did not let NW touch me at all.  I serviced her, but she did nothing to my cock and balls.  The second weekend, days eleven and twelve, NW was allowed to service me, but only my balls.  She did lick and suck them, but it mainly consisted of cbt…squeezing, slapping, punching (not too hard), pulling, etc…  She has not played with me during the weeks, only on weekends.

This weekend, it has been much the same.  I serviced her last night and this morning.  She has devoted 98% of her attention to my balls.  The only stimulation to the shaft was a couple of tight squeezes and quick sucking of my precum from the tip.

This has really worked in helping us avoid unintentional ruined orgasms and helped keep the intensity level in check.  When we are full on, constant teasing, we tend to spend way too much time thinking about and involved in sex.  Even so, I have turned the reins over and NW is now free to do whatever she wants to me.  She still seems content to focus on my balls,however.  That is actually kind of cool.  It keeps intensity in check, lets us both play and I have found that I can reach orgasm just from having my balls smacked around. (No, I have not actually reached orgasm this go around.)   Yes, I have come from cbt in the past.  In almost every case, though, I have been stroked up and edged before we got to cbt.  These past two weekends, there has been no foreplay.  It goes straight from me pleasing her to her hurting my balls.  And she is edging me, time and again, by doing this.  I am really interested to see how this develops, if she continues to deny notable stimulation to my shaft.

Well, that is where we are right now.  Sorry there was nothing too tantalizing.  It is fun nonetheless.

Still Here

Nope.  We haven’t disappeared.  Life has just been moving at a thousand miles per hour.  I am sure that you all understand.

I hadn’t come to the blog in months.  When I did, I was surprised to see that it still gets hits…fifty to one-hundred a day.  Given the searches that led folks to the blog, it would appear that I am not the only one with a fetish for needle play and Sasha.

If anyone wondered, no, my testicles did not suffer from our last reported play.  There were a couple of days of soreness and we were back to normal.  There hasn’t been a lot going on.  Over the months, we have been fairly tame.  There has, of course, been some CBT, rough play on my part towards NW, lots of squirting and just typical sex…for us.  Again, nothing worth noting.

We have begun playing with denial again.  We are early into it, however.  I’ll try to post later and put out there what is going on and what our thinking is.  Hope everyone is doing well…