CBT – Needle Play

As I mentioned in my last post, there was more to follow.  I told NW about what had happened.  She was a bit jealous/frustrated, because I had done it myself.  She wanted to watch.  She has made it clear that she has no desire, or intention, of ever doing it to me…she is rather emphatic.  She definitely wanted to see me do it, however.

I explained to NW that I had considered calling her in there, on Sunday morning.  I decided not to, however.  Why?  Because of a couple of things.  To actually do this to myself, it takes an inordinate amount of focus.  Someone else being there is somewhat of a distraction.  It is also a very intense and personal experience.  The other part is that I have a fear of failure, when it comes to her.  I don’t want to say “Hey, come watch this!”, only to decide that I can’t do it, right then.  She understood.

In any case, I decided that last night was going to be the night.  I was nervous, even scared.  I mean, driving a needle, not only into, but through your testicle is worthy of fear…right?  That is what I felt.  My want of it, however, was far too great to turn back.

So, I gathered my stuff, plopped on the bed and NW joined me.  We turned on a porn (Sasha Grey, of course) to help carry us through.  NW played with me for about fifteen minutes, edging me a couple of times.  Then we started.  The needles were sterile but still got the alcohol treatment.  My balls were tied off, so that I could attempt, for the first time ever, to pierce both in the same session.  Tied off, so that they wouldn’t get in the way of each other.  They had been washed and rubbed down with alcohol as well.

In the end, we were successful.  I skewered my right testicle first and the left second.  Here are a few pics to capture the occasion…

Starting the first insertion

First insertion completed

After getting this all the way through, I took about a twenty second break, for NW to take pictures and allow to sink in what she had just watched me do.

You will notice, in the second set, that there is an orange and white thingy on the end of the needle.  That is cork.  Yes, as in part of a fishing cork.  I had to improvise and really didn’t want the end of the needle slipping back inside of me while I was messing with the other needle.

On to the left testicle…

Half through second insertion

Second insertion completed

Having gotten the second needle all the way through, it was corked as well.

Final Product

Once in place, and after a few moments for me to gather myself, I had NW grab both of the needles’ bases and gently twist them.  Again, this was to loosen the incredibly tight grip that my balls and skin had on them.  Also, though, I was hoping for a repeat of the previous morning’s eruption.

It felt weird, slightly painful.  I had her wiggle them back and forth, all the while continuing to rotate them inside my balls.  It hurt, it yielded stimulation, but I wasn’t going to orgasm.  So, she took me in her mouth, just the head, and worked me with her tongue, while continuing to work the needles.

It didn’t take much and I was heading for the edge.  I warned her and she pulled her mouth away, gave one more tug and rotation and released.  A few seconds later a heavy, thick spurt hit me at the bottom of my chest.  The rest dribbled out as the ruined orgasm played out.  It was done.  It was good.  I was aching.

Now to remove the needles.  I always hate this part.  Believe it or not, it is uncomfortable.  I removed the needle from my left testicle first.  I little tug as the tip re-entered my body, but otherwise okay.  The needle in the right testicle resisted a little more, but finally yielded.  NW immediately noticed, and the sheets confirmed, that just as the tip of the needle pulled back in to me, vacating the exit hole, a small stream of clear fluid, with some blood in it leaked out forcefully.  I finished removing the needle, and slid back to see.  I would say that it was at least a dropper full of fluid.  I am not sure what it was, other than the red being blood.  Some sort of seminal fluid, I can only guess.

In any case, there you have it.  It will be a while before I consider doing this again.

8 responses to “CBT – Needle Play

  1. Risk for infection still scares the heck out of me. While you are using a sterile needle, alcohol just isn’t an effective enough choice to sterilize. Most studies show that you have to apply alcohol for at least 30 minutes to decrease the bacterial count. Your hands are part of this process too. As well, corking the tip of the needle and then withdrawing it back through the testis is just not sterile enough technique. Ideally you need to wear sterile gloves, clean the area with iodine/povidone and then not allow the needle to come in contact with anything that hasn’t also been sterilized.

    • That would be ideal. We work with what we have, though. Fortunately, it hasn’t been an issue. Let’s hope that my luck holds. Not that it is going to be an issue for a while.

  2. This is one of my “sexual dreams”!!
    But I’m not man enough to consider this in reality. The risks are too high for me.

    Congratulations!! I’d love to feel this pain.

    • You know…the pain is part of it. The way I do it, though, the pain is not nearly as bad as if I just set the needle and quickly forced it through.
      Well, I say that, but I have never done it quickly. I assume that it would hurt more, at least briefly.

      I think a bigger part is just being able to force myself to do it. To face the fear, and pain, and go through with it. Still, it is not something that I plan to do again soon.
      While I have pierced my scrotum dozens of times, in my life. That is probably only the 6th or 7th time I have pierced a testicle. And of those, not all were all the way through.

      It took a long time…maybe a couple of decades…to move from just piercing my scrotum to tackling a testicle. I had thought about doing a testicle, but when I tried, it hurt, nerve-like, so I backed off. I am not sure why I did it the first time. I was probably being denied and looking for any stimulation I could find.

      So, it is done. The urge has passed. Now, on to new things.

  3. I finally gathered the courage to try and put a needle through my testicle. Of course I made sure my ball sack was sterilized and the needle was too. I was shaking when I started to push the needle into my right testicle not knowing how it would feel. There was an initial sting when it penetrated the outer sack. Then it was time to actually enter the testicle. There was a lot of pressure and then it went in. It was mildly painful but very erotic. After this experience, I now want to skewer both testicles at the same time.

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