Thinking a little more on my state of mind, something else jumped out at me.  I don’t fantasize anymore.  That has always been a huge player in my level of arousal and want of sex.  Porn, whether stories, pics or videos always fueled fantasy.  Any more, though, I just don’t fantasize.  Probably because I used fantasy when masturbating, whether to orgasm or not.  Since I don’t masturbate, or even play with myself, the fantasy has become pointless and fallen by the wayside.

That has blown a huge hole in how I normally function.  It has, no doubt, contributed to me being where I am…wanting an orgasm but having no real interest in sex.  I think this is more frustrating than the ruined orgasms, as it has made this more work than fun.

4 responses to “Addendum

  1. I think the problem here may be that you’ve taken this as far as it goes. There is no real way to increase the intensity other than waiting longer, but you’ve now experienced all there is to waiting, you’ve peaked and the seems nowhere else to go. So while the experience remains intense, there is nowhere else to go with it. I wonder if setting a date for a full orgasm (in the near future) may rekindle things without the reset. I know for me, part of the excitement of having a date to look forward to was the potential/threat of having to wait past that date.

  2. I think you might have nailed it. Part of me wants it to continue, though.
    I don’t know if a date would help or not. NW and I talked about this weekend, but it doesn’t seem to do much for me. My want of an orgasm, right now, seems more about relieving physical issues than anything else. Sexually, I could almost care less if I get there. Physically, I am tired of the aches caused by denial and ruined orgasms. I am also missing the stress relief, as things are rather stressful right now.

    In any case, we are discussing options…from stopping for a while to me being able to pleasure myself again (no rogasm) to just trying a full.

  3. Good luck. It seems like the enjoyment in the whole experience is gone at this point. I guess you’ll have to figure out whether taking a break or not will be the only way to reset.

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