Finally! Wow Was It Ruined…

Having finally passed the forty day mark, and well into day forty-one, NW decided that it was time for her to execute her first intentionally ruined orgasm.

The evening started like almost every other work night.  We climbed into bed and I asked NW what she was in the mood for.  With her parts finally mended, she wanted intercourse…no doubt about it.  I didn’t even warm her up.  She played with me until I was full on and then mounted me.  Again, she used the back and forth, instead of the up and down.  I let her ride me, with no other stimulation, for a minute or so.  She would speed up and slow down, bringing herself heightened pleasure but keeping it under control.  Then I started lightly playing with her nipples.  In little time, she was going over into her first orgasm.

I increased the pressure on her nipples and rolled them between my fingers.  Another, harder orgasm emerged.  She started riding with increased fervor and erupted into another orgasm, or chain of them, that went on for thirty to forty-five seconds,  From my perspective, it seemed like one.  She said that it was actually several of them tied together with no break, just peaks and valleys…very shallow valleys.  She came down, them erupted once more, but I had hit my limit and she had to dismount.  Once off of me, I used my fingers to give her two more, before she turned her attention to me.

She edged me five or six times before she decided that the time was right.  Every other time that she has given me a ruined orgasm, over the years, it has been by accident.  She would stroke me, I would warn her off, but I was just too close.  She would stop, but it would continue to grow and I would, eventually, cross over the line.  Tonight, with her first intention ruined, she decided to go a little differently.  She wanted to stroke me until the first contraction had occurred.  I had no idea what I was in for.

She stroked me until I was nearing edge and told me that she wanted me to go over.  I lay there and felt myself pass the normal point where I would warn her off.  The build up was incredible.  My whole body tensed.  A warm flash, literally, rolled up my body…starting at my feet and going through my scalp.  I have only felt that, to that intensity, one other time in my life.  That was from an adrenaline rush in a life threatening situation.  Yet, here it was again, from having crossed the point of no return on an orgasm, forty and a half days after my last one.

I felt the first contraction rock my world.  The build up had finally come to fruition…and was still building.  Then she released my cock.

I guess that I have never really experienced a proper ruined orgasm before.  Maybe it was a result of the extended period of denial.  Whatever it was, it was horrid.  Ruined is far too tame a word.  I went from the heights of impending bliss, having tasted a bit of it, driven by anticipation, to a contracting mass in the pit of misery.

When she released my cock, all pleasure disappeared immediately.  My cock spurted, weakly.  It struggled.  It felt like the floor had been ripped from beneath it.  It is hard to describe.  Maybe like passing a seven course meal in front of someone who is starving, and only giving them a green bean to eat.  I was left pleasure less, empty, incomplete, frustrated as I have ever been…squared.  I was agitated, even mildly angry.  It was miserable.

Fortunately, I experienced the same drop in arousal that has typically accompanied my ruined orgasms.  That loss of want allowed me to deal with the frustration and agitation, after a few minutes.  I’m not sure that I wouldn’t rather just stay denied than to go through that again.  For now, that is up to NW.

And my libido?  It is raging, right now.  It is as high as it has been since we started this play.  If I can call last night “play”.  I need to come!  Hopefully work will abate that some…

7 responses to “Finally! Wow Was It Ruined…

  1. Wow. Intense. I have only ever had accidental ruined orgasms, which are a little frustarting but nothing like what you describe. It will be interesting to see if it has the desired effect on your staying power.

    • The accidental ones that I have had in the past were nothing like this. I think the fact that she stroked through the first contraction just pushed my body beyond what is anticipated, for a ruined. I was definitely heading head long into an incredible orgasm and started to taste it…then it died.

      I have no idea about the staying power. We will see…

  2. What some might call ‘a result’… hehe, do you think it’s going to take the edge off enough for you to give NW what she wants?

    • It took the edge off for about 20 minutes. Right now I am the horniest that I have been since we started this.
      I am not sure what NW wants. I am not sure that she knows what she wants. I do know that she felt incredibly guilty about it, after the fact. She wanted to ruin one but not leave me in the state that I was.

  3. I DID feel guilty. It actually felt wrong to stop, my natural inclination was to follow through and keep stroking. Your level of frustration didn’t help me feel any less guilty either. I do have a couple of ideas on other things to try though…

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