The Usual, Please

NW and I retired early, last night.  Put on a movie, in the bedroom, and just spent some time together.  Somewhere along the way, of course, she received several orgasms and I was stroked, sucked and pleasured.  And that was about it.

It was a good time, just being with each other.  The sex, I think, was almost habitual.  In any case, here I am, back at work.  Another glorious week.  Thirty-nine days since my last eruption.  Looks like I will make through January after all.

4 responses to “The Usual, Please

  1. Congrats on January! It’s interesting how the mind set changes. What seemed daunting and unobtainable 30 days ago, now is within reach. I went through that as well, when we changes 12 days of waiting to 40, but once I got to about the half-way point, it seemed a lot less intimidating. You have the added challenge of not knowing when you next full release is coming. Day 1 for me (with a plan of having to wait 60)

  2. It is interesting how one’s outlook changes. Right now, a full orgam isn’t even on MY radar. Ruined orgasms would have a benefit, though, besides a little pressure relief. I have gotten to a point that I edge rather quickly. Once edged, there isn’t much NW and I can do, beyond a few light strokes. I just stay too close.

    I suspect that ruined orgasms might allay some of that and allow us to indulge in more, while still denying full release…or even pleasurable release. Ruined orgasms just are not pleasurable to me. All they really do is causing a brief drop in arousal, release some pressure and make my balls (and sometimes my abdomen) ache.

    60 days? From 12 days to 2 months. You are moving along quickly. Is the plan to avoid any type of orgasm or just full?

      • Give her nothing but ruined for a while and she might disagree 🙂

        I am fortunate in that regard. If NW saw a ruined as the same thing, our play would be cut short. There is no way I could even consider going until Apr. 7th, if not longer.

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