It’s Not Just For Teasing

NW is still dealing with her sex prohibiting issue.  So, I wasn’t able to give her any attention, last night.  That is a bit frustrating.  Of course, given the day that I had, I really wasn’t in the mood anyway.  Stress was the word of the day…and the diet…and the emotion.  It was a trying day that killed my libido and made me wish that I had a bottle of Valium.

So, when we got to last night, NW asked me if I wanted any attention.  I did!  But not to sate some sexual need.  I wanted it to overshadow all of the stress I was feeling.  In fact, earlier in the day, I had an interesting realization.  I was at work, stressed as hell, and the thought crossed my mind that an orgasm sure would relieve a lot of this stress.  I immediately knew that I did not need an orgasm  So, NW would not want to give me one, even though she would if I presented it as a good thing.  So, I pondered masturbating.  After all, I am not caged.

This is when the odd thing happened.  I visualized myself, cock in hand, stroking myself.  It seemed alien!  The idea of just pleasuring myself, not to mention bringing myself to orgasm, just seemed unusual and even…well…pointless, for lack of a better word.  To me!  I am the guy who, for decades, masturbated a hundred times a month, at least.  I have pleasured myself many times the number of sexual encounters with others that I have had.  Yet, here I was, thinking of masturbating, and it seemed an alien concept.

How?  I can only assume that it has been because of the past two months.  Since Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday in November, for those not in the US), I have only pleasured myself one time.  The was the day, just before Christmas (the last time I had an orgasm, matter of fact), when we were about to hit the road, for a very long drive, and I wanted an orgasm but knew that NW hadn’t the time.  Other than that one instance, all of my sexual pleasure has come via NW’s attentions.

The whole idea is kind of scary and, yet, kind of cool.  Not that masturbating wouldn’t feel good.  It just doesn’t seem to be on the menu.

Anyway, back to last night.  NW stroked me, sucked me and played with my balls.  She worked me for a good little while.  She edged me three or four times.  The edging didn’t really help to relieve the stress of the day.  It did, though, help get my mind off of it and help relieve the sexual stress that being played with caused.  In the end, though, the wonderful feelings of being stroked and sucked helped to unwind me.  In fact, if NW does it lightly and slowly enough, I can go to sleep that way.

Sexual stimulation, even devoid of orgasm, used to alleviate stress.  What a wonderful tool.

Thirty-six days and counting…

4 responses to “It’s Not Just For Teasing

  1. Interesting reaction. My experience was quite different during my 38 days. Most days, I edged myself 4-5 times a day. I think it would have been much more difficult. I am also looking forward to your reaction/experience once you have a ruined orgasm.

  2. In the past, I have edged myself, during periods of denial. This time, since I had already been on a run of not doing it, we decided that NW would be my only source of pleasure. Since we fool around pretty much everyday, it is not as big of an issue. Except for the stress relief I used to get from getting myself off.

    I will be interested as well. It also will be interesting to see whether fighting the orgasm makes a difference. We are still discussing whether I will fight the ruined O or will just let it happen. I wonder what difference it will make immediately after and after recovery. I am a science experiment!

  3. While I kind of share your experience, mine is a little different. I still want to stroke my cock, but it is not allowed… this has made me not want to, but it is not that I don’t want to feel my hand on my cock it is that I want to obey Mistress R. I think you have just given me an idea for a post…

  4. RA, I will go check for the post.

    It is a weird thing for me. I love masturbating. But, not doing it, it is just not the norm any longer. Besides, it feels better when NW does it.

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