All About Me…

At first glance, that it.  In reality, NW had just as much fun…if not more.  NW has a minor complication going on and needs to avoid any sort of vaginal play, for a couple of days.  Still being in the mood, however, she decided to just give all of the attention to me.  This is nothing new for NW and me.  There have been many times, over the years, where one of us simply wasn’t in the mood, but, nonetheless, provided attentions to the other.  This time, though, she very much got something out of it, even if it was all mental.

She started by lightly playing with my balls, while taking me into her mouth.  She worked me for multiple minutes, until I was hard and edged.  That’s when she started her new, favorite exercise.  Stimulate the top of GH’s cockhead and watch him squirm.  Oh…the wonderfully, awful sensation!  So much stimulation, so much intensity, and none of it seeming to work towards…uh…anywhere.  Were it not for the incredible intensity of it, it would seem an incomplete sensation.  The fact that it is stronger than edging, but, at least for a while, does not seem to move me towards orgasm, is just deliciously evil and torturous.

This went on for several minutes.  After a while, my stomach contracted and my hips rose, slightly.  Not long after that (not sure why my position matters), I was edged.  Thank God!  After a brief respite, she was at it again.  It took longer than I though it would for me to return to the edge.  I think it was, again, bizarrely, because on my positioning.  As soon as abs contracted and my hips shift, even though I couldn’t discern that it had changed where she was stimulating me, it started building towards edge.

She then grabbed my cock again.  But I had to immediately warn her off.  I was rock hard, fully loaded, buzzing and ready to explode.  We gave it a couple of minutes and she was able to return to teasing, edging and overstimulating.  Then it was over.

We are both really looking forward to Saturday.  Of course, even then, it will only be a ruined orgasm.  Neither of us have any idea when my net full orgasm will occur.  It isn’t even on the radar, yet.  When it happens, though, it is going to be a mindfuck.  After so many weeks of my physical pleasure being wrapped up in trying to avoid an orgasm, the idea of intentionally getting there is going to feel strange.

Thirty-five days and counting…

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