NW  commented, yesterday, “Thirty-two days, that’s a long time.”  I have often pondered my time in denial.  I have also pondered other folks time in denial.  Seven days…fourteen days…twenty-eight days…a month…two months…a year…  We make so much out of the days, weeks and months that we have been denied  Yet, there are people who make our runs look childish.  Monks, for instance,  or those who have taken vows of celibacy (and actually kept them).  They will go years without an orgasm…even decades.  There have been folks who have never had an orgasm in their lifetime.  So, what’s the big deal about a few days, weeks or months?   Are we just making much ado about nothing?

Actually, I don’t think we are.  Like most things, it is all relative.  It is relative to what we want, what we are used to and the situation in which we find ourselves.  For instance, I have said many times, I used to have approximately one hundred orgasms a month, between masturbation and sex.  That would mean that on this run alone, I have been denied about one hundred and ten orgasms.  That is significant.

In the case of male chastity partakers, there is the want of orgasm, intense sexual frustration, the programming of one’s body to have orgasms with a certain frequency (that are being denied), constant exposure to sexual stimuli and the fact that many of us use(d) orgasms for more than just sexual pleasure…like stress relief.  We have taken no vows of celibacy.  We are not determined to overcome or carnal wants/needs.  We are not trying to transcend and leave behind worldly pleasures.  To the contrary, we are reveling in them, burrowing deeper into them and embracing the want.

So, yes, depending on the person, days, weeks and months can be a very long time.  Today marks five days longer than I have gone without an orgasm since I learned to masturbate, over thirty years ago.  To me, that is significant.

To that end, NW is still talking about giving me a ruined orgasm, Saturday morning, to see what impact it will have on my endurance, with regards to intercourse, come Saturday evening.  I am hopeful that it will play out as we hope…intact arousal, slightly less sensitivity and the continuance of our OC/OD play.

But for now, or last night, more specifically…  NW and I fooled around.  I brought her to orgasm, several times, using my fingers and biting her nipples.  I would wait until her orgasm started and then bite down pretty hard on a nipple.  She would verbalize the pain and it would throw her into a more intense orgasm.  A game, of sorts, but oh so fun…for both of us.

After touching me, for about 1.23 seconds, I was hard enough for intercourse.  She mounted me.  Back and forth she rocked, still avoiding the up and down that gets me there so quickly.  This time, I lasted much longer than of late.  I think the main reason was that I kept thinking of other things.  As soon as I thought about what I was feeling, or that I was being used and denied, I could feel the juices rising.  As long as I kept my mind occupied elsewhere, though, I seemed to do okay.  The intercourse was better, but still a tad too cautious and measured than what NW was seeking.  Saturday will get here.

For my part, I was painfully hard.  It lingered well after we quit playing.  NW indulged in a good bit of precum.  I had a little myself.  It was another good night.  We are both looking forward towards the weekend, though…where the game evolves, but continues on.

4 responses to “Tick…Thirty-Three

  1. It’s funny that you should post that I was just saying to the wife the other day that denial without arousal is just celibacy.

  2. Things are better now, the wife was sick all last week so things kind of got put on hold but Saturday we were kid free and got to get back into the swing of things. The wife is still learning many things like cock bondage and ball slapping we also explored her sounding me more in depth then we ever have (OMG did that feel good!!) and we did a reset and she made me cum HARD so i am on day 4 with no O, we will see where it goes from here.

    • Very interesting. I am not used to hearing about this as someone just starts out into it. I wonder if our exploration seems as interesting to others!?
      Keep us up on how things are going.

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