Impulse Speed, Mr. GH…

Yeah, yeah…  For some reason, I have my geek on.  Not sure why all the space references, but that’s what’s coming through.  In any case, we are off into virgin territory.

A couple of things…

We had a rather tame day, yesterday, except the way I ended our one true “get together”.  NW and I carried on as usual.  She teased me up and I was quickly as hard as a rock.  She mounted me.  She had orgasms.  I did not.  It didn’t take long until she had to dismount me, lest I reach orgasm.  NW is getting a tad frustrated with this, as she really loves and is craving prolonged intercourse.

Afterwards, she edged me several times.  The edging is really intense, anymore.  This really wound me up and I vented it the first way that crossed my mind…caning!

I had NW stand next to the bed and bend over it.  I retrieved a “cane” from the closet.  This particular one is a heavy, plastic cane.  It is, in fact, the stick that comes from a large set of blinds.  I have no idea what it is called, but it is the piece that you twist to change the angle of the slats.  This one is pretty stout.

I started moderately whapping her ass.  It was obvious that it hurt like hell  So, I reached in and gave her pussy a manual assist to orgasm.  Then I started alternating…finger to orgasm, five good strikes, finger to orgasm, five good strikes.  Her ass striped quickly.  She was in immense pain from the cane.  Yet, she continued to orgasm, even as she, literally, tried to get away from it.  She tried to stand up.  She tried to roll away.  She tried to shield her ass.  I was having none of it and held her down…fingers to orgasm, five good strokes.

She took about twenty-five strokes before I stopped and gave comfort.  She confirmed that she hadn’t wanted the pain, but couldn’t stop coming.  Also, she confirmed that she was glad I had held her down and forced her to take it.  It is good to know one’s partner.

Later, in the kitchen, she pulled my cock out of my shorts and worked me to edge.  Again, last night, at bedtime, she stroked me to several hard edges, as I fingered her to orgasm, multiple times.  What I have noticed of late is that my edges are taking on a new edge, so to speak.  Once I am edged, it is as though I am pressurized…balls tight and drawn up, shaft straining, prostate aching.  There is also a continuing…uh…vibration, maybe.  It feels like a low, almost imperceptible rumble, that lingers.  Where NW, in the past, could edge me, pause for 15 seconds, and get back to it.  Now, she can wait a minute, or more, and I still almost orgasm as soon as she begins again.  It feels great!  It feels maddening!  But it can cause problems.  After all, it is hard to play with a cock, in denial, when it is constantly on the verge of orgasm.

Somewhat akin to this, NW made a statement, yesterday, that caught me off guard.  The first part of the statement was, “Assuming that you don’t have an orgasm this week,”.  She was not saying that she might want to give me an orgasm this week.  Oh no.  She was saying, “assuming you don’t require an orgasm, based on a physical or mental need, on your part”.  She fully intends for the denial to go on, unless I can’t handle it.

“Then I think we should try giving you a ruined orgasm one morning this weekend.  So that we can see if you can last longer, with intercourse, by that evening.”  Not only is she talking about keeping me denied of a full orgasm…and rather thoughtlessly, but she is talking about introducing ruined orgasms.  Not as a means to sate me, mind you, or to prolong the denial of full orgasm, but to allow for her greater pleasure.  How yummy is that?  Many of you OC/OD folks are used to this, I am sure.  I am not.

I am onboard.  I really want to see what effect ruined orgasms will have on my ability to continue on this journey.  Thirty-two days and counting…

6 responses to “Impulse Speed, Mr. GH…

    • I am glad you think so.

      After reading my post, NW was bothered that she had acted so “selfishly”. I had to remind her that this was, initially, my idea, that I am still onboard and I am getting something out of this too.

  1. Sounds like you are in it for the long haul. I, myself, will have to start climbing a new mountain since last night I came. It was interesting, up until it happened I still didn’t know what I wanted more, to get relief or wait even longer. The orgasm itself was a bit of a let down. I was hoping for the best one ever considering the build up, but all it ended being was middle of the road. I spasmed forever, but other than that nothing major. I slept great and didn’t wake up in the middle of the night with a raging hard-on. So, ultimately, I guess it was more about the journey than the destination.

    • Any idea where you two are going from here?
      Having had the orgasm, do you wish the denial had continued?

      I find that the first orgasm, after a period of denial, is not that great. It can even be uncomfortable. As with you, I tend to contract for a longer period of time. But, it seems almost like my body has forgotten how to do it properly and that there are cobwebs that have to be cleaned out. The second orgasm, if I get one, is always better.

  2. I am glad I had the orgasm, but I miss the desparation if you know what I mean. We’re are having vanilla sex tonight and then back to denial. Not sure how long, but we have a trip coming up in about 60 days, so I’m guessing that will be it.

    • 60 days? That would be a very long haul. Not to mention, another monumental jump.

      I am just looking forward to a ruined orgasm. I want a full one, but want this to go as long as it will. Because, once the barrier is broken, or this ends, who knows when we start up again.

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