Wait…You Neither?

Okay.  Now, we have hit a “numerical” month, as NW proclaims it.  Thirty-one days have come and gone.  If my math is correct, (which is no guarantee, given how late I was up) this is Day forty for Gregg.  Gregg is a reader who frequently comments on my posts.  Gregg, if you read this, let us know.

NW is still showing no interest in allowing me to orgasm.  Honestly, I am losing interest in wanting an orgasm.  I am sure that will come full circle.  It is an odd feeling nonetheless.  Anymore, I am mainly just craving stimulation.  Even that waxes and wanes, though.  The latter is likely just because things have been rather hectic.  An occupied mind is not as easily aroused/frustrated.

In fact, when NW and I got together last night, it became apparent that neither of us was overly in want.  We ended up in a sixty-nine position, but on our sides.  (Anyone know what that is called?)  I devoured her sweet pussy.  And, yes, it tasted mildly sweet.  She, finally, gave my cock some stimulation.  Of course, as is the case anymore, I was at edge in no time.  I was edged multiple times.  She had multiple orgasms.  Our youngest was at the door, melting.  It was quick, interrupted, but got the job done.

This morning…nothing.  I was up so late.  NW was out of bed forty-five minutes before I even woke up.  Fortunately, we still have the afternoon.

4 responses to “Wait…You Neither?

  1. Tonight is the night. While my wife has been toying with me today, telling me I might be waiting till June, I don’t believe she will have me wait any longer. I am of two minds as to what I would like her decision to be. I am ready for relief, but I love the wait. I am glad I don’t have to make the choice. Will keep you appraised.

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