Made It!…Not So Quick…

Well, today marked thirty days!  Woohoo!  I finally reached a numerical month…or did I?  NW and I discussed this, this morning, right after I mauled her (so much fun).  She said that it wasn’t actually a numerical month.  When I asked why, she explained that the last time I came was on December 22nd.  Therefore, I need to go through tomorrow morning, the 22nd, to reach a numerical month.

Hogwash!  That is just word play.  I do see what she is saying, but I still think that what she described is a calendar month.  Not  a month on the calendar (January, February, etc…), mind you, but a calendar month in the sense of using dates instead of number of days.  Of course, it is really irrelevant, as she has already made clear that I will not be having an orgasm today.  Fine with me.  In fact, I already started it off on the right foot.

We played last night, but I will save that for another post.  This morning…  I awoke and curled up behind NW.  As Seems to be the case anymore, I immediately became erect.  My want had my mind in high gear.  I already knew how this morning would play out.

NW was awake…groggy, but awake.  I slid my arm under her head.  I reached around and grabbed her opposite arm, locking her upper body in place.  One leg hooked her top leg.  My other leg pinned her bottom leg to the bed.  (Having over twice the body mass and strength of your wife can be so handy.)  Flexing, I locked her into place, with her legs spread.  I began forcefully rubbing her clit.  I continued until my assaulting arm gave out.  She had numerous orgasms, all while unable to escape.

Once my arm gave out, I wrapped it around her, reversing my hold, and rolled her over me to the other side.  Legs locked, I began with the other hand.  I bit her traps (trapezius area) on both sides.  I bit hard.  She winced.  She came.  Several orgasms later, my arms burned from the fervent exertion that I had used.  Then I held her.  Held her close, as she heaved and burrowed into me.  This was the best part of it all.  Just the two of us, sex out of the way, cuddling and loving being close.

Later, she reached for my cock.  I told her not to.  I wanted this morning, the mark of thirty days, to be about her.  We left it at that.  NW, umpteen orgasms…me, denial of any stimulation.  Of course, even minus any physical stimulation, I leaked precum all over her, me and the bed.  What a wonderful way to cross the threshold.

Now the game really begins…

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