Last Night and This Afternoon

Going back to last night, which my earlier post skipped over…  NW and I settled in for a little play.  As NW was freshly out of the bath, she assumed a face down position on the bed.  As you likely guessed, I went straight for her ass.  Flicking, licking, poking, sucking, probing her to orgasm.  I love orally pleasing her ass.  I think the biggest reason is that she always carries a degree of apprehension about it.  She feels like she shouldn’t get so much pleasure out of it.  Her writhing, moaning and…involuntarily pushing her ass back into my face…betray her, though.  She had at least five orgasms from it.  She is such a naughty NW.  In fact, I made her tell me that she is a dirty slut.  She gets so uncomfortable talking dirty, it makes it fun to make her do it.

Away, once rolled over, I began fingering her pussy.  Adding to it, I began sucking her nipples.  Moments later, I was biting her nipple, with my bottom teeth running right across the center of it.  I bit hard enough that it was teetering on being too much pain.  For NW, that is saying something.  Once she had a few orgasms, I moved to the other nipple and repeated.

As always, I sucked them better, but this really added to it.  She mounted me and rode me to a couple of orgasms, as I played with her clothespinned nipples.  Unfortunately, I am still nearing edge too quickly and she had to dismount.  I continued the work, though.  I used my fingers to penetrate her…first her pussy, then her ass and, finally, both at the same time.  She flooded.

Turning her attention to me, she edged me a few times and we were done.

Then, this afternoon (we have already talked about this morning), I went to the bedroom for a nap.  NW followed me in and lay down beside me.  She was fully clothed and I was nude.  I hate sleeping in clothes.  We talked.  I played with her nipples and ran my hand over the crotch of her jeans.  She was definitely getting worked up  I told that she would have to wait for later, though.

She started playing with my balls, as I backed off on playing with her.  She avoided my cock, and it is still without any stimulation for the day.  She caressed them lightly, fondled them and just, generally, gave them some loving.  I began to worry that my cock was going to get some incidental stimulation, as she worked my balls  So, I rolled over, drew my legs up and had her pull my balls back.  So that she could get to my balls but my cock would be shielded between my legs.

NW took this to mean that I wanted some CBT.  I was not thinking that at all.  She, however, seemed aroused by the idea, because the next thing I know, she has a grip on them and is squeezing.  I was not looking for CBT.  I was not craving CBT.  But, in a rare moment of submissiveness, I had no intention of stopping her from doing what she wanted.  They were hers.  She squeezed the hell out of them, leaving me writhing and groaning.  She punched them, to light-moderate levels.  She was just trying to make me writhe and verbally show the pain.  She got what she wanted.

It wasn’t until she was through that I told her that I hadn’t been looking for, or wanting pain.  But that I endured it for her…because she wanted to give it.  This, of course, turned her on even more.  She asked to come.  I obliged.  I roughly ground the seam of her jeans into her clit and labia.  She went off a few times.  Then, in the midst of her orgasm, I grabbed her throat and choked her.  She flooded.  Three more times I choked her, as she came.  All three times, she shot into a new, higher orgasm.  Each time, flooding into her jeans.  The pants had to later be changed, due to the enormous wet spot.

Afterwards, she gave each ball an individual squeezing, prior to some light loving and letting me have my nap.  My precum was everywhere…on my cock, my leg, her leg, the top sheet, the bottom sheet.  And, yet, I was able to still express a nice little bit onto her fingers, for her to enjoy.

I can’t wait for tonight!

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