Epic Teasing

Twenty-six days of denial.  So close to hitting the mark of thirty days.  Yet, yesterday, I had begun to think that I would pop, if I didn’t have an orgasm.  I am not sure what was going on, but, by the time I arrived home, I was bursting at the seams.  Not long after arriving home, I pulled NW back to the bedroom and she spent a good twenty minutes slowly sucking my cock, playing with my balls and working me to the edge.  It helped the situation at the same time that it made it worse.

My lower back and hips ached with want.  My prostate felt fully loaded and ready to unload.  My mind was not ready to orgasm, but my body was for it, one hundred percent.  In fact, my body wanted it so badly that my brain began to falter.  Fortunately, NW made the decision for me.

Later that evening, at bedtime, as usual, NW and I settled in for the final play for the day.  Both of us tired, NW spun around and presented her sex for my attention.  I went down on her for about ten minutes…lick, suck, nibble, flick, bite, pull.  Over and over again I rotated through them.  Over and over again she came.  She came until she decided that she had orgasmed as much as she wanted.  It is always nice to take her to that point.  Anymore, it is commonplace.

She turned her attention to me and started where she had left off.  This time, however, she found the rhythm.  After edging me a couple of times, she found a nice, slow rhythm, with the perfect grip, and was able to hold me near edge, though not directly on it, for at least two minutes.  It was agonizingly wonderful.

Once I warned her off, she started again, but was only able to drag it out for thirty to forty-five seconds.  Thirty to forty-five seconds that felt like forever.  A few more edges, and I was finally primed for what NW stumbled upon.  She began stroking me with a slow stroke and light grip.  Her grip was such that I was only receiving stimulation on the top side of my cock.  The lion’s share of the stimulation being to the top of my cockhead (not the tip, but the middle area on top).

The sensation was intense beyond words.  It felt as though tiny knives were lightly cutting across the top of my cockhead.  It was, in some manner, painful.  At the same time, it was pleasurable.  I never could truly decide which was stronger, only that the sensation was as intense as I cold imagine.  Also, it was near maddening.  I can only liken to the “painful” intensity/sensation of being stroked immediately following an orgasm.  It very much felt like that.  Intensity, sparks, overstimulation, but not working towards orgasm.

As much as I was feeling, it was not moving me towards edge.  It was just a mind numbing sensation.  One that seemed to go on and on.  Initially I revelled in it.  Soon, though, I found myself gripping NW’s leg, with one hand, and the headboard with the other.  I was trying to brace myself, as the sensation kept growing, but I was not progressing towards an end.  NW later told me that I even whimpered, at one point.  Rightfully so…the intensity was that of being held a micron away from orgasm, but the physical urge of orgasm, try as I might, was out of reach.

This went on for two minutes?  Maybe three?  I couldn’t gauge it.  Thankfully, though, NW’s pace finally increased, though fortuitously, and with that came a slight bit of stimulation to the tip. I was edged.

I have never been so happy, and yet so distraught, over the loss of an experience.  Had it not ended, I might be in a mental ward, right now.  The maddening feeling, though, made me want it to go on forever.  Here’s hoping she can find it again.

4 responses to “Epic Teasing

  1. Sounds amazing! Almost sounds like my experience with getting palmed. Super intense, almost mind shatteringly so, but doesn’t drive to or over the edge.

  2. Day 35. The end is in sight! There are dyas that are relatively easy and there’s others where I’m almost crawling out of my skin. There have also been murmurings of extending the wait until Valentines Day. I think she’ll give me the choice on day 40. I have no idea what I will pick. I’ve never gone this long (9 days was my previous record) and while the idea of waiting that much longer excites me, I don’t know if I should/can take it. But it’s also like I don’t want to waste all the build up I’ve banked and have to start over.

  3. That is exactly it. It takes so long, and so much effort/will, to get to the point that you are, you hate for it all to go away for a few moments pleasure/release.

    The feelings are rather addictive. Why destroy them? Of course, the flip side is, being denied can be maddening, exhausting and really get into your head.

    I am in a similar boat. Saturday morning we hit goal. I have no idea what NW will want/plan beyond that. Of course, neither does she. She always plays it by ear.

    I have no idea what I will want. Whatever it is, I am going to do my best not to express it. I don’t want to influence NW’s decisions…unless there as a real need.

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