Yesterday afternoon we had a repeat of the previous afternoon.  Yes , the one where NW followed me back to the bedroom.  I had her remove her pants and lay on the bed, face down.  Again, just as the day before, I went to work on her ass.  Again, having my tongue work its way inside and work about brought her to orgasm, multiple times.

This time, however, instead of neglecting her pussy, I had her roll over onto her back.  Once there, I devoured her.  The orgasms continued until I could tell that she was nearing her comfort zone.  Then, after a few moments of enjoying the buzz and glow, she turned her attention to me.

I became hard rather quickly.  Nowhere near being edged, NW decided to take advantage of it.  She mounted me and rode me, back and forth instead of up and down, for five to ten minutes.  She came multiple times from this as well.  Unfortunately, just as she worked herself up to what appeared to be an incredibly intense orgasm, he forceful bucking brought me too close to the edge.  She had to dismount and let me finish her with my fingers.  It was a close one!

From there, she stroked, sucked, licked and played with my balls…edging me time and again.  Eventually, I felt fully pressurized and, right after an edging, flexed hard (intentionally), mimicking an orgasmic contraction.  NW thought that I had experienced a ruined orgasm.  I hadn’t, but the precum jetted out, like the first contraction of an “O”.  I don’t think that I have ever been able to jettison precum before.  Usually it leaks out, even if in volume.  I had her start at my prostate and forcefully run her finger up the length.  The amount of precum that expressed was truly amazing!  I guess that I was fully pressurized!  I had her lick it all up and we were done.

Yesterday evening, at bedtime, we played again.  Both of us being exhausted, I just used my fingers on her.  When she moved to stimulate me, a rather deep conversation broke out and we never actually got around to the teasing part.  After the talk, we were both wiped out and just went to sleep.

For those keeping count, it has now been twenty-five days.  Saturday morning will make thirty.  A work week in between should help us reach that goal.  Of course, Friday (twenty-nine days) will actually break the record.  Once we cross Saturday morning, though, all bets are off and we are completely driven by NW, with no influence from me.

2 responses to “Repeat

  1. The experience did wonders for me. I am glad that it helped. After your unexpected orgasm (congratulations, btw), you need to get your arousal back up quickly…lol.

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