A Really Good Day

NW and I had a good day.  We fooled around this morning, prior to getting out of bed, had a brief session midday and about an hour to enjoy on another, later this evening.

The morning’s session was more of what you typically find here.  The brief, afternoon session was a little different, though.  NW had followed me back to the bedroom and I decided to take advantage of it, since she had just showered.  I had her remove her pants and lay on the bed, face down.  I then crawled up behind her and started licking her asshole.  I licked it, sucked it, probed it and stuck my tongue as far in as it would go.  The result?  Orgasms…  She had at least four orgasms, just from the attention that I was giving her ass.

Since she was already having orgasms, I decided to make some fun of it and completely neglected her pussy.  Not a tongue flick, not a stray finger was given.  Her ass was pleasured.  She came.  We left it at that.

Then, come evening, NW had plans of her own.  After a discussion we had, just last night, she decided that she should play with me a bit.  She started off by tying my hands with rope, then tying them to the headboard, in the center.  Next, she tied off my balls.  Stroking, sucking and light ball squeezing ensued.

Next, to my surprise, she broke out a belt, folded twice, and began experimenting with hitting my balls with it.  Besides the occasional sting (not much into stinging pain), I rather enjoyed the deeper feelings, as the heavy belt hit me.  It hurt, to some degree, but every time she did it I had to warn her off, as I was about to orgasm.  This went on for a bit, with her striking my balls, cock and inner thighs.  To the balls was definitely the most pleasurable.

She followed this by lubricating my asshole and fingering it.  Then she entered me.  It felt wonderful!  This was only surpassed by her finding my prostate and having, not only, the feeling of my ass being violated, but my prostate receiving direct stimulation.  She tried to stroke my cock, but I was too close, from the other stimulation, and couldn’t bear it without going over.

Once she was done, I had her squat over my face and I serviced her ass again.  Then she lay on me and I serviced her pussy.  We finished by laying on our sides, facing one another and going down on one another.

It was a very good day indeed…

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