NW and the Trap

To sate my own desire to not be repetitive, even though I constantly am, I want to share a not oft executed aspect of our play, from last night.  I will preface it with…I was pleasured.  I was edged.  I did not orgasm.  NW orgasmed lots.  With that out of the way…

You may recall, from a little while back, that I stumbled upon a means to put NW into perpetual orgasm.  It involved inserting a urethral sound, as deep as comfort allowed, and then placing a clothespin on her clit.  When I did this, the one time that I have, she started orgasming and didn’t actually stop.  There were peaks and valleys, but the orgasm never, at any point, ceased.

Being the nefarious soul that I am, I decided to do that to her again.  I asked her to sterilize the largest sound and she gladly complied.  The funny thing was, she thought that I wanted her to use it on me.  It wasn’t until I told her to get three clothespins that it dawned on her that it was for her.

I had her twist around, so that her nether regions we near my face.  I warmed her up by suckling her wonderful clit.  Then proceeded to place a clothespin on each nipple, taking care to place it directly on the nipple.  She always reacts to this, but I am not sure that she derives any real pain from it.  I continued to work her clit until I had edged her a couple of times.  Then went in the sound.  She reacted nicely, but not as intensely as I had hoped.  I moved it around a bit, twisting and working in and out.  This helped, but still was not where I expected.  So, on to the clothespin.

The clothespin went onto her clit and she winced.  No orgasm, just a wince.  This was not at all going as I had hoped.  Not until I pushed the body of the clothespin up towards her stomach and, hence, stimulated her clit.  She came.  I was able to prolong it through two or three orgasms, strung together, before it passed.  A moments rest and I brought her over the edge again.  Then it started.

When she came down from this orgasm, her hips were involuntarily rotating and working the sound in and out of her urethra.  She came again.  A moment later she came again.  I asked if the clothespin on her clit was too much and she replied, “What clothespin?”, in a mumbled voice.  This led into a long orgasm.  It must have lasted thirty seconds.  She didn’t breathe for the duration, and I expected her to pass out.  She didn’t, but the fade of that orgasm led into the rise of the next.  This time she did go out, for a few seconds.  When she came back, she gasped.  Before she could take a second breath, though, I had worked the clothespin and sound and taken her back over the edge.

All told, she briefly lost consciousness three times.  It was after the second time, though, that I sprung the trap.  Even after the near constant orgasms stopped, she was mindlessly writhing and grinding against the sound.  This kept the orgasms coming, even if not one long string.  She wasn’t even aware that she was doing this and seemed unable to stop, even as I told her.  Why stop?  Because she had reached a point of overload, didn’t want anymore orgasms and the sound was starting to get uncomfortable.

I told her that I would remove it, as soon as she could count to five for me.  Simple enough, unless you are constantly going into orgasm and are having a hard time talking.  The first two times, she didn’t make it past three, before the next orgasm set off.  The third try, she made it to five, but the orgasm had started as she said, “five”.  I told her that it didn’t count.  She struggled through another orgasm and, finally, blurting in rapid fire, “one, two, three, four, five”.  It took her less than two seconds to get it out.

Did she cheat?  Well, I had intended a slow count.  I had not told her that she couldn’t count fast, though.  So, I erred on the side of mercy and removed the sound.  That, of course, set off another orgasm.  I removed the clothespin from each nipple, twisting them before I did.  Each removal brought an orgasm.  Finally, I removed the clothespin from her clit.  That set off a massive orgasm.

Her toys now removed, I sucked the blood back into each nipple, each yielding another orgasm, and lastly her clit.  NW was exhausted…completely exhausted.  I was feeling pretty good.  There is nothing quite like bringing the one you love so much pleasure.

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