What NW Thinks About All of This

When NW and I are playing with OC and OD, I tend to post a fair amount.  After all, it is a male chastity blog, for the most part.  If there is no chastity, there isn’t much to post about.

As you know, I do the posting.  It is not that NW can’t post, or even won’t.  She just doesn’t seem to know what to write.  I guess she doesn’t feel comfortable enough to just blather on, as I do.  In any case, I have been trying to encourage her to post.  Let’s face it, who doesn’t like hearing from the one who is actively in control and “enforcing” the denial.  I am sure that the men who visit the site would like to hear from mean ol’ NW.  Also, I think that it might soften the blog a bit and make it more accommodating to those who are interested, have question, but aren’t comfortable speaking up in what seems a men’s only club.  Although, I am pretty sure there are several female readers.

That being said, NW suggested that, rather than just randomly writing a post, she write a post that is in response to readers/commentors.  So…fire away!

Feel free to ask anything you like.  We are not shy here…nor should you be.  After all, it is anonymous.

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