When I arrived home, there were other things to be done besides having a ball busting good time.  In fact, we didn’t even fool around until bedtime.  By that point, I was kind of in a mood.  A headache and work stress were not helping.  So, I decided to give NW a few orgasms and leave it at that, or maybe let her tease me a bit…more for her than me.

NW is at a point in her cycle where she is incredibly hard to bring to orgasm.  The pleasure rises, but falls before she gets there.  My fingers, despite everything I was doing, simply were not going to do it.  So, I dived in and assaulted her with my mouth.  She was cumming within a couple of minutes.  Once she had the first, it was easy.  I kept her going by licking, flicking, sucking, dragging my teeth across and biting her clit.  Also in the mix was nipple tweaking and pulling.  She came numerous times and I was actually able to keep them going until she asked me to stop.  So, I did…after giving her one more.

After this, she edged me twice and that was it.  About 15 minutes later, though, while laying in bed joking around, she grabbed my balls.  She just lay there holding them and talking to me.  As you probably guessed, this led to CBT.

She squeezed them as a pair.  She squeezed them individually.  She slapped them.  She even punched them with moderate force, which is a big thing for her, as she is always worried about punching them, lest she damage them.  Some of the pain was rather intense.  Even so, every time, except one, I had to warn her off because the pain was about to make me reach orgasm.  Good stuff…

My balls are really sore now.  It will be a nice feeling with which to curl up and sleep.

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