Winding Down…Or Are We Still Winding Up?

Day sixteen…  Day one on the backside of thirty.  Does NW even care about thirty days?  Who knows.  What I do know is that I woke up horny as hell.  I am about to pop!  I want to orgasm and in a monstrous way.  Trying to analyze exactly what I feel is not easy.  It is clouded by the haze of my want.  It seems, though, that what I am seeking is stimulaion…extremely intense stimulation.  I am hungering for something more than I have thus far, in this go, experienced.  My mind is turning to an orgasm because it is the easiest, most familiar experience of that magnitude.

My mind has already been whirling with thoughts of CBT…squeezing, punching, slapping, needle-play, etc…  I have contemplated the cage, anal-play and just about anything I can think of that would result in more stimulation.  It might be an interesting day.  Or, this all might pass.  Hopefully that latter, as this type of want would indicate that I am well along on the path of my typical progression.

Not to mention, it can become a burden on NW, if she’s not in the mood for it.  The labor of denial is forced inaction.  Although, in NW’s case, action is necessary.  It consists of mundane things that she always loves, though.  To sate these wants, it definitely requires an effort.  That effort may be to do things that are not on her radar or are beyond her current comfort zone.

To help feed the fire, anyone out there have any suggestions for something that provides intense stimulation but no orgasm?  What winds your clock, when you are wanting desperately, but an orgasm is out of the question?  Does anyone have a specific means of CBT, anal-play or the like that might help this along?

3 responses to “Winding Down…Or Are We Still Winding Up?

  1. Dragonfly and I played with sounding and I have a small ribbed but plug. I like take in the shower for a little prostate massage I also like when she slaps the shaft of my cock while I have my cock ring on the sting is so sweet

  2. We do have sounds. And I like the prostate massage as well. I just wish we could do some prostate milking. Try as we might, and it has been numerous times, with numerous methods, we have never gotten more than a couple of drops.

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