Keeping Things In Perspective

This is something that NW and I have struggled with.  It is especially bad during the weekends and over vacations, as we have constant access to one another.  In case you’re wondering exactly what I am referring to, it is keeping sex from monopolizing all of our time/thought and overtaking, or usurping, everything.

It is very easy for us, in the midst of so much arousal, to spend hours, scattered throughout the day, hidden in the bedroom or playing in an otherwise unpopulated portion of the house.  Gropes, fondles, bjs and fingerings in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the garage.  It all becomes rather consuming and soon there is little thought aside from when we can get our next moment of privacy.

That is all well and good, if we lived alone and had no responsibilities.  As we have multiple small children and things that need to get done, it can cause problems, however.  We have to work to make sure that we do not miss feeding the kids at the proper time because NW is busy edging me.  After all, being pleasured and edged, in my case, or pleasured and given orgasms, in NW’s, is much more fun and interesting than cooking a grilled cheese sandwich.  We have to make sure that we are available for wrestling, movie watching, game playing, etc…, even while my body is screaming for attention.

The restraint is a good thing, though.  It reminds us of what is truly important.  This, after all, is play.  Sure, sexual desire is real and powerful, but it can be gotten rid of, at least for a time, with a few well handled strokes or tongue whipping sucks.  Then it is easily forgotten for a while.  With the denial, not so much so.  So extra effort has to be made to keep from sliding into a sexual abyss.

This, perhaps, is our biggest challenge in the current run.  We have already discussed this, in reflection upon past runs, and have decided that, if we can’t keep it sane, it has to stop.  We have not neglacted anything that needed attention.  We have, however, not given the extra attention that some things (little people) benefit from.  We won’t let it happen again, even if it does prevent us from getting lost in the ecstatic haze.  Some things just have to be kept in perspective.

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