Up and Down

Two weeks down, today.  All I have to do is make it through.  NW started it my working me up.  This is the first morning teasing, on a work day, in months and months.

Last night, just as we got into bed, we fooled around yet again.  It was rather vanilla, with NW having lots of orgasms and me having lots of near orgasms.  The only twist was the forced orgasms.  NW had mentioned, several times, that I wasn’t having, or going to have, any orgasms.  So, I turned that tables on her as best I could.  Since she has the uncanny knack of being able to experience orgasm upon orgasm, one rising before the previous can end, I decided to use that against her.  I might not be able to have an orgasm, but she was going to have more than she wanted.  An, yes, that is possible.

So, once she reached orgasm, I kept up the stimulation.  I can’t say how many there were, all strung together, but she finally hit that point where the incessant stimulation/orgasms started to leave the realm of pleasure and enter the realm of overload.  She said, “okay…okay”, the queue that she had enough.  I didn’t stop, however.  Another orgasm or two later, she tried to close her legs to me.  I physically restrained them and kept the stimulation going.  For, at  least, two minutes, I continued to make her orgasm, even as she struggled and tried to make them stop.  I did finally stop, when an orgasm of such intensity hit that caused her to stop breathing for the duration.

I let her come down a bit, still tormenting her by dragging my nails across her back and flanks.  How was this tormenting?  Well, when NW has orgasmed so many times that she has neared, or crossed, that pleasure/overload threshold, every nerve ending in the body is on fire, as she puts it.  Dragging my nails on her skin makes her writhe, tense and in some cases will cause mini, and even full, orgasms.  So, at this point, not wanting any more, this was indeed torment.

I gave her about thirty to forty-five seconds of rest, as she teased me up, then started again.  I gave her another string of orgasms.  It wasn’t many, though, until she started to struggle again and twisted her body so that her sweet, vulnerable pussy was away from me.  Since I had her upper body locked down, though, it was well within reach.  So, the orgasms continued, against her will, until she again came so hard that she quit breathing.  Oh how yummy.  I just told her that if I couldn’t have my orgasms, someone was.

Afterwards, she edged me multiple times…at least six.  We shared my pre-cum and off to bed.

Then, this morning, I came around, turned towards her and accidentally found her nipple, with my fingers.  This woke her and the game was on.  I fingered her to several orgasms.  She stroked me to several non-orgasms (edges) and the day began.  As horny as I am, it is a good thing that it is Winter.  My eyes are going to be warming the asses of several female coworkers today.  If only they knew how horny I am, how frustrated I am and that my dear NW won’t let me have an orgasm to abate the energy.  It’s probably good that they don’t know.  The added excitement might make me pop.

Two weeks down and I am all worked up.

2 responses to “Up and Down

  1. I agree! Nothing like the feeling of hitting that edge and then being let back down. Don’t get me wrong, orgasms are wonderful, but when edged, the feeling lingers, and you can experience it time and again.
    While an orgasm is more intense, very briefly, edging prevents the letdown that accompanies orgasm, maintains, or heightens, sensitivity and can be done multiple times in a very short period or even held for a duration. Not to mention, our significant others get the benefit of our not losing interest or function.

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