Fantasy Versus Reality

In the realm of male chastity, NW and I seem to be an anomaly.  Sure, I get denied and am sometimes caged, just like you would expect.  But…I am the dominant partner.  NW is the submissive partner.  We are not in a FLR/FLM.  The “enforced” chastity/denial is really anything but, unless you consider mutual consent to be “enforced”.  That, really, is why we proceed in the manner that we do.

That is the reality of our relationship.  Fantasy can be much different, of course.  I fantasize about dominating.  I fantasize about submitting.  I fantasize about being kept in chastity and keeping another in chastity.  I fantasize about otherwise vanilla things.  Fantasy is the chance to indulge in things you have not yet experienced or likely never will experience, in real life.

It is in fantasy that I truly experience “enforced chastity”.  Why?  Why not just run with it with NW?  Couldn’t we create that environment?  Yes, of course we could.  The problem is, it isn’t real.  CBT is real.  It hurts.  Caning, cropping, flogging, alligator clips, etc… are likewise real.  Orgasms are real.  My ability to physically dominate NW is real.  NW as a full-time submissive, however, is not real.  I have no way to enforce it.  Likewise, with the chastity/OC, NW has no way to enforce it.

If she were to cage me and refuse to unlock me, in the face of my insistence, thinks could get rather tense and unpleasant, to say the least.  Same as if I wanted her to submit and she didn’t want to.  What exactly would we do to enforce it?  We are happily married, have wonderful kids and an entire life outside of this.  Are we going to risk any of that, or just familial harmony for a fetish?  I don’t think so.

But, regardless, in fantasy, we crave that means of enforcement…to make it real.  That is why NW is conspicuously absent from most of my fantasies.  She is not replaced with a specific person, but more the idea of a person.  In respect to chastity fantasies, this “woman” might be someone closer to my age.  She might be a college age female (we live near a major university) who is confident and desirable enough that I willing give over control.  It is most often a college age female who is insecure and a gem in the rough.  With all three of these, besides attraction/want for them, the main ingredient is a lack of vested interest.  By that I mean, we have no relationship beyond my chastity and her pleasure.  Why?  Because any relationship beyond that would give me leverage.

A young woman, finding her sexuality in my denial.  She uses me for her pleasure, becoming ever more confident.  With no other ties to me, she learns to use me for only her pleasure and embraces the effect that being kept in denial has on me.  There is no relationship to lose, if she refuses to release me. The key is not at my house.  I can’t force her to tell me where it is or get her to give it to me without risking going to jail.  My only real option would be to try to cut it off or go through the embarassment of having someone else do it.  In essence, I am trapped in chastity and my only hope for pleasure is to please her.

There have been different versions of this main theme.  A common one is that she makes me her ass slave.  For a duration, I am only allowed to orally pleasure her ass, having to earn the right to pleasure her pussy.  In that vein, she has me pleasure her friends as well.  Again, I am only allowed to service their asses.  (Yes, I have an extreme ass fetish)  The actual denial can last months, even years.

In fact, in one of these fantasies, the woman who cages me has at least two and half years of college remaining.  She keeps me for the duration (sometimes allowing a few orgasms during that duration, sometimes none) only to pass my key to another, once she graduates and moves on.

Anyway, when I used to masturbate, I often thought about just this.  It is delicious, but it will never happen.  NW would castrate me…lol.  Not to mention, I wouldn’t trade her for all the gold in Avalon.  And trying to live that out, would definitely be trading her.  And, of course, there is the fact that, in reality, I am not wired to live it.

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