Another Great Morning

As seems to be the pattern during vacations, NW and I had another active morning.  This follows an extremely active day, much like when I first started this blog.  Cycles…always in cycles.

I won’t bore you with a detailed account.  They tend to get rather redundant.  I will say that it involved the tweaking of still very tender nipples, pussy slapping, near fisting (four fingers), violent g spot stimulation, choking, hair pulling and a spate of mindblowing orgasms…for NW.  I was, of course, teased, edged, drained of pre-cum and left wanting…as it should be.

NW showed no interest whatsoever in allowing me to have an orgasm.  In fact, we discussed the current session, during our play.  NW is, by her description, ashamed to admit that she is being selfish with the denial.  It seems that she is really enjoying my increased want/libido.  Also, she is enjoying the frame of mind that this puts me in.  As counterintuitive as it may seem, being in denial heightens my dominance.  I have often said that I am the dominant one in our relationship.  This is true.  It does not usually come across as being domineering, however.  When in denial, I become very domineering, with respect to sex.  Since NW loves the feeling of being submissive, she is using the denial to bring out a more forceful side of me.

She may feel guilty about her “selfishness”, but I am enjoying it.  Otherwise, I might not be on day eleven.  Of course, she also said that she doesn’t really feel like she is controlling things.  That feeling seems to stem from my having mentioned wanting to make it at least a month without having an orgasm.  I had to explain to her that the decision is hers.  God willing, there will be many more months in our lives and it doesn’t have to be this one.  Not to mention, there have been at least three times, since we started, that I would have chosen to have an orgasm but have, albeit willingly, complied with her desire to deny me.  She is very much in control.  I think she now sees that.

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